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Neue Homepage - neues Glück!
geschrieben von AwesomeSuperMika - 26.11.2013 - 21:40
Herzlich Willkommen!

Wie ihr wahrscheinlich bemerkt habt, sieht das hier jetzt etwas anders aus!

Grund: Die alte Homepage war öde. Deshalb haben wir uns strikt entschieden ein neues Template draufzuladen.
Bis hier alles rund läuft wird es wahrscheinlich noch ein paar Tage dauern aber dann können wir groß loslegen!

Bis dahin und Grüße,
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#1 von Dennis Clanmitglied 27.11.2013 - 21:18
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Original Post war: "Öde, fick dich."

Erste Verwarnung an Mika als Webmaster, zweite Verwarnung zieht Clanausschluß nach sich.

#2 von Big_G_R Clanmitglied 27.11.2013 - 22:03
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'll give me out." Scared white dress woman immediately pale, trembling hid behind Zhang Yi said: "Auntie, I'm afraid ......" Zhang Yi see ill intent, he called them not to do things in the market, or we need to call security. Man suddenly flashed from behind a foot long melon, Zhang Yi,hogan outlet, waving toward the clamor: "How dare you stopped it hacked you, who then hacked Who!" Said the man single-handedly hoop white dress woman neck, hand knife against his throat, and dragged the woman out. "At the time the girl fell to the ground, the men also pulled her hair out of drag." Said Zhang Yi, a white dress woman has been paralyzed on the ground, unable to speak and let the man dragged. Witnesses Mr. Chung told the Express reporter, white dress woman was robbed when the market came out Dashadi East,hollister france, knife-wielding man saw a tricycle, they want it to get on the train, but not from a desperate woman, and almost from the man hands break out. They stop and go in the big sand about 20 minutes East, along the passers-by saw the man in the hands of a knife, all have run away scared, some businesses quickly shut the door. At this point, there are two police investigators just passing through, in which a police rushed immediately drew a pistol loaded, men warned against chaos, and tells the command center partner to report urgently request support. Knife-wielding man suddenly Shuaixia hat worn on the head,hogan outlet, back to the police, otherwise stabbing woman. In order to avoid intensifying their emotions, the police can not take tough measures. Soon,air jordan pas cher, more and more police arrived on the scene, the man had dragged the woman to go to residents of the building, not from a slight woman, men will hand down its head pressed tightly against his throat with a knife. When towed residential buildings, two shoes were loose, and the woman's neck was obviously blood flow. Event hearts and minds of men Qidao progress surrender policy affection is a woman of quality knives minor scratches 17:25,hollister deutschland, police found the man's sister with a knife instead of dialogue, followed by the woman's parents got hijacked their talk. 18:57, the police will still bleeding a woman prime residential building back out, immediately rushed to hospital for treatment. Express reporter saw the woman messy hair, white dress is torn, the people almost fainting at the police back. See the hostages were rescued, a few hundred meters away hundreds of onlookers have applauded. About five minutes later, a Cantonese O license SUV into residents downstairs, several police handcuffed hands to knife-wielding man wearing a mask risking the car away, and then re-opened the site to restore normal traffic. Before man was brought out, the families of both the police escorted out of the residential buildings, but are reluctant to speak, and the sister of the knife-wielding man has break out crying. Then, the field staff, said that the incident with the two feelings about the dispute, after painstaking efforts to persuade the police and their families, put a knife knife-wielding man chose to surrender the hostages rescued. Although the hostage bloodshed,hollister outlet, but only minor scratches was a knife, there is no danger. After the knife-wielding man police control, emotions are still very excited, emotional stability police will wait until after further investigation. Subsequently, the reporter learned in Huangpu Hospital, the woman was abducted by the police care treatment, which itself is also a clerk for the hospital. The police informed the suspect hostage incident caused by emotional conflicts Express News (Reporter correspondent Guohui Po public ???) Guangzhou Huangpu Police yesterday informed the media yesterday afternoon, Dasha Road hostage incident occurred allegedly as a result of men and women along with the feelings of a dispute, the hostages Security eventually rescued. 15:30 Xu, when the woman Hwang Sha Road in Huangpu District, shopping,hogan, suddenly held hostage by a man armed with a knife to a nearby residential building upstairs. After receiving the alarm,moncler, the police immediately organized Whampoa police rushed to the scene disposal. Meanwhile, police suspect through negotiations stable mood,doudoune canada goose pas cher, its policy hearts and minds. Huangpu District secretary, Chen steel District People's Congress, District Standing Committee, Political Committee Secretary Yang Bin, Party Committee, Secretary ??? District Public Security Bureau and other leaders rushed to the scene to guide disposal. After police suspect patient and meticulous ideological work to do and got the suspect's sister with affection probation, 18:45, finally put the tool in the hands of the suspects held, the woman was safely rescued (minor skin abrasions). According to relatives of the suspect and the victim both sides to reflect: Lee suspects, aged 23 years old, Jiangxi Yifeng County, usually in order to break up the work for a living, and Hwang was kidnapped victim was male and female friends. Currently, Lee has been under criminal detention by the police according to law,louboutin, the incident is still under investigation. Insiders say the two men do not want to break up the couple originally clothing stalls, according to Zhang Yi said that the woman had been robbed of shopping with girlfriends, said:. "Quickly called my mom" and the name of the companion told Zhang aunt, two of the original event was the couple's relationship, it is now breaking up,moncler outlet, but the man has been pestering her, "I have heard previously uttered, but they did not, and well,abercrombie paris, maybe he was doing this, but the gas things. "acquaintance of a young man with a knife-wielding man, said the man was from Jiangxi, electric car passengers before doing business in Huangpu, a few days before its electric car has just been confiscated," probably do not become the business, and his girlfriend no, just fudge it. "









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#13 von July 23.01.2014 - 09:14
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#14 von 27.01.2014 - 07:59
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's case,louboutin talon compensé, the parties were in the Chaoyang Court Pretrial conversation. Li Xuguang couple appear in person, but the reporter did not see Xiao Zhijun figure. "That kid is not run it " Li Xuguang told reporters that they have lost contact and Xiao Zhijun, do not know where he is now. Li Xuguang said that this time they have been in Beijing, the couple sometimes odd jobs. Li Xuguang couple said their current mental state and the economic situation is very bad. Reporters learned that, after a couple applications by Li Xuguang, Beijing is that the court commissioned forensic center for Lili Yun's body for an autopsy. After Mingzheng Forensic Center issued a "forensic identification" report, the conclusion is: Lili Yun trimester bilateral diffuse bronchitis lobular pneumonia,Classic Black Louboutin Pumps, secondary to severe pulmonary edema, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and ultimately died of respiratory and circulatory failure. Forensic infer the fetus at about 36 weeks gestational age. This morning, the couple's attorney Li Xuguang Wang Liangbin on "Forensic Identification opinion" objected that since the primary disease as "bilateral diffuse bronchitis and lobular pneumonia," secondary to severe pulmonary edema, but secondary reasons did not thoroughly investigate. In addition,Moncler Gilet, it should be a comprehensive statement on the body not covered by objective signs and medical history, have been subjected to analyze whether noncompliant treatment measures. Wangliang Bin told reporters, Chaoyang Hospital Medical Association hopes by way of identification, whether the conduct of the hospital's clinic whether a causal relationship exists Medical Malpractice and fault diagnosis between behavior and Lili Yun's death.??? say they have made an application to the court additional verifications. This morning, bright forensic center staff are also present in court to accept Li Xuguang couple of questions. Chaoyang Hospital, refused an interview with reporters. Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author,Woolrich Due Insieme, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise,Air Jordan Enfant, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.









#15 von 30.01.2014 - 22:34
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's party secretary Ray Nanping innocence WASHINGTON Yangcheng Evening News reporter Harumi Hongqi Wang reports: "I am now able to control yourself ...... "The day before yesterday afternoon,hollister france, was in Nanping City, Fujian Nanping Municipal People's Hospital leadership to kneel innocence of the woman,hollister paris, in an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in a telephone interview, the remark several times. When on March 26 that the woman was still roadblocks innocence say "If my daughter does not deal with the question, I'm going to kill", so that the people had dreaded ---. This came out, causing strong concern netizens: This woman why highway innocence,woolrich outlet online, why make such remark She now how Yangcheng Evening News reporter painstakingly finally found the woman the day before yesterday. 8-year-old daughter was raped,Christian Louboutin pas cher, innocence Shishuwunai this woman called Fang Ling (a pseudonym), the Nanping Jian'ou living in a town in a remote little village. September 25, 2008 in the evening, when she was an 8-year-old sophomore daughter Satsuki (a pseudonym) in the school dormitory sleeping, being Young Hwang easily hold the next village to the outside from the dorm room and raped. Hwang was caught two days later, after being sentenced to six and a half year, more than 5,000 yuan compensation Fang Ling. Fang Ling local village grants $ 50,000 rapes month after schools and education departments also compensate 50,000 yuan. However, Fang Ling think this is far from rape to compensate families of the disaster and suffering. Fang Ling told reporters after being raped Satsuki, the school began and whether it led to "perineal body laceration to the anus" Satsuki 10 days after surgery treatment to delay the best time of surgery, became the old cracked injury, was identified as 10 disability. So far, Satsuki nakedness Gesanchawu inflammation, went to many hospitals can not cure, and there is more and more rampant. Daughter genital surgery, hymen repair surgery nor years to complete. To escape the bustle of others, Satsuki Shiji Li transfer to go to school outside the town center, but soon to be his classmates know,chaussures de foot pas cher, Fang Ling had moved his family to Jian'ou area. Satsuki character has become very withdrawn and sensitive, scores plummeted. Fang Ling, a farmer, and now also abandoned the family farm in the town and no source of income, medical treatment and life has become a big problem. "People are just as news of the rape, and then forgot, who can appreciate how the past two years we have been exposed to the pain." Fang Ling said crying on the phone. "My greatest wish is for her daughter to cure the disease,jordan retro 11 pas cher, and then moved to a place where we do not know who the farther the better." Fang Ling said, choking back tears. However,jordan spizike pas cher, this requires money. Fang Ling has always believed that not enough compensation for the education sector. According to Fang Ling introduced two years she has been in the petition, repeatedly went Jian'ou City Department of Education, Municipal Women's Federation,pigalle louboutin pas cher, the municipal government, Municipal People's Congress, also went twice Nanping Municipal People's Congress, the provincial People's Congress twice, once the provincial government are said transferred Jian'ou treatment, but came back a question, said he did not receive. "I really should not call every day, the feeling of being heard by anyone." Fang Ling said highway to the hospital innocence is really no way to approach. Fang Ling repeatedly asked reporters not to reveal the identity of her and her daughter. Turning to the hospital to say, "If her problems are not resolved, I'm going to kill" issue, Fang Ling said: "You do not know me two years to withstand much stress, I do not know how I was coming I worried that I could not help myself, I can control myself now, my daughter was still safe ...... "innocence after the" story "after the two versions of the Nanping school massacre occurred, Fang Ling estimate that leadership to the hospital to visit injured children, then March 26 in Nanping City waiting a long time ago First People's Hospital. 8 o'clock in the morning, the party leadership is the intensive care unit when talking with parents of children injured, Fang Ling suddenly came in, raised a complaint to the municipal leadership material kneel innocence. Fang Ling told reporters that municipal leaders at the time said "Good, good," took the side of the material on to the staff. Then,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Fang Ling by several staff members "Please go,woolrich artic parka," the phrase "I'm going to kill" is to be "invited" to go out when under excitement shouted. "I was a staff lounge shelf beside the elevator." Fang Ling said, "in the lounge until a minute later,woolrich artic parka, I walked on his own, without anyone to ask my grievances, I agitated the ground in front of the hospital Square turn for a while, came back Nanping relatives "But Nanping two local media reporters on the matter saying Unlike Fang Ling: March 29, net in Fujian Southeast." Ben Letters column "published the signature is "Semin,outlet hogan milano," the article explained in detail the situation, saying that "the face of the sudden, the party leadership and the presence of comrades immediately helped the woman from the order does not affect the treatment of the injured students and their families to rest, leadership help Her entrance into the lounge to her understanding of the situation after municipal leaders immediately instructed Jian'ou (county-level cities) disposal of the relevant departments quickly investigate and dialed telephone calls to intensify supervision Jian'ou leadership; while requiring the presence of two Nanping City leaders are responsible for the woman's liberating and rushed Jian'ou supervision of the matter. "April 1, local sites in northern Fujian Nanping Reuters published a signed" Nanping television reporter Wei Yuming, "the article, a similar argument with Semin . Fang Ling Semin later saw the article,woolrich parka, very angry and insisted that the truth. Confirmed the police were "detained nine days," the decision, according to Fang Ling, the same day 11:00 o'clock,peuterey outlet, she received her town surnamed Chen, deputy secretary of the town's former residence telephone,nike mercurial, said Jian'ou leadership Nanping also want to talk with her. 12 am, she saw Jian'ou City Public Security Bureau and the town leaders, talked about half an hour later, she was sent back to the police station directly Jian'ou Living Area detention. She saw write "detained nine days," the warrant on the grounds that "breach Petition Regulations." Because of her husband after she heard about the detention of a heart attack, Fang Ling was released to go home that night. Fang Ling told reporters on the phone,jordan 11, after March 27, after another Jian'ou City officials came to her talk. "They are talking about how to solve the problem with me, but I am worried that the delay for some time,jordan retro 3 pas cher, going after things light can not really solve the problem." Fang Ling said. Fang Ling said it's detention, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter yesterday afternoon has been dialed Fang Ling Area police station where the phone, but no answer. This morning, the reporter called Jian'ou City Public Security Bureau, the official said the interview subject to the Nanping City Public Security Bureau. Nanping City Public Security Bureau Public Information Section A female staff member said they had heard this,chaussure de foot adidas, but the specific unclear, let reporters ask Nanping Municipal Propaganda Department. The Nanping Municipal Propaganda Department News Section staff reporter repeatedly asked where the department after his name, said the situation is not clear, to be understood and then reply, but he did not ask the reporter's contact information. 9 o'clock this morning, the reporter finally called Fang Ling Area police station where the phone. Police station, told reporters that the other nine-ling decisions have been detained under that day because her husband, a heart attack and a stay of execution,Louboutin pas cher, but his heart after other well-ling detention is to continue to perform. Hongqi Wang reported earlier: Related News:
Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only,basket jordan femme, and please verify their own content.









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's lawyer Wu Yichun,louboutin soldes, he said from the channel informed of the results of the second trial of the case was "sent back to the original court for retrial,peuterey spaccio," has not yet received notification of the Guangdong Provincial High Court,tiffany & co italia, but the "High Court remanded the ruling should be sent within the week." Xu Ting Ting Xu lawyers are trying to make pleaded not guilty,woolrich sito ufficiale outlet, defense lawyer Wu Yichun still own blog announced the "Xu Ting second trial the defense outline,nike air jordan pas cher," he said related content has been submitted in writing to the Guangdong Provincial High Court of second instance,air jordan femme, in writing for the full court hearing. Defense lawyers praised Ting conduct did not constitute theft,peuterey outlet milano, embezzlement does not constitute a form of unjust enrichment,woolrich outlet online, the Department of civil acts invalid,chaussures de foot nike, requesting the court revoked the first instance verdict,hollister france pas cher, sentenced the accused to re-Ting Xu guilty. This Xucai Liang said: "The most promising result was acquitted Xu Ting,woolrich sito ufficiale, Ting Xu full refund of money taken away." Ben subsequent to the Guangdong Provincial High Court presiding judge Xu Ting Zheng Yuelong second trial judge confirmation,Louboutin soldes, Zheng judge said: Xu Ting second trial the process of being heard,jordan retro 4, and now can not confirm whether it will remand. Guangdong Provincial High Court case will be concluded as soon as possible,piumini moncler outlet, will be required to complete the trial periods before February 11. (Text / yellow Huan) Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author,spaccio woolrich, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality,peuterey outlet, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents,jordan 11, text authenticity, completeness,scarpe hogan, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise,woolrich parka, the reader is for reference only,magasin hollister france, and please verify their own content.









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'7 ? 4 'Cabaret bombings" recently cracked. Yesterday, reporters learned from relevant departments, suspected case of 27 suspects have been arrested prosecutors. Yesterday,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, Liaoning Benxi county propaganda department responsible person briefed reporters suspected case of a total of 27 suspects,hollister italia, including suspects who have been out with a song in the explosion killed Cabaret boss Jay B song for the relatives. The police investigation,woolrich sito ufficiale, the song has been out,bottes louboutin, Sandra, who printed between March to May this year, several times in and outside the province of illegal purchase,woolrich outlet milano, transportation, storage of explosives for illegal mining, July 4 bombing of explosives that they illegally purchased, temporary in Cabaret. According to reports, after the bombings of Benxi City Procuratorate has been involved in the investigation of cases to guide the investigation and evidence collection,giubbotto woolrich donna, a greater impact because of the case, the suspect more,basket louboutin, Benxi City Procuratorate prosecutors participated in the interrogation of suspects,chaussure de foot mercurial, verify the evidence. And in a short time,louboutin paris, with illegal manufacture,hogan outlet milano, sale, transportation, storage of explosives crimes against 27 suspects approved the arrest. According to the reporter,scarpe hogan uomo, Benxi City People's Procuratorate,hogan interactive outlet, after a full review will be on 27 to prosecute suspects in the near future. It is reported that the evening of July 4 explosion Cabaret Benxi City,hollister france, Liaoning Province town of Field Master winning Cabaret day,giubbotto woolrich, two-story building,woolrich outlet, set of bath,Louboutin pas cher, KTV in one, the explosion caused the collapse of the entire building body,chaussure foot pas cher, leaving a 300 m2 around the ruins, the highest accumulation of about three meters,giubbotto peuterey uomo, a number of vehicles were buried in the rubble. Explosion also caused widespread power outages town, surrounded by various buildings were affected, glass doors and windows were shattered,piumini moncler outlet, the roof tiles were lifted. Later identified,mercurial pas cher, the explosion has been identified as the owners of karaoke song B Jie possession of explosives, explosives due to spontaneous combustion caused the explosion. Morning News reporter Yu Renfei









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's introduction, met 10 years younger than their male Liumou Xiangfan, good on the two quickly. Later ?? an ambiguous message to the hills hills hair, was seen hills hills wife, hills hills afraid of things blow up, then broke off the relationship with a metaphor. Off the source of income,hollister pas cher france, hills hills promise of things to buy a car bubble soup, a metaphor was very depressed. Liumou about the incident, I feel at a disadvantage in a metaphor, decided to find someone to "get" Mountain of Mountain, a metaphor agreed. September 2006, Yu met Liumou a friend Xu. Xu due to economic constraints,giubbotti peuterey outlet, the object being to identify the kidnapping,scarpe hogan donna, extortion sum of money ready. Yu and Xu certain immediately expressed their willingness to cooperate and take the initiative to introduce the "millionaires" hills hills. For successful extortion accomplices murdered by the end of September 2006, Xu found a helper, with Yoo, Yu certain people to Shiyan for kidnapping do preparatory work. The evening of 28 October 2006, Yu called a prior call to hills hills rented a small car, drove straight to the control of its Xiangfan night, after the detention of Henan Dengzhou turn a vacant house in the countryside custody. Subsequently, the metaphor of a holding hills hills of identity cards, bank cards do Dengzhou's account, in addition to a few people on the hills hills turns knife intimidation and beatings. Yoo also prepared in advance with a homemade pistol,hollister soldes france, hills hills forehead against the threat, phoned his family to hills hills, to the designated account transfer 200,000 yuan. Later, after another family remittances hills hills 110,000. The hills hills hostage to Henan after Xu conversation with his assistant, decided to take all the money after it killed a Mountain of Mountain and manufacture the illusion of passion metaphor. The kidnappers "change of heart" who rescued tied Yoo's remarks overheard. Liumou think this plan is just for the money,hogan outlet milano, if you kill the hills hills and a metaphor, too risky. After much thought, he decided to rescue hills hills. His take advantage of other people out, back into the house to rescue hills hills. They find a bar in the reservoir ferry ride later stopped a car bound for Dengzhou reservoir. Way, a metaphor Liumou to call and let her find a place to wait for him to get rid of Xu soon as possible. Then, Xu Liumou to call lied hut surrounded by police, he came to them with hills hills. Xu feeling that something was wrong,hollister pas cher, leave alone a car metaphor fled in panic. October 31,hogan interactive uomo, 2006, after a rendezvous Liumou and metaphor, they will be sent back to Shiyan hills hills. But they did not know the night before hills hills wife had reported the matter. At 9:00 on November 1, hills hills when asked to accept the police investigation, the phone suddenly rang,Louboutin Chaussures, Yoo and Yu called to say you want to leave a Shiyan. Police immediately informed of decisions on the implementation of the arrest the suspect. 12:50 the same day, three suspects and their vehicle on the highway was blocked executives twelve brigade police, seized on the spot credit cards and cash from the suspects belongings in more than 68,basket jordan,000 yuan, homemade pistol. Meanwhile identified, was arrested two men and a woman were driving in Xiangfan man Liumou and drivers as well as a metaphor for the suspect. ? defendants face court repentance: ruined himself ruined day trial of others in the Shiyan City Intermediate People's Court courtroom,tiffany outlet milano, the judge engaged in a dialogue with a metaphor. Dialogue, a metaphor cried, and always head down. Judge: For this case, for their crimes, how do you see A metaphor: I particularly regret it,jordan femme, I really should not do such a stupid thing. Vanity was nurturing, I ruined myself, lonely days, make new lover raised the case, I've ruined others,jordan spizike pas cher, I myself only bitter brew my own drink. Judge: Do you have any other friends and family want to say A metaphor: my thing is a lesson,escarpin louboutin pas cher, I do not expect to get her husband, her daughter's forgiveness, just want to warn us not to make the same foolish mistake. Among the reporter Tan Jingtian intern correspondent Ma Yu-country section ? outcome of the trial to avoid new offenses were commuted after two second instance of a metaphor and Liumou been prosecuted this year, July 17, the Court of First Instance Shiyan Zhangwan public A hearing was held. The court held that a metaphor, Yoo et al (Xu and his assistants handled separately) together for the purpose of illegal possession, use of violence or threat to rob other people's property, has reached 10 million yuan, is a huge amount, his behavior constituted robbery, while Liumou also constitute illegal possession of firearms, sentenced to 10 years in prison metaphor of a six-month,giubbotti moncler, Liumou 13 years imprisonment. Yu and Yoo refused to accept a verdict. They believe that in order to be free from hills hills murdered, which they rescued and returned to Shiyan, there are meritorious verdict too heavy, then appealed to the Shiyan City Intermediate People's Court. Shiyan City Intermediate People's Court held that, for the safety of the victim Liumou will hijack it away from the place, and send it back together in a metaphor Shiyan, the act to avoid the occurrence of a new crime, the victim and the community are Advantageously,giubbotto woolrich, the discretion given a lighter punishment,air jordan femme, but does not belong meritorious. A metaphor in the crime was in a dominant position,piumini moncler donna, played a secondary role, are accomplices should be discretionary lighter punishment. Recently, Shiyan City Intermediate People's Court made a final ruling on the first-instance court's decision to make a commute. Sentenced to eight years in prison metaphor of a six-month,woolrich outlet milano, Liumou 12 years in prison. Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author,chaussure foot pas cher, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness,hollister france soldes, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.









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   Dazhong May 7 (Reporter Xingyu Jun Yan Yu Liu Xin) even though he has 56 years old,outlet moncler, in her eyes, he is always just a kid; Even if he is another man's silly child, in her life He is her whole; even if he will not call your mother repeatedly, in her heart, he is her only sustenance in this world ...... all in all, are derived from the human world's greatest love - motherly love . May 7 morning, in the first 100 Mother's Day approaching, Dazhong reporter came to the village Anqiu Jingzhi Young-jin. In this well-known wine country, there is a special family: son at home in just eight months old when suffering from viral encephalitis, leading to severe dementia, life can not take care of themselves, the old mother at home day and night , inseparable care of his son, the care is 56 years. The great mother named Cao Xiuying, now has 84 years, and her son, Germany (local word for "dei") and now also 56 years old. Cao Xiuying home when we arrived, a time when lunch time, locked the doors of the house and see us soon, several neighbors said: "This is certainly something to go to buy bread," As we speak, the village party secretary far We ran away to: "being walked back then, to buy bread, and 200 meters, have to go twenty minutes," we Mangying past, saw a neighbor being totter at the corner of the alley came a step by step Cao Xiuying elderly. We went up to her, she said: "Now the legs to die, to die ......." Into Cao Xiuying home, three shabby little Tsuchiya into our line of sight, originally three little room around the length of the house have been backed up under even more depressed. Yet into the house, I heard the house came the "ah ...... ah ......" sound. Into the back room and saw Cao Xiuying Leng Leng son sitting on the kang, we come to see that he is no longer say anything, just stare at us. Only a small house stood a kang, a cupboard and a 17-inch television had become very crowded, but here is the daily life of the mother and son of heaven and earth. The two white-haired man sitting in the window, a man entered the room to himself breathless Cao Xiuying elderly after riding on a kang, "I'll take a rest, then walk a few steps out of a sweat," said the body down jacket off, followed on the German said: "You are hot, it would not take it off for you", in turn from his coat off to Germany. At that moment, the sun shine into the house through the windows of paper, just sprinkled on the body of the mother and son, mother and son while sitting by the window, the hair is white. Before coming,http://park17.wakwak.c...-bin/akibeyabbs/skbbs.cgi, reporters have been feeling Cao Xiuying would be a sturdy body of the woman, the German kids are just a daydream, and even some forgotten concept They age, until you see a gray-haired mother and son have been particularly Cao Xiuying is already faltering, slow,doudoune canada goose homme pas cher, this keenly aware, Cao Xiuying already gone through nearly a century old, while Germany has gone through half a century. To Germany undress when Cao Xiuying subconsciously saying "reach out, reach out," I asked: "Germany can understand it " "He does not know what are my own saying," "You usually have and Della gung it "" say,hogan scarpe outlet, ah, he audible understand, I am a man complaining net and I and he said ah, wondering if the good life with my wife and son can how the ah ...... "" taught to speak German it would Jiaoniang it "" time will not. 8 months on a long illness, and then did not learn to speak, will not the big. "Here, looked at her" virtue " the old man burst into tears. Since the 19-year-old married the family, there is no good day over a few days. 24 years old, pregnant with their first child, because malposition suffocated until there has been a 29-year-old German was, I did not expect eight months after Germany and sick. He suspected his wife did not give birth to her son breath, motionless hit her, so after a few years, his wife went mad, Cao Xiuying said all children to worry, directly after his wife mad half paralyzed in bed, a paralysis that is eight years, eight years, thanks to Cao Xiuying Yeliang care home thanks to a man she supported. His wife died 12 years ago, from the house on the left of her Niangliang. From birth to now Germany, a full 56 years, she never cried out "Mother", she is the world's greatest mother! The old man looked at the cry, our tears are streaming down. Tucked away her tears how much bitterness, and no one can understand,http://www.mydiyclub.c...p&ac=blog&blogid=, it's night and day for 56 years,http://park20.wakwak.c...n/cgi-bin/anraku/epad.cgi, a minute, her son watering fed, end feces urine, these pay, but will not lead to his son's cry "Mother," and she still regrets paying for his son, only she can appreciate how this day is bitter. Etc. Cao Xiuying calm down, we will talk to her again. Cao Xiuying four siblings, she is the boss, and two sisters, one brother. Sanmei go early, younger than 20 years with her life, but later died, and now only Sister in Jilin, older would not be able to see her. Hanging on a wall of the back room and full of rust, covered with the dust of the frame, inside the folder full of early black and white photographs. Among the most prominent one is Cao Xiuying photo of four brothers and sisters, she told us that it was 55 years old when she went to her sister's house in Jilin, sibling family reunion photos, almost four decades from now. Neighbor is better than a distant relative, a hard life full of warmth five o'clock every morning, Cao Xiuying will wake up, will first walk the streets after getting up. She said that since last July, was once Germany infection after a cold, her body has been very good, except for heart disease and high blood pressure problems, legs began to hurt,piumini moncler outlet sito ufficiale, and now have to play in the afternoon once the needle every day, but she insists walk around after getting up every day to go to the streets, "the less move more walk, which is getting legs to die." Completed a lap at home, the old man began to make breakfast, go finish breakfast called Germany to get up, dressed him, fed him breakfast. Mother and son eating breakfast, the old man went out to the injections. Such as a shot back, pack up the house, wash clothes, but more often silent phase, as mother and son sitting in the window, or a person against Germany Cao Xiuying himself. Three or four in the afternoon, the old man began to prepare Nianglia second meal, "he not move, can not digest a day, eat two meals, I eat with him,hogan online," Cao Xiuying said. In the evening, while watching TV Niangliang will, "he is willing to fight to see the drama, I do not literate children, watching the play,hollister uk, he is willing to look at." This is the mother and son to day life, day by day, the day is so over ,abercrombie, however, this seemingly simple life for their mother is concerned there are too many impossible. Farms far, Cao Xiuying do not go past; kick of gin too heavy, Cao Xiuying not move water; New Year when stir the paste does not move, it can not couplets ...... these can not all rely on Cao Xiuying neighbors became possible. Cao Xiuying home dishes are the village of Li helped the couple to buy, "They still come from some other place, to the 10 years or so, every back shopping, riding a tricycle came to ask me what food to buy, gave me take along a really great guy, "Cao Xiuying home water, are seven neighbors who saw eight rounds played will come to a cylinder,http://singledivasanddudes.com/activity/p/207946/, the village is also home improvement soon gave her a water pipe;! Cao Xiuying home New Year's couplets , every year when it posted next door to help her family also close ...... "moon cake sent on August 15, Hanshi (Ching Ming Festival) brought the eggs,air jordan enfant pas cher, the New Year brought a box of fish, uncertain someday send me bun, send cakes, send fritters, grocery shopping, buy oil, buy a plane, all thanks to them, they Nothing better person ...... "Cao Xiuying told me so. Cao Xiuying no relatives around, it is the neighborhood care and help, so that the mother and son's life has been shrouded in a warmth among. Elderly neighbor's eyes: stronger person, elderly people crying hardy drew a neighbor's aunt. The reporter learned that, ladies said, "Well, ma'am this life is not easy, a few days a good day." Aunt said, the old man is very clever hand, sew clothes, shoes, take I can do dinner plates are also very, very loving and clean. Yard, the house is clean clean. The yard has two planted roses, as well as a bunch of pots piled in a corner, Rose has just poured over the water. House.The corn stalks neatly against the wall. Although the family is very simple, but very clean, spotless floor. While bedridden son, the house there is no unpleasant taste. Aunt said that if people in general,chaussures louboutin pas cher femme, there are so many patients at home, eat and drink Lazard all in bed, I do not know what flavor is obtained. To top it all, the elderly pay everyone unimaginable hardships, this is not one or two days, which is 56 years,http://www.geol.sci.hi...ightlight.cgi?res=3354122, ah, aunt said, "aunt consequently good, life is good." "When I'm gone, you have to rely on the Communist Party "said the German village to the orphanage, Cao Xiuying not willing. "Where he is not as good in me." May have been 84 years old Cao Xiuying is also very aware of their situation, "I still had a few years ah Live a few days head ah , Etc. I do not have, you have to rely on the Communist Party," Cao Xiuying say to reporters. Born in the 1920s in Cao Xiuying, no education, no culture, experienced a major change of times and society, she did not understand how the present government agencies, but do not know what the concept of village, her heart only knows Communist Party is a good man, is the day. Now Cao Xiuying home is in the village of five guarantees, eating and sleeping, injections and medicine can be reimbursed. De sick, no matter how busy helping the village with Germany go to the hospital. Over the years, Cao Xiuying is honestly feel good Communist,http://contest.japias....n/aska/aska.cgi?r=1&r, so she would say,http://contest.japias..../aska/aska.cgi?get=6&, "and so I did, you have to rely on the Communist Party," so, she believes this is the psyche of the German Communist Party would her good, She handed the German Communist Party, she assured. "I know Mother's Day" on Cao Xiuying bed, hung a calendar, is the kind of old-fashioned calendar days to tear a page. The top one is the calendar May 7, May 8 two days. On the calendar May 8 that the side bearing the words "Mother's Day" three characters. I pointed to the calendar with Cao Xiuying said: "aunt, tomorrow is Mother's Day, ah, you know that Mother's Day " Was originally thought she would not know the answer,hogan outlet serravalle, I did not expect Cao Xiuying smiled and said:. "I know, ah, ah I know." " how do you know "" I listen to those kids to say, that day is Mother's Day ah! "I actually know what to say, I do not know how to take it, Cao Xiuying smile slowly fades, and turned to see with Germany. Perhaps this is the festival for Cao Xiuying, too cruel, because thanks to all the children in the mother's day, she can not do anything Germany for her,spaccio moncler, not shouted out "Mother." After a child, I thought Cao Xiuying said: "ma'am, you buy yourself a treat tomorrow, what you want to eat anything they buy, Germany can not give you buy, you buy myself, when the whole of Germany to buy you ! "Upon hearing this, Cao Xiuying's face and thrown a smile, laugh very happy, busy promised:" and ah, ah, she also aunt and I said, do not have anything good to eat gave Germany, You see him raised ", said, Cao Xiuying picked the German's belly," You see his fat, eat the belly, which is also a belly squeeze impervious. " At the moment,hogan outlet roma, Cao Xiuying smile is so contented, in her eyes,http://linkiamo.com/, no matter how many of her old German, are also her children. Maternal love is so great, as long as the child is good, then everything is fine. On the calendar, May 8 that column wrote: As a thank his mother for Mother's Day holiday, first appeared in ancient Greece. Our mother is a lily flower flower, also known as Nepenthe. I hope Cao Xiuying and Germany can forget her sorrow, a good life.

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