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geschrieben von Dennis - 27.11.2013 - 21:36
Guten Tag meine Freunde, liebe Kläger,

als möchtegern Clan(Community)-Leader, mag ich mein Lob an Mika aussprechen, dass er sich die Zeit genommen hat (nachdem meine Faulheit siegte) und die neue Clanpage aufgesetzt hat. Ich bedauere es schon lange, dass unsere Homepage seit dem Ende von BC2 von allen Mitgliedern, sehr selten genützt würde. Da jedem klar sein sollte, dass eine Homepage die Kommunikation positiv beeinflussen kann, z. Bsp. zur Weitergabe von spielbezogenen Informationen oder die "Harmonie" innerhalb der Community fördern kann.

Mit diesem Vermerk, möchte ich herzlich alle Mitglieder dazu motivieren, sich hier zu registrieren und gelegentlich auch mit einem Klick diese Homepage zu besuchen, sowie aktiv zu fördern.

Liebe Grüße euer Dennis, ihr seid meine Schnuckis.

PS: Willkommen bei der Gay Community. (diese Wörter werden uns bei Google an die Macht bringen)

.. und um die HP noch weiter zu fördern, weitere Tags:

heiße Lesben treiben es wild, jung und straff gefickt, mother fucks son.
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   To save her daughter suffering from cancer, and his wife Zhang Xiaoping towards Turnbull spent 300,000 yuan savings, but also liabilities over 10 million. Daughter still under treatment, Turnbull made towards not only remain, "left her" away from home. The face of "avoiding the debt, divorce" rumors, Zhang Xiaoping to find a husband in despair. The truth, more brutal than she imagined, more gentle ...... today 4:00, Zhang Xiaoping came to Chengdu ride contact the hospital for her daughter Miao Miao, but also for her husband. Daughter cancer couple spent 300,000 savings "male doctor took me into his office alone, and asked me a few dolls, how old ...... I think a major event." Samsung Town, Jianyang City street, home studio, next to the studio is a row of glasses, two shops have names which begin with "Miao Miao." The town's people know that this two shops by Don Li Chao and his wife Zhang Xiaoping operation,http://cgi.educities.e...cgi?r=1&mode=res&, "Miao Miao" is the only daughter of two Tang Mansha nickname. Now 10-year-old Miao Miao looks particularly beautiful. Before going to school every day, Miao Miao Zhang Xiaoping personally to every hair in her head tie full of flowers. In 2008 the first day, Miao Miao abnormal lumbar pain. Turnbull turned toward her daughter's clothes and found the waist is not red nor swollen, suddenly feel the disease is not simple, her daughter go out into the hospital running. The initial diagnosis of the hospital is "bone tuberculosis,http://www.geol.sci.hi.../lightlight.cgi?res=84383," June 22, Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital, diagnosed as malignant lymphoma. "Young male doctor took me into his office alone, and asked me a few dolls, how old ...... I think a major event." Zhang Xiaoping said, when she was only 44 years old, a child that Miao Miao, the doctor was silent , it took a while to tell, "said your daughter had lymphoma." Zhang Xiaoping fainted on the spot. Though hope is frail,polo ralph lauren pas cher,http://www.colors-st.c.../epad.cgi?del=126905fardk, the couple decided at all costs to save Miao Miao. They took 300,000 yuan savings, also the relatives and friends to borrow some money, Miao Miao Chouqi the first surgery costs. June 26, 2008, Miao Miao in West China Hospital to remove the tumor, surgery was a success. Left his wife and girls to die moment her husband away, "I'm not fishing, after the fear is no chance." I'm going to teach you with glasses technology, you seize the time to learn. "" Although the operation was successful, but Miao Miao require lifelong treatment. "Zhang Xiaoping said that under normal circumstances, Miao Miao monthly treatment takes about one million cost, and now the family has owed 156,000 yuan in debt. Heavy debt make the couple feel the pressure. June 2009,air jordan, Zhang Xiaoping found husband a bit unusual. "I was busy photo Gumiao Miao, two shops let him take care of a man. The strange thing is that he not only did not take care of the shop, but often a man ran out fishing. Even one night, he does not go fishing all night. "Zhang Xiaoping and Li Chao Tang quarrel took place." I'm not fishing, after the fear is no chance. "North Korea's answer to Turnbull Zhang Xiaoping puzzled, busy taking care of her daughter she did not think,parajumpers, that her husband too much pressure." Madeleine, I'm going to teach you with glasses technology, you seize the time to learn. "Opticians has been run by Turnbull toward the strange thing is that he say such a thing. August 2009, her husband did not leave a word, alone away from home. Zhang Xiaoping looking unsuccessfully for several days, rumors everywhere." Teacher Chang ( Zhang Xiaoping worked as a teacher), your husband is not a person who can not afford the debt run "" Teacher Chang, your husband seems to find a rich woman ...... "Neighbors came to persuade:" Madeleine, you want to know, ah, you continue to spend money to treat Miao Miao, in the end maybe both life and wealth, After all, she's not your daughter ah ...... "Miao Miao's sentence to the World Health hook out. at 2:00 on September 17th, 1999, in the body of pregnant Zhang Xiaoping was a strange cry woke her open house doors, even found a baby girl. girl's face covered with straw, wrapped in pieces of old pants, children Aoao cried. Zhang Xiaoping went to the baby into the house, and found a note from the child's body, above says "Born in early August 1999 Lunar Seven 10:20." Zhang Xiaoping after being picked up, children do not call out, and soon fell asleep. "This is what I told her fate, she is a godsend Our. "The couple excited the night the next day, the couple thought the real problem. Zhang Xiaoping has been four months pregnant, the baby if the shelter, they are worried about weakness while raising two children. More afraid of two children fighting, such as not handled properly,louboutin, non-biological children traumatized Another send to others, they are afraid the children are not well cared for. think again, Zhang Xiaoping decided to knock her unborn child, adoption,http://www.nactem.ac.uk/tsujii/publications.cgi, baby, judge and Miao Miao. again meet terminally ill husband Scotia born to save the woman, "I'm afraid you could not stand the pressure,hollister, but I'm afraid you insist on going treatment. I was 43 years old, Miao Miao was 10 years old ...... "" Is he felt was not worthy daughter Miao Miao bankrupt "Zhang Xiaoping puzzled her understanding towards Turnbull, has deep feelings for Miao Miao. Over the years, he never played Miao Miao. Miao Miao can be said to" ride on his neck grew up. "Tang Li Chao on their own, equally impress. 1988, when the two met in Xi'an studies. Since 1992 to get married, Tang Li Chao can be said to myself in every possible way," I'm impatient, often bullied him, he does not care. "Zhang Xiaoping do not eat pork,mulberry, home cooked boiled duck, Turnbull always Qiangzhuo Chi neck toward the viscera, good meat gave his wife and daughter. Such a man, left his wife and daughter, how could it November 2009, in many ways help, Zhang Xiaoping finally found the home of Sister Turnbull toward her husband. saw her husband's eye, full of wronged husband Zhang Xiaoping mercilessly dumped two ears. Tang Li Chao said nothing. "in the end what happened "Zhang Xiaoping anxious stomping original, early in 2009, Turnbull found himself toward abnormal stools. March, he was coughing blood. May, with Miao Miao Zhang Xiaoping call home to Chengdu diagnosis, said her daughter's cancer spread, and Don Li Chao urgent fire attack, spit blood in the shop. landlord Zhang Junying found Turnbull toward illness, let him get treatment. "He always thought he Nvwa Zi. "Yesterday, the old lady comes to North Korea sentiment on Turnbull excited," he said Miao Miao month was spent over 50,hogan outlet,000 yuan,polo ralph lauren,http://momake.sakura.ne.jp/cgi/sengoku/index.cgi, he put the money left Miao Miao. "The DPRK has repeatedly Turnbull helped himself to conceal her condition. Tang Li Chao said he went fishing because of their symptoms become increasingly evident that he feared his wife was found later more serious illness, he had walked away from the Sister home In Sister's persuasion, he went to the hospital, identified as advanced lung cancer. "Before I go to sleep at night, which should not hesitate to tell you with Miao Miao. I'm afraid you could not stand the pressure, but I'm afraid you insist on going treatment. I was 43 years old, Miao Miao was 10 years old ...... "truth too soft too cruel, Zhang Xiaoping Kusi past. Beauty lies the secret of father and daughter,http://www.cty-net.ne.jp/~xyz/cgi-bin-2/yybbs.cgi," If one day I'm gone, I hope the community can help my daughter, let her live. "This time, Miao Miao also learned from a neighbor at his personal life, cried for two whole days. Miao Miao heard that he had cancer, the Turnbull toward confirmation. Tang Li Chao said," Dad is obtained cancer, your illness is not. "Miao Miao tears, hugged Don Li Chao:" Dad, I want to use my life to change your life. "Zhang Xiaoping CeGuo head to burst into tears." If one day, I suddenly leave, Miao Miao will not accept "Li Chao Tang Miao Miao had tentatively told he might die soon,http://www.tcn.ne.jp/~peace/cgi-bin14/honey.cgi, I hope Miao Miao to be strong to go its own way of life does not seem to appreciate the young Miao Miao father's efforts, she said:." You died, I died, I went underground with you. "Miao Miao still do not know their true condition, Turnbull has been toward the couple decided to hide it, they want to give her daughter to leave before yesterday,air jordan pas cher, Zhang Xiaoping said finally moved her husband, Don Li Chao agreed to treat her daughter to come and Chengdu,http://www2.dcn.ne.jp/.../cgi-bin/tcgbbs/yybbs.cgi, he said to his daughter to be a strong role model. "If one day I'm gone,hollister online shop, I hope the community can help my daughter and let her live. "This is the last wish towards Turnbull For want of the future,hollister, Zhang Xiaoping did not want to think," I know everything,louboutin pas cher, but I do not want to say it. "Reporter Shu Zhanghui photography Wu Xiaochuan

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customer on the way to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Lenovo's decision to float Liu keeping feb 14, 1994 Beijing, Hong Kong shown Lenovo Lenovo's various other older person frontrunners elected, After your chance of screen three investors preventing 484,800,000 gives.
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's fossils Shunxing wei long "dragon horn" of the new Chinese dragon fossils,basket louboutin pas cher, discovered in Guizhou. From the appearance of view,jordan retro 6, this dragon with the new Chinese dragon has similarities,giubbotti woolrich, but what exactly is a dragon,basket jordan pas cher, need expert research. Mr. Wang said the recent theft of home,jordan retro 6 pas cher, this fossil was nearly stolen,giubbotto peuterey, so he wanted to in the likely scenario will be transferred to the state this dragon fossils,ciondoli tiffany, archaeological and biological make some contribution to publicize his hometown. (Reporter Xu Rongfeng) Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author,giubbotti moncler, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality,tiffany outlet, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents,boutique louboutin, text authenticity,tiffany outlet roma, completeness,bracciale argento tiffany, timeliness,woolrich outlet online, without any guarantee or promise,jordan retro 12, the reader is for reference only,magasin louboutin, and please verify their own content.









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Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness,escarpin louboutin pas cher, timeliness,louboutin femme pas cher, without any guarantee or promise,tiffany outlet italia, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.
's Court in the case of unclear Cases committed crimes, even sentenced three men in "2008 the second and third day of the month in the afternoon," committed the crime of rape. Causing many of the media have accused the court of Anhui Dongzhi County staged a modern version of "Monk broken gourd calabash case",basket jordan pas cher, but questioned the enforcement of ecological grass areas. This morning, the case finally Gao a paragraph. East County People's Court in the investigation of the case and the others fellow rape case open verdict, with three defendants guilty of rape,jordan retro 4 pas cher, were sentenced to five years in prison. The case had Chizhou Intermediate People's Court hearing to some of the facts of crime remand time is unclear. It is understood that East County People's Court attaches great importance to the case of the trial, after hearing the view that the February 20, 2008 morning, checked his fellow defendants each other three victims sink into a certain room, see the victim in a drunken consciousness unclear status, we took the opportunity to implement rape victim behavior, contrary to the will of the victim, the three acts constitute the crime of rape, then the above verdict. This morning, the reporter on the East County People's Court presiding judge Li Duisheng interview. A reporter asked the following attached. Friends of Charles Road east of rape retrial after an open verdict --- East County People's Court A reporter asked the morning of October 22 East County People's Court pronounced the verdict Friends of Charles Road, Xu Jin again, Wen-Sheng Xu rape case. Reporters rushed to the East County People's Court specifically on issues related to the case of the presiding judge on the case Li Duisheng interview. 1, ask the presiding judge, this much community concern rape retrial after your hospital is now open verdict, and how the results retrial A: Hospital again after hearing that the defendant Charles fellow, then Xu Jin, Wen-Sheng Xu As a full criminal responsibility of people, knowing that the victim is drunk unconscious state, still took the opportunity to have a sexual relationship with the victim, the behavior of the three is clearly contrary to the will of the defendant's victims,spaccio woolrich, had constituted the crime of rape. Prosecutor accused the three defendants guilty. In accordance with the "People's Republic of China Criminal Law," two hundred and thirty sixth paragraph to each of the three accused of the rape and sentenced to five years imprisonment. 2, the case enters the second instance after Chizhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that remand, ask what specific reasons Answer: Remanded the case was due mainly to the Public Prosecution on the three defendants accused of the crime is not a specific time, the hospital first instance verdict against three former criminal defendant time is not specifically identified. Chizhou City Intermediate People's Court held that the time is an important part of the crime identified facts of the crime, the crime of First Instance did not identify a specific time, some of the facts are unclear,nike air max 90, so the case back to the Court for retrial. 3,ciondolo tiffany, the case is accused of committing the crime of time to make a maximum of Internet users questioned a question, I ask you how the hospital is considered committed crimes retrial A: After remand, the public prosecutor on time issues supplementary investigation, the defendant has clearly Specific time the crime was February 20, 2008 morning. Alleged victims' statements considered, confession of the accused and the testimony of witnesses to prove the case with each other and receive calls between them that night,anello tiffany, and can confirm each other, the public prosecutor of the call records related to the transfer of personnel, combined with the testimonial evidence, the perpetrators can be locked to the time February 20, 2008 morning. When the case retried, all the evidence to prove that the accused committed crimes in particular, have been in the hearing process by the prosecution and defense evidence, cross-examination. The Court finds that the defendant finds evidence of a specific time of committing the crime is ample enough to identify. 4, Internet rumors,louboutin soldes, the prosecutor accused the defendants are gang-raped three acts, from the grassroots to ask the Court of First Instance made the case meets the legal requirements Answer: According to "People's Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law" provisions on jurisdiction in criminal cases,cuore return to tiffany, the Intermediate People's Court accepted ordinary criminal cases endangering national security cases, may be sentenced to life imprisonment, the death penalty and the crimes committed by foreigners. According to the provisions of Article 236 of the "People's Republic of China Criminal Law", guilty of rape and sentenced three to ten years in prison, with a plot of gang rape and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death. According to the three accused of the crime facts and circumstances of the case, public prosecutor that the case need not be transferred under the jurisdiction of the Intermediate People's Court, the court accepted the grassroots level, in full compliance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law. 5,giubbotti moncler outlet, the reporter noted that there are users posting alleged in this case,hogan outlet, as a witness representing Referrals between the defendant and the victim, by the court to "introduce prostitution" sentence, which together with the fact that on the same network some time ago, Friends of Charles Road and other three defendants qualitative been raped, it seems counterintuitive, the presiding judge can ask this question given doubts Answer: this problem, network transmission content I've noticed, I first clarify, representing a really guilty introduce prostitution was sentenced,woolrich outlet online, but the facts of the crime has nothing to do with the case,jordan retro 11 pas cher, and the criminal acts occurred in this case, after all. Representing a behavior is not introduced in the present case because the court has been convicted and punished. I can clearly tell you that accounted for some of the prostitution case presentation is completely irrelevant to the case are two different things, both of which can not be confused.









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  Born in 1982 in North drift illustrator Bear Dayton, unfortunately suffering from lymphoma. She did not put down the brush, in the bed to complete the comic "get out of it! Cancer Jun ", works published after the end of the world community, welcomed by many users. Bear Dayton optimistic spirit touched many netizens. Bear with comic recording condition Dayton, whose real name items Yao, Zhejiang Lishui people,karen millen pas cher, illustrator, ultra-popular picture books of people, representative of the "Mature develop Log", "diet Man", known as the "Chinese version of Takagi Naoko." August 21, 2011 morning, Bear Dayton suddenly collapsed to the ground after getting up, was taken to hospital. After examination, she suffered from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Although the tumor, but doctors told her that can be cured. "Almost all the patients in the hospital,lunettes oakley, eyes are gray ceiling, ear is to play therapy, medication, body temperature, increase or decrease in white blood cells can imagine ...... boring day, but for a cartoonist,longchamp, life has given me ,herve leger outlet, whether it is lucky or rough, is happy or painful, Joy and sorrow are laughing cry which all the emotions and experiences of all the material could be put to the tip. "Bear Dayton describes himself. In the course of hospitalization, she was hospitalized with a cartoon depiction encountered in a variety of short stories, the use of lines humor, style and vivid. Initially only comic draft after finishing during the Spring Festival, in early February, "get out now cancer-jun" series of comic serialized in a distant community,armani, bear the face of illness Dayton strong optimism infected a large number of users, each update are subject to heat holding. According to statistics,herve leger outlet, this comic serialized stickers hits reached two hundred million, thread thousands; Sina, Tencent, and other major microblogging Related searches up to two million articles. Currently, the Bears Dayton has completed 60 pieces comics. She intends to draw the first draft during hospitalization until time to go home to rest and then finalized. At that time, the Bears Dayton intends to comic published in book form,lunettes oakley, the title is called "get out of it! Jun tumor. " User comments Blessing @ lunet60: watching these cartoons, also saw the bear a variety of experiences along the way. I hope the successful completion of treatment, a speedy recovery. Now the strength and energy to deal with cancer or stay the king of it, drawing on their own time occasionally feel comfortable enough. Come on, bear girl! @ Angel silent: sleep took her mother's hand that one,polo ralph lauren pas cher, reminds me of myself when the scene then hospitalized,franklin marshall, surgery was done out, took her mother's hand every day, my mom during the day to go home and sleep,burberry soldes, is stay with relatives at home beds,karen millen outlet, hand each of them I have been pulled over, how should I say, I was very scared about it, a hand pulling will feel a lot more courage. Fortunately, after completing the test procedure, the tumor is benign,longchamp pas cher, the family talent relieved.

said Xu

kill him forget

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'" Tattooed man "pointing to a plate has been eaten up fast," fried mixed mushroom ", which was actually a dead fly. "Hurry to your boss called!" This group appeared very angry customer. That customers eat the flies, the boss quickly came between Ms. Feng bag,nike air jordan pas cher, then pack in between a few people say that nausea and vomiting have two have run out. The very fact that seeing this,peuterey, said to give the group free single. "My wife is the Health Bureau, the wife's mother is the Trade and Industry Bureau, you figure it out!" This is a small group of people in the very fact that young threat, saying would like to report the relevant departments. "Tattoo Man" began Miss Xiang Zhang To compensate, adding 10,000 yuan less does not work, do not give money to find someone to hit stores. The two sides deadlocked for a long time, Ms. Feng saw the point of the evening meal, it might affect guests come to dinner, gave them two thousand dollars of money,http://www.fortunecapt...?mod=space&uid=259161, but also to free up their single, the group took the money before they agree to leave . "Just when avert disaster of the" July 2009 "tattooed man",mulberry outlet handbags uk, who repeatedly appeared in Ganjingzi some restaurants, they can eat the flies from each dish, as a reason to require property damages. "Just when avert disaster it! '" Fear of the police station in trouble, there is no report. "" They are very fierce,mulberry outlet york, I feel like the underworld! "Brought the group's behavior, some of the claims were things although I think the hotel owner strange, but for a variety of concerns,http://www.matsue-yado.com/otoku/clip.cgi, were not reported to the police. "There are several young men Department of Social idlers, no fixed job and have no fixed income,http://www.mommd.com/c...in/ubb-cgi/ultimatebb.cgi, but its very generous shot a day-night Internet access,chaussures louboutin, high-grade cigarette suck, there are suspects." July 25, 2009, police received reports from the public After police started investigation organization. Month on the 28th, another reflection of the public to investigators, the man Jiamou Gang Gang detention release,mulberry outlet website, allegedly extorted small roadside hotel,hollister berlin, and has since implemented more than extortion,mulberry wallet outlet, blackmail, but I do not know which restaurant. Police dispatched by the investigation, in Ganjingzi China Nanwo goalkeeper Mart supermarkets are suspected of extortion Jiamou, Zhang,air jordan pas cher, a captured high. After appearing in court,chaussure air jordan pas cher, three people Ganjingzi some restaurants with dead flies in for props, confessed to the crime of extortion, the other five suspects involved in extortion at large. July 2009, the group a total of 12 cases of crime, involving nearly a million. Principal blackmail tactics learned in labor camps Jiamou born in 1984, Jilin, in the course of extortion, he is the name "Tattoo Man",http://www.jamboleefam...in/bbs/light.cgi?res=8742, who is also the organizer and spoils. May 28, 2008, he was extortion reeducation through labor for one year after he came to Dalian solution to teach them,http://www.ustu.pro/bb...?mod=space&uid=587031, and know some little youth in the community. July 2009 One afternoon, Jiamou, Zhang,http://bjytw.medch.cn/Forum/showtopic-5166034.aspx, high discuss certain people get together, how to get some money. At this time, Jiamou remembered hearing people talked with dead flies as props in the labor camps, the hotel extortion thing. Then put the whole crime after telling the guys, a few per capita agreed. They went ahead, after the choice of a good hotel, first catch a fly, and then wrapped with tissues, while dining with me to the hotel,magasin louboutin paris, satiated, and then secretly flies in the dish,http://ul-4.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=3905, in order to extortion Hotel. Reporters learned yesterday, a few days ago,peuterey outlet, the court made a verdict on the case,http://happy-marron.com/cgi/diary/nicky/nicky.cgi, Jiamou, Zhang, guilty of extortion were high of a sentence, which Jiamou jailed for two years and six months, and Zhang was a high Punishment 2 years. Reporter Zhang Li Jie

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's Court heard the case, A Far acts constitute negligence causing death, was sentenced to six months. A follow their own children after divorce is far from Sichuan to the city a few years ago to work in a biotech Co. car,louboutin pas cher, he and his wife Yan Yan (a pseudonym) gave birth to a son named Le Le (a pseudonym). Lele was two years old at the time,mulberry outlet,Miss Granny got a lawyer nota, the couple because of discord and divorce. Wife back to Sichuan, the children cared for by Arab far. A far every day in the company's tractor pull operation licorice,, will Lele close at hand. He could not concentrate on work time caring for the children, let alone in the company warehouse which play a large yard. Lele Although naughty,abercrombie düsseldorf,British 79-year-old wo... two young thieves _ News, but never himself quietly ran away from the warehouse. Negligent driving crushed sons October 8,hogan scarpe uomo, 2012 16 am, the company arranged A warehouse pull away shipped licorice. A far and few workers will be put on a bunch of licorice tractor, then drove fled in the direction toward the gate. At the time, A far to see Lele play cool in the car did not care too much. Who knows when the tractor to open more than 10 meters away when he heard a loud shouting workers let him stop. A far stopped the car,to her own not to make mistak, the workers told him that the car will Lele rolling the rear wheels. A far cry hurried off to pick up the child and hold on Lele's pickup truck, the driver drove toward the Bavarian People's Hospital emergency center fled. In the hospital, the time is past when the medical staff out of the intensive care unit told him that the child died due to rescue invalid, A far bit slumped in a chair for a long time did not Huiguo Shen. Ignorance of the law secretly buried the bodies of the child so the child is gone,nike jordan pas cher, A far this time this should alarm because Lele's death is unnatural deaths. But far from a legal literacy Ah,so many banyan tree chop chop, he will hold out of the hospital into the pickup Lele car,hogan sito ufficiale, on and pickup truck drivers workers came together Tazhi East a funeral goods shop, bought a set of clothes for the Lele, after driving to the nearby Yongsan, electrical repairs to a line borrowed a shovel, a few people came to a hillside place, dug a pit to bury Lele. Something every few days,woolrich parka, A would Lele's death far away to tell his ex-wife in Sichuan Yan Yan,and down a man, Yan Yan heartbroken, rebuked A far too irresponsible. When he learned that the police did not even A far reported, she dialed the Korla City police alarm call. Suspected of negligence causing death was arrested on October 15,but for large dogs on the dam,magasin louboutin paris, Korla City Public Security Bureau police station received a report Sahara Jade Palace, the police found a A far. A police questioning after the incident far transferred the case to the Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade. After the brigade trial A far truthfully confessed the facts of these crimes, far identified in A Place - the city north of State Road 218 at Yongsan green, Lele bodies were dug out. The forensic identification,a new global equilibrium, Lele vehicle rolling lines were ruptured lung caused death. October 16, on suspicion of negligence causing death, A far been under criminal detention Municipal Public Security Bureau,hollister online shop günstig, was arrested Oct. 30,air jordan pas cher homme, at the Municipal Public Security Bureau Detention Center after detention. Recently,hollister online shop sale, the City's Court heard the case, A driving far outside the scope of management of public transport vehicles negligence of others rolling death, his behavior constituted negligence causing death,abercrombie online shop kids, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Criminal Law" the relevant provisions, sentenced to six months in prison A far. (Original title: Korla: Man accidentally run over two years old son secretly buried corpses)

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l. Wes ralph lauren shirt 95142 t can be defined as Persona, fresh, can be a l nike free dam eader within S Town world of business, good , yes indeed Sire flatteringOriental Ming small laugh, every different trend exact.Table, Xiaoxiao it hence thought about them, thoroughly forgot reply to. Th new balance damen 63934 is woman taken too lightly the outcome connect

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ng t Supra Italia 56597 o successfully their speech, Xiao Xiao Meng have got an in ralph lauren shirt 69458 -depth breathing, except the present grasping the iphone or perhaps a automatic flutter flutter.XiaoxiaoXiaoxiao Similar somewhat failed to are convinced the idea Xiaoxiao who really not surprisin abercrombie france gly, and more impatient implying I will no

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's body. After the microblogging issued a hot topic on the Internet quickly,hermes pas cher, netizens have a message that moved,sac hermes, saying she is the most common and greatest mom, while initiating love relay,abercrombie pas cher, called for more people to help the caring "unwed mothers" the ranks. "I want to be her mother," Mei Duo 1978 Nakchu born in Bangor County,armani, an ordinary Tibetan family, 2007 Mei Duo into the Chengguan District of Lhasa sanitation cleaning brigade. At 5:00 on December 23, 2009 and more, Mei Duo Ram and several other colleagues sanitation workers picked up an abandoned baby girl about frozen. When they take their children went to the nearest one to her warm sweet tea, check, Qiao Mei Duoqia also teahouse. First time I saw this poor little life, Mei Duo of all of my heart is gripped tightly it. Mei Duo said that when she took the child taken away from the hands of my colleagues,http://z-tech.jp/bbs1/...p;no=7442&page=1%3C/a, "When I was her mother to support her!" When the child is just holding back, Mei Duo do not understand how to take care of children. To learn to care for their children as soon as possible, plum flower from her mother and grandmother Jiang ??? neighbors there to learn a lot of experience. Now, to teach children to speak,http://www.xmlty.com/b...=949862&fromuid=33531,tiffany, to help the child a bath,http://joto-kusikyo.or.tv/aska/aska.cgi?res=223,hollister deutschland, the children sing, Mei Duo has become a qualified mother. Pema Yangzom is Mei Duo Please temple monks give him the name. In the Tibetan language inside, "Pema" means "lotus",http://aminex.de/index...s_comments&newsID=46/,oakley, "Central" word meaning "a very precious thing,hollister online shop, baby,http://www.tcn.ne.jp/~mappy/cgi-bin/yybbs.cgi/@@," "case" means "collection." Today,herve leger sale, this once abandoned girl became a family pain, a mother love "Lotus baby." Because they do not know the exact date of birth Mary White, Mei Duo and his father decided to pull catering white Mary sanitation workers discovered that day as her birthday. December 23, 2011 On this day, white Ma two years old! Grandpa pulled catering specifically to buy a cake. "China Network in" reporter also with clothes and donations came Mei Duo family, neighbors and her family together to celebrate the birthday of Mary White. Ma Mei Duo white school into a four challenges people living in two dilapidated cottage, because there is no heating, the house is the most valuable thing a 17-inch TV and a small refrigerator are Mei Duo's brother buy,http://www.goiadc.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi,hollister, in addition to no one decent furniture. Mei Duo's mother Jane is now taken care of by the central eldest son. Mei Duo's father is a retired worker pull-catering monthly pension is only 1,000 yuan monthly salary Mei Duo is only 1,http://www.hat.hi-ho.n...user/hikegami/fantasy.cgi,300 yuan. Mei Duo most worried about the future of the school is white Mary and growth problems,oakley pas cher, now barely able to guarantee the income of white Mary's food and clothing,louboutin, but after primary school children,http://lager.co.jp/blog/sb.cgi, secondary schools, universities require a large expense, due to the limited capacity of their I hope the government and white well-wishers can give Mary some help. According to Xinhua News Agency

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's Court of First Instance hearing the case, the defendant small army tried on charges of committing robbery. Who lives in Qionglai small army is the home of an only child. A few years ago, a small army of his father due to some disputes with others enemies,woolrich outlet online, eventually stuffed down the murder, causing death, was sentenced to death by the court. Such a turn of events after the home, the mother of a small army ran away from home, no longer control after the army is too small. Small army has been brought up by my grandfather and uncle. Uncle who work long, grandfather, grandmother older, unable to discipline a small army. Out from school, a small army to stay at home most of the time,jordan pas cher femme, but also fragmented Sanda some unskilled laborer. Uncle working in the field earned some wages,giubbotto peuterey uomo, brought home by her grandmother in custody. Usually due to insufficient funds for their own consumption,giubbotti woolrich, a small army will be playing the idea of ??money, generated by the grandfather and uncle poison after poison Halo, the idea of ??killing grandmother to take the money. The afternoon of December 27 last year, a small Army prepared poison into the home of the soup and wine. Grandfather,hogan outlet roma, uncle after drinking poisoned, collapsed in bed. Initially,peuterey outlet roma, a small army grandmother did not care, but after two days, see two serious condition, they go through a tricycle, ready to take them to hospital. After the grandmother out,moncler bambino, a small army has been trailing. When Grandma line to the side of the road not far from their doorstep, the small army approached the head with a hoe banged her grandmother, she was knocked to the ground,jordan retro 4 pas cher, and hit her in the head with a stone ...... Subsequently, a small army from Grandma who took 10 008 thousand dollars in cash, after the bodies buried grandmother fled the scene. Grab the money, buy a small army soon had a new phone, but also to gamble, losing a few thousand dollars. After that,giubbotto woolrich, he will be one of 10,000 yuan stolen money hidden at home. "Your grandmother where to go " In the face of questions about his family, just made up a small army of reasons. Since then, the body has improved uncle found in possession of a small army of money at home, also saw a small army of new mobile phone,jordan retro 3, Heart suspect, so the money deducted stayed. Small army to take back the money,moncler outlet roma, actually bought poison "dichlorvos" again, uncle and grandfather into the drinking water. The morning of January 6 this year, his uncle was found inside a small army tank was poisoned, and immediately reported to the police. Police rushed to the scene, after a preliminary investigation found that a small army major crime suspects, then to interrogate him. Eventually, the small army truthfully confessed his crime that robbery and murder. "He always sly in the village." Small army brought the neighbors are disgusted. It is understood that a small army often petty, and sometimes fights,louboutin soldes, no one discipline due to the long and often night out. When the trial prosecutors believe that the small army use violent means to rob other people's property acts constituted robbery. However,talon louboutin pas cher, due to the small army under 18 at the time of the crime, should be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. Atrium, a small army of prosecutors accused confessed to the facts,giubbotti peuterey uomo, and that their actions are very sorry. Currently,nike air max 90, the case is still pending. Cheng Hing few newspaper reporters IMMUNIZATION









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's Court on the 10th hearing of Yunnan by far the largest case of organized prostitution of women together, 19 defendants from the same family on the same stage trial,hogan, accused of several organizations migrant women in prostitution, and benefit from more than 20 million yuan. Police identified the Kunming city, since 2005, the defendant Gumou,mulberry outlet, Zhou and others to recruit more than recruitment of migrant women in the name of the organization that they engage in prostitution, five years, more than 2,000 yuan in illegal profits. Prostitution case different from other organizations, to draw clients to obtain high profits, the gang let prostitutes who wear uniforms,woolrich outlet, dressed as a school girl look, but also the use of frozen pigeon blood and other means to prostitutes disguised as a virgin. After packaging, the prostitutes available for each transaction,air jordan pas cher, ranging from 800 to 10,000 yuan Piaozi gang organizers are extracted from the high commission. Organizers of the gang from Guizhou same family, or their spouses or siblings, through QQ, made flyers, texting,hollister outlet, etc., so that each city prostitutes went to Yunnan and Beijing, Lhasa and other places of prostitution. February 2010, the woman who has been involved in prostitution to Kunming police wrote a letter of complaint letters,louboutin pas cher, after receiving the report, the Kunming Public Security Bureau set up a task force. Subsequently, the police in one fell swoop than the prostitution gang crimes suspect arrested in prostitution also seized books used to record transactions 107,tiffany, and seized posing virgin frozen pigeon blood use,louboutin, sponges and other tools used,hollister online shop, successfully destroyed the family type of tissue harboring prostitution gangs. During the trial, prosecutors accused nine defendants guilty of organizing prostitution Gumou etc.; while providing the necessary tools for prostitution gang Hwang,hogan, helping organizers matchmaking,louboutin, soliciting clients,karen millen outlet, introduce prostitution Chen and 10 people were assisting in the organization accused of the crime of prostitution. Case will choose a sentencing date. (End)









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's Hospital inside the" missing years of his wife still alive New skeptical Chen, rush to see that he was shocked that this person is indeed his wife Jindi. At this point, Jindi weak body on the bed, unable to speak, the doctor told Chen Xin, Jindi had acute peritonitis, pelvic inflammatory disease,talon louboutin, the condition is very critical. Chen wife immediately transferred to the new conditions better Ningbo City Hospital for treatment, under the careful care of her husband and daughter,peuterey outlet milano, Jindi's condition began to improve them. Chen asked his wife this new 14 years in the end gone How is life Wife Jindi answer surprised him. Wife Jindi said this 14 years, she never left waist village, has been living in the village,talon louboutin, a small building that is pointing to the mentally ill Lihua every day talking about the tall story house. ? willing to love hiding Jindi runaways,basket jordan femme, the daughter Xiaoqing was 8 years old, these 14 years, daughter Xiaoqing from school to work, and then married,talon louboutin pas cher, hiding in a small upstairs Jindi have witnessed. 14 years,jordan retro 11, Jindi hiding only a few hundred meters away from home this small upstairs,hogan olympia uomo, and her husband, unaware of her daughter, and even hidden from the village all the people, how to listen to all this thing unbelievable. Jindi in the end what is it This building small building, the men who called Weng Changhua. 14 years ago that night, Jindi left her husband and daughter, came to the Weng Changhua home. Jindi was in the vicinity of a factory work, Weng Changhua also this plant is Jindi master,air jordan femme, two people live in the same village so close together, their relationship becoming intimate. However, Weng Changhua wife Lihua was crazy, then forced the concept of marriage and related laws, two people can not come together, so Jindi thought to elope. But Weng Changhua and two children, walking is not at ease, so in a dark night,louboutin pas cher, Jindi Weng Changhua into the small building. Since this building is only Weng Changhua and his wife live in crazy,moncler outlet roma, no one saw Jindi. In this way, Jindi Weng Changhua home on the second floor in a small room to live down,anello tiffany, usually Weng Changhua work, Jindi watch TV to pass the time in the room. If you encounter someone, Jindi hiding in a cardboard box on the back, has never been found before. December 2007,jordan spizike pas cher, Jindi sudden illness, had admitted to the hospital, this was discovered by his family. ? The original final divorce agreement after Chen Jindi new and have a daughter two years, Chen had a serious illness a new, later a cure,louboutin pigalle 120, but it left its mark, not married life. Since then, the couple have a feeling the rift. Jindi spent in torment for a few years,piumini peuterey outlet, coupled with Weng Changhua have feelings,chaussures louboutin, and eventually ran away from home. Last March 31, Jindi Cixi City People's Court in the divorce proceedings. Under the mediation of a judge, Chen Jindi new and definitive agreement to divorce. Jindi said that she is now free, but she did not know Weng Changhua can divorce his wife. It is understood that, in accordance with the current provisions of the Marriage Law, Weng Changhua and mental illness also can divorce his wife, but the premise is that you must settle sick wife's life. (Chutianjinbao)

http://top100.rambler....bordello bbs1/ezboard.cgi








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's chief reporter Li Yang Yang / Wen Lin Yan Ting / painted spend 2 yuan in five million, spent 100 yuan in the 20 million ...... lottery, always trying to remind people of the flourishes of fantasy, but the reality is cruel,gioielli tiffany outlet, and sometimes it was just a dream. For this dream, Xiaoshan 39-year-old bank loan officer Ge Qing (a pseudonym),moncler sito ufficiale, spent more than 1 million to buy lottery tickets. Wake up to the time he has been Jingfangxingju suspicion of fraud. Because the money, all he borrowed. Total borrowings He Xiaoshan police accountable to more than 1.2 million. 39 years old, this should be a golden age of man. Why GE Qing's life would come to this point More than 30 depositors money to his name, "his interest is high, you can also grant loans,woolrich outlet milano," Ge Qing know this person, the earliest start from our hotline 96068. In recent days,hogan outlet, have had a lot of readers to the newspaper 96068 hotline for help, we hope to help find a person, that person is Jeremy Green. He is Xiaoshan Yi Sheng branch of a bank loan officer. "We lend him a lot of money, but he suddenly disappeared." Zhang have got an IOU, 500,000, the monthly interest rate is 1.26%, the borrower is GE Green. "He called me and said I had money in the bank empty, so I put the money in his place, the monthly interest rate is 1 point,hogan outlet milano, I think is good, and if not to face it, to the time the loan is not afraid to come out loans . "Li Ping (request a pseudonym) is Xiaoshan local businessman,christian louboutin soldes, as to which bank loans, recognizing the Ge Qing,air jordan pas cher, he lent a staggering amount of money Qing Ge, the Ins and Outs of a total of 8,000,chaussure louboutin pas cher,000. "Loans to go through him, and he approved the only hope, so we have to please him." Also points to less interest, Li Ping is the first time is also money to the bank, but last year, GE Green with him do not rush to say that the loan money. "He asked me to lend him the money, he gave me interest, but also for helping me also interest on bank loans. Everyone is familiar with but also trust him, and he mentioned we certainly agreed, after all, when necessary even after find him, you can not offend him. "Qing Ge years out of high interest, have more than 10%, in other words, to lend him one million, will be able to get 100,000 in interest after 1 year. So Zhang, Li Ping did not expect is that he is not alone. "A few days ago he suddenly resigned, many people ran to the bank to find him, then we will know fooled. A total of 30 people (the actual number may be even more)." Stocks a big loss, he thought Lottery borrowed by turning over one million full buy lottery Ge Qing's no sign of the missing. November 19, this is work time, GE suddenly went green branch president office, with "poor health" as an excuse proposed to resign, in accordance with the provisions of this case need to first resign higher audit report, but GE Green No other outcome was gone. Creditors, banks can not reach him. Three days later, that is, November 22, Ge Qing surrendered the initiative to the Xiaoshan police, while total borrowings let him accountable police investigators also suck down a cold lump: 1.2 million (the actual amount may exceed this number). After the incident, creditors holding a promissory note to the police station to report that as of press time reporter, 34 people have been reported to the police, involving an amount of more than 5700 thousand. GE Green Why borrow so much money So much the money gone In GE Green and cut off contact with the outside world of these three days, people are anxious to lend him the money want to know the answer. The GE Green indeed eye-popping answer: He said loss of tens of millions of stocks, to seek lottery stand up. Ge Qing borrow money in stocks a year ago, he borrowed money from relatives and stocks, but for various reasons fail,christian louboutin pas cher, finally owed more than 10 million. He wants to get paid off, but the number is too big, he thought the lottery. Crazy borrow money from this time on began. Qing Ge bank loan officer's identity, so he was very easy to know what is in the big banks. Contact each other privately Qing Ge telephone, and high interest rates to attract. Because the identity of his staff bank, many savers are to believe him,hogan olympia, hundreds of thousands, millions to borrow, increasing the total borrowing. "In the beginning he would honor the interest, so we are still more likely to trust." It took more than 10 million a month to buy lottery tickets he bought almost obsessed Ge Qing are online lottery. Among them,nike shox pas cher, there are more than 8300 square invested in the People Aussies lottery, there are other Sina and other online lottery. Ge Qing lottery almost to the point of deranged. He desperately wanted to turn around this year,jordan retro 12, in October month spent more than 10 million lottery. GE also had brilliant blue when. In 2012, GE Green lottery grand prize of two, the total prize money of more than 700 million. Qing Ge then maybe think this side of the road to borrow money to buy lottery tickets edge is feasible, but he did not think that this is behind 7,000,000 in prize money he spent tens of millions down the cost. November 22, Ge Qing found to have owed more than one million empty growing, has no longer possible to turn around, he told the bank submitted a resignation, and then gave himself up. For GE green things,peuterey outlet milano, his colleagues by surprise. 39-year-old Ge Qing,peuterey spaccio, in 2006 into the bank, the first bank teller stem from, so that now the loan officer. Banks also checked the: "According to Ge Qing personal accounts recorded in the Bank, and no huge capital flows so his borrowing behavior, personal behavior." Many creditors in accordance with the information, dare lend Ge Qing, is Because he is a valued staff member banks and depositors Ge Qing also learned the information through the bank's internal systems,gioielli tiffany, for which the banks should give an explanation. Yesterday, the reporter also made contact and banks, relevant staff said today will give reporters a reply. Jeremy Green had divorced early. During the interview, police investigators repeatedly reminded reporters that want to focus on the reader to emphasize that attention to this news, in addition to such a huge sigh of crazy to buy lottery tickets, but also want to remind the more people, the probability of winning the lottery is very small, only as entertainment only, the stock is the same market to be cautious of is not really talking about it.









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's personnel director, "Zhou brother," staff "Zhou Qian" and model "WARN", Zhang Xiaoling recruiting part-time mode mode. "Zhou Qian" to build custom-made clothes need to look at the ground, deceived Zhang Xiaoling nude, nude and want made public threat, extortion Zhang Xiaoling has three times the cash of 8,500 yuan. Yesterday, the Chengdu Century Plaza District Public Security Bureau police station east of reporting the incident,air jordan pas cher, the suspect Liu XingJu. Part-time students want to stay nude female models send "red" September 16 14 am, a female university student Zhang Xiaoling to the east of the city police station, saying it was to be nude Internet threat, blackmail its cash 8,http://www.geol.sci.hi...lightlight.cgi?res=189113,500 yuan has been,hollister outlet sale, and still constantly threatened her. Zhang Xiaoling said that on September 10, netizen "Week brother," added her QQ, "Zhou brother," claiming to Chengdu, a photography company in charge of the Ministry of Personnel, see Zhang Xiaoling part-time network information in 1010, wanted to recruit her as a part-time model . "Zhou brother" sent her a Web site, said that the photography company's official website. Zhang Xiaoling looked at the site, and the photograph in the online search company,http://www.cty-net.ne....o/cgi-bin/petit/petit.cgi, and then to believe that the "Week brother" words. Chatted for a while, "Zhou brother," she told the staff,http://suguru4u.com/su...u/bbs/light.cgi?res=21176, "Zhou Qian" QQ number, called her contact details. "Zhou Qian,hollister france," claiming to be a model team captain, Zhang Xiaoling need to see naked, knowing her body,mulberry outlet uk store, to custom-made clothes for her. Subsequently, Zhang Xiaoling in QQ video for "Zhou Qian" look tall. In this way, "Zhou Qian" video intercepted by Zhang Xiaoling nude photos. In the "Week brother," Introduction, Zhang Xiaoling also joined the photography company's "model group." A network called "WARN" the "model" active and accosted her. In the conversation,most]http://www.geol.s...ight.cgi?res=3356396]most, "WARN" told Zhang Xiaoling, just give 'Week brother "bribe, wages can be higher. Zhang Xiaoling then gave the "Week brother" 2000 yuan red envelope. Zhang Xiaoling is waiting to go to work, mended, beginning from September 13, "Zhou Qian," to be published online by their nude, she has three times extort 8,500 yuan. The suspect committing the crime because of his girlfriend do people need money to understand the basic situation, east police station investigation. Police retrieved the "Zhou Qian," the bank account, the account information via a query to find the head of the household bank card,chaussures louboutin, but heads of households indicated that they did not know. Subsequently,http://park14.wakwak.c.../cgi-bin/board/nameko.cgi, the police retrieved the bank surveillance video,louboutin femme pas cher,http://kurage.pos.to/r...e/light2.cgi?mode=edit_in, the bank account holder recognized in the video his friend Liu,hogan scarpe outlet, goes on a bank card he had lent Liu used. September 18 at 1:00 pm,canada goose men, a resident room at Jinjiang police Jiang Feng Lin Kok district, the 24-year-old man was arrested Liu. The investigation, Liu family "not bad money,hollister soldes," he also plans on September 26 with his parents emigrated to Canada,abercrombie online shop kids, the reason for extortion Zhang Xiaoling, because his girlfriend pregnant involve abortion, he not dare home for money. Liu explained, "Zhou brother", "Zhou Qian", "WARN" is he who first met in Zhang Xiaoling, "Zhou Qian," the blackmail,http://www4.famille.ne.jp/~aikoh/mgrtbbs01.cgi, he "Week brother" status promised to help Zhang Xiaoling alarm. Subsequently, twice to "Zhou Qian" status, said he was arrested by the police fines, Zhang Xiaoling required to pay. After the third extortion Zhang Xiaoling 5,http://park15.wakwak.c...cgi-bin/joyful/joyful.cgi,hollister abercrombie,000 yuan, he used "Week brother" status,hollister outlet uk, Zhang Xiaoling ask the police to help her in return fees. Zhang Xiaoling could not pay any more money before the police. Metropolis Public WCC trainee reporter Peng Yaxing (text names are a pseudonym)

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9. Rather than using its traditional Monogram leather materials, Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags UKthis season Louis Vuitton has released a brand new series—the Louis Vuitton Slightly Denim. Just as its name tells, the bag is slight in weight for the light denim it used and will cheer you up in the downturnlouis vuitton uk outlet economy with its simple yet elegant color. Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags UKThe bag marries modest capacity and functionality. Firstly, the bag is made from endurable Monogram Denim canvas and not-so-easy-to-stain micro fiber lining. It is sized at 15.7" x 9.4" x 3.3", an ideal capacity to hold all your daily necessities yet not to appear tumid. Secondly, Cheap Louis Vuitton UKI would like to illustrate its functionality. The bag has one inside flat pocket and one phone pocket at your convenience, and all the pockets as well as the bag itself are secured by zipper closure Louis Vuitton Handbags UK Sale. Besides, the bag is also graceful due to some details like the vintage golden brass pieces and grained calfskin louis vuitton outlet uktrimmings. With an adjustableshoulder strap, the bag can be comfortably shouldered or carried cross body. Louis Vuitton BagsThis adorable Denim bag is available in black, pink and grey.

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I work in a restaurant, did not rest during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival,hollister outlet, the boss only $ 45 red hair, did not receive any overtime pay,parajumpers, let alone enjoy three times the wages." Zhuzhou Tsang complained to the newspaper. Hair holiday overtime pay, the labor department was well established. However,woolrich, many people find that after the holiday,air jordan pas cher, overtime is just a "beautiful legend." Reporters from Changsha City labor inspection detachment was informed that,hollister,http://freemarket.mermaid2.com/kyoto/bbs04/bbs.cgi, as of the 9th, a lot of complaints about the holidays, overtime,http://park10.wakwak.c...k/cgi-bin/light/light.cgi, most unexpectedly declined Whistleblower advice or real name, work unit and other information, so that the labor inspectorate difficult to investigate. ? reporter intern Danxiao Fen Liu Zhang Jing "no overtime pay do not dare to,http://vd.misty.ne.jp/...aska.cgi?u?i?a?%E9%97%84?," Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day two,karen millen soldes, a hotel in Changsha Dingwangtai work Liu Lin (a pseudonym) did not rest one day. "We do this line,air jordan, a doubling of the customer to the holidays, how could the rest " Liu Lin says with a smile,hollister, "the boss never mentioned overtime, we would not have to ask, not worthwhile for the owner of a little money and strained,hogan outlet, later also it must rely on his wages. "Similarly, Mr. Zhang Lituo a food factory work did not get a penny of overtime. He told reporters, two years ahead plant so far, the factory has never sent a overtime. Whether companies will choose to ask for overtime pay,http://momoiro.komusou...cgi?job=form&no=70440, Zhang shook his head and said: "If fat overtime better, who does not want more money, but do not send it this way, I can not go to." Zhang President believes that in the case of unsolicited factory without overtime,http://www.fragrance.8...rm&no=5204&page=1, on their own initiative to ask,hollister france, which is totally false proposition. Although as workers have the right, but he also did not want to do this to offend the company. "In fact, the relevant provisions we already know how to calculate overtime during the holidays, we have very clear,air jordan pas cher, but never dared to mention." Engaged in automobile sales in Changsha Zhao Qin said, if you really want to overtime, estimated to be in time to resign because of overtime during the work and the boss to hurt gas worth the candle. Liu Cheng complainant declined to disclose specific information,http://www.novanchi.com/cgi/board/bbs.cgi, "said the boss does not give overtime, employees will not dare to mention the cause of this situation is very complicated." Changsha analysis of labor inspection detachment pair of captain, the face of a steady job ,http://www.laodanok.com/plus/view.php?aid=8452, most employees do not want to argue with the company because of overtime and the fear of losing their jobs, or let the unit leaders make trouble. Reporters from Changsha City labor inspection detachment learned during the National Day of telephone complaints received over 200 people, including labor inspection services involving more than 100 people, many of them are the National Day holiday advice or to report the problem to pay overtime wages. In all telephone complaints,abercrombie pas cher, 65% of anonymity, work unit and address and other information. "All sorts of ideological concerns of employees just to provide an opportunity offenders,http://www.paperdriver...0BB-code%20not%20working;, some employers is to seize the staff of this psychological dare daring, expressly paid to employees in accordance with the provisions of the National Day holiday overtime pay." Yuhua District Labor A staff member monitoring group said that if the complaint were unwilling to provide valid information on individual units where full address, legal representatives, which will investigate the work of labor inspection difficult.

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's three friends came,air jordan pas cher, the other with a knife tied to them, resulting in Xu et al 1 dead 3 injured. After the incident, the suspects fled the scene after surrendered to the Changchun Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch. Currently,http://search.gardenweb.com/search/nph-ind.cgi, three injured are being Jilin Provincial People's Hospital for treatment, police are further investigating the matter. Carries a driver's license saved his life three injured condition gradually improved in East Asia (Reporter Li Zhongxin) after the incident, friends surname Wang Xu died on the spot, another one of his friend surnamed Wang dialed 110 and 120 calls. Subsequently, Xu,parajumpers online shop,http://www.gem.hi-ho.n...rilliant-castle/yybbs.cgi, Zhu and Wang in Jilin Province People's Hospital for emergency disposal, which re-do the surgery patients. 3 injured relatives about the incident, came to Changchun care from the field, respectively. According to Wang's father said his son arms Chuaizhao thanks to a driver's license and ID card,http://home1.catvmics..../~america/petit/petit.cgi, or else let the knife tied directly to the heart, the consequences could be disastrous. Three injured condition gradually improved 18 am, reporters once again came to the Jilin Provincial People's Hospital. Emergency surgery in a hospital ward, Wang and Zhu's relatives are taking care of them, two injured looks pretty good mental state. According to Zhao emergency surgery doctors, Wang injured abdomen with multiple stab wounds, stab wounds on the left armpit with a. Currently, the medical staff has to be harmful Wang wounds were disposed of. As for his other body parts are injured, you need to wait for the vital parts of the injury better,hollister online shop, do further examination and treatment. In addition, from the present situation,http://tnsm.jpn.org/mi...liaonline.bestbuy-all.com, the injured Zhu stab wound to the head also does not matter,http://www.wannyann.com/cgi-bin/glight/glight.cgi, only the need for further treatment. Subsequently,http://sixsixsix.s90.x...bin/bbs/epad.cgi??%C2%A8a, the reporter went to the hospital thoracic surgery ward. According to a paramedic, said Xu is currently relatively weak body, but the state has improved over time came to the hospital. Driver's license carries a knife block "shield" in the wards where the injured Wang and Zhu door,hollister online shop, Wang's father is Lou Daokou smoking. Wang, speaking from his father's face, his mood is quite relaxed. According to Wang, the father said, he usually works done in Changchun, drove his son to run transport. When he heard his son after the accident, rushed to Changchun from Da'an countryside. In the morning after his arrival at the hospital, he saw his son still relatively sober sense, the heart of a stone finally off the ground, his son also told him about the trouble after. Wang said that after they have been tied, feeling very sober awareness on the phone with a phone call to the police. Until after he was taken to hospital,woolrich outlet, only to find that the left side of the driver's license in his pocket clothes and identity are tied bad. Later, he heard from the doctor that he narrowly missed the left armpit of wounds on the bar in the heart. Suspects had previously helped Xu addition,karen millen soldes, according to Xu's sister, said the injured,polo ralph lauren, he usually do some small business in Changchun,air jordan pas cher, rented a place far away from the place where his brother to go to work, do not know which specifically what this apartment looks like. Later,hollister, she heard his brother's girlfriend, said his brother rented this apartment to spend far 500 monthly rent, an area less than 10 square meters. In addition,http://www.bx.misty.ne...eaiinfo/joyful/joyful.cgi,polo ralph lauren pas cher,http://igohouse.jp/bbs/noti.cgi?res=2%3C/a%3E, before and her brother also said that before he lived next door to the man and from that were less noisy, basically all day at work. One time, my brother forgot to bring the keys,air jordan, the man also reminded his brother. "For such a small thing,abercrombie france, really not worth it." Xu's sister said.

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