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Aktivität auf der Homepage
geschrieben von Dennis - 27.11.2013 - 21:36
Guten Tag meine Freunde, liebe Kläger,

als möchtegern Clan(Community)-Leader, mag ich mein Lob an Mika aussprechen, dass er sich die Zeit genommen hat (nachdem meine Faulheit siegte) und die neue Clanpage aufgesetzt hat. Ich bedauere es schon lange, dass unsere Homepage seit dem Ende von BC2 von allen Mitgliedern, sehr selten genützt würde. Da jedem klar sein sollte, dass eine Homepage die Kommunikation positiv beeinflussen kann, z. Bsp. zur Weitergabe von spielbezogenen Informationen oder die "Harmonie" innerhalb der Community fördern kann.

Mit diesem Vermerk, möchte ich herzlich alle Mitglieder dazu motivieren, sich hier zu registrieren und gelegentlich auch mit einem Klick diese Homepage zu besuchen, sowie aktiv zu fördern.

Liebe Grüße euer Dennis, ihr seid meine Schnuckis.

PS: Willkommen bei der Gay Community. (diese Wörter werden uns bei Google an die Macht bringen)

.. und um die HP noch weiter zu fördern, weitere Tags:

heiße Lesben treiben es wild, jung und straff gefickt, mother fucks son.
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Like a long time, Yu rabbit remembered, he is know a man named Zheng Zhang Rui, but that was 50 years ago ...... slowly opened the curtain of memory.
He told her some apprehension, going Ningxia border region, but ...... good Yu rabbit understand.
That fall, 22-year-old Yu Sheng County Normal rabbit just graduated,sac lancel occasion, went to the showers Jue Chicago school teacher, 35 yuan monthly salary.
" onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#ebeff9'" onmouseout="this.style.backgroundColor='#fff'">But Yu rabbit insisted: "received only 30 yuan, and the remaining I must go back." Little dispute still, all this, the show was more precious between Erweilaoren integrity.
Also the proportion of 1 to 100 prior to the repayment of a few years, under the care of his son, Zheng Zhang Rui life has gradually been improvement.
Is he
Why did he sinks to so much money
was okay "50 years gone, an old friend there to talk about.
Mother wrote to him asking him to go back, after much thought, he returned home.
After decades, the breadwinner, Zheng Zhang Rui's life has been very hard, no money to pay, and my heart is also pressing a burden, he did not take the initiative and contact Yu rabbit, but has heart and mind this debt.
Two over seventy years old, give us a period spanning half a century about the "debt" story.
Stared at this Shengzhou area from 3,000 yuan drafts, 76-year-old Yu rabbit Granny lost in thought.
When it comes to pay back the money thing, they have a little "dispute."
Take more than 10 dollars, half a century has become a burden beautiful dream, the reality is cruel.
To pay off debts, he can save a little each month for living expenses, has accumulated to the last month, just put together 3,000 yuan, on the year's benefactor sent on this special Thanksgiving fees.
Zheng Zhang Rui even go Ningxia toll did not.
Later, Zheng Zhang Rui received the local government requested its return home to participate in the construction of the letter.
"Comrade Zhang Rui! Welcome your arrival." "Yu teacher, hello." In the hallway of the house, two old hands clasped together, looked at each other for a while, invariably asked the sound "too
At this time, Zheng Zhang Rui sit still, he stood up, still 3,000 yuan to settle this life of the mind, must take this debt clear.
Zheng Zhang Rui who is
Without hesitation,prix sac brigitte bardot lancel, she took out his book and said, you go to the bank to withdraw money it.
completion of this half-century of debt.
At that time, they are still in their prime.
Zheng Zhang Rui get paid a portion of the money sent home.
Naturally, they know, and also became a good friend relationship.
Zheng Zhang Rui family was poor, his brother perennial bad feet can not come to work the fields, so the burden of life are pressed on his shoulder.
Met when only 20 years old Yu Zheng Zhang Rui rabbit and understanding in 1955,collection karen millen, a rural elementary school.
Although he did not want to leave the school, but in order to make the family a good life, Zheng Zhang Rui would like to respond to national call to Ningxia border region.
He had four borrowed money and borrowed several times not to borrow.
Get the first month's salary after he wrote a letter to Yu rabbit, and also returned to a pen.
Zheng Zhang Rui said: "A penny can be stumped hero Han,armani code black, then Yu rabbit is willing to lend to me, is my benefactor these years the money is always a piece of my heart,herve leger, and now finally also on, is a rabbit teacher kindness.
After taking the money, he did not say goodbye to Yu rabbit, but the book to the person in charge of the bank, went directly Ningxia.
return. "When a reporter asked why he repay the 3000 yuan, the Zheng Zhang Rui said that he made reference to the price of gold and grain and oil, a little compromise between the two, set up to borrow one yuan, 100 yuan is also proportional to
Many people, spending continued,longchamp pliable, but also remitted plus living expenses, and soon, he fell into a life of hardship.
So he sent out a rabbit to Yu $ 3,catalogue burberry,000 money order, also appeared at the beginning of the scene.
Zheng Zhang Rui said that now his son filial, their monthly living expenses there are several hundred dollars, and lived a comfortable old age.
Young Zheng Zhang Rui did not expect this thing to let yourself back a half-century of ideological baggage.
Yu rabbit also had to give him back the letter, mutual encouragement of Zhu progress.
When talking about the reason why he walked out, Zheng Zhang Rui still embarrassed.
Before long, the village came the rumors of his fortune in Ningxia, Ningxia,london burberry parfum, many villagers went looking for him.
There are 35 dollars on books.
Zheng Zhang Rui did not give up, one day, he went out to borrow money on the road, just met Yu rabbit.
Zheng Zhang Rui to the bank took out $ 30.
50 years old always remember this debt to the Ningxia year later, Zheng Zhang Rui has a new job, the monthly salary is $ 45.
Yu said the rabbit, this debt reflects the faith, when I lend you $ 30, and now I can only withdraw $ 30, can not receive 3,000 yuan.
This person is in charge of Yu rabbit friend,ray ban rb3387, and later handed over books.
He insisted on leaving a money order.
The 25-year-old Zheng Zhang Rui just in charge of the daily management of the school.
This repayment is honesty the best comment the day before yesterday, after 50 years apart, 79-year-old and 76-year-old Zheng Zhang Rui Yu rabbit finally met again, the location is in the East Village.
Last year,vetement enfant ralph lauren, he asked to be Yu rabbit lived in the Village of Shengzhou rain Town news,st françois longchamp, then got the idea to repay the debt in their lifetime.
"As the old saying goes, with friends pay, true to its word. Man talk about integrity, and now I have a debt, but also their desire to forget the past 50 years." The old man said with emotion.
It turned out that he was opening a borrowed 20 yuan, and later took a while to get money more than $ 10,gilet burberry femme, he felt very embarrassed, before choosing to go quietly.
At the time, all over the spread of "Ningxia is a good place" slogan.









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