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geschrieben von Dennis - 27.11.2013 - 21:36
Guten Tag meine Freunde, liebe Kläger,

als möchtegern Clan(Community)-Leader, mag ich mein Lob an Mika aussprechen, dass er sich die Zeit genommen hat (nachdem meine Faulheit siegte) und die neue Clanpage aufgesetzt hat. Ich bedauere es schon lange, dass unsere Homepage seit dem Ende von BC2 von allen Mitgliedern, sehr selten genützt würde. Da jedem klar sein sollte, dass eine Homepage die Kommunikation positiv beeinflussen kann, z. Bsp. zur Weitergabe von spielbezogenen Informationen oder die "Harmonie" innerhalb der Community fördern kann.

Mit diesem Vermerk, möchte ich herzlich alle Mitglieder dazu motivieren, sich hier zu registrieren und gelegentlich auch mit einem Klick diese Homepage zu besuchen, sowie aktiv zu fördern.

Liebe Grüße euer Dennis, ihr seid meine Schnuckis.

PS: Willkommen bei der Gay Community. (diese Wörter werden uns bei Google an die Macht bringen)

.. und um die HP noch weiter zu fördern, weitere Tags:

heiße Lesben treiben es wild, jung und straff gefickt, mother fucks son.
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Beijing Times (Reporter Sun Siya) due to his girlfriend that he has put forward after breaking up families,nike air max 90 pas cher, student chapter Beijing Jiaotong University (a pseudonym) to restore the romance will not rape each other. Yesterday,gioielli tiffany, reporters learned in for rape was sentenced to three and a half years later, Zhang Qiang raised on appeal sentenced to probation. Beijingers strong chapter,peuterey outlet, with postgraduate culture, before the incident is the Beijing Jiaotong University students. According to the court finds that, in early 2012, chapter stronger and more than 30-year-old red (a pseudonym) met and established a relationship. After the red break, Zhang Qiang many times hoping to find a little red instead of continuing exchanges. July 7, 2012 in the evening, Zhang Qiang came to the red temporary residence located in Daxing District, and red to negotiate the matter. The next day at 2 pm,hogan outlet roma, Zhang Qiang adopt violent means to force sexual relations with several red, red and cause injury (forensic identification of minor injuries). July 8, Zhang Qiang was arrested. According to testimony red,jordan spizike pas cher, in January 2012, she met through QQ chat chapters strong, Feb. two established a relationship, which had a sexual relationship exchanges occurred. Later, red found strong chapter has a family, it made a break, Zhang Qiang reluctant to break up,louboutin paris, again and again to find the little red. At 19:30 on July 7, 2012, Zhang Qiang came after the little red house,tiffany outlet italia, then get agitated. At 2:00 on the 8th and more, leaving red requires a strong chapter, chapter has come up with a strong hand entangled in red tape, and to wear a red blindfold. Little Red Cap by strong chance to find something to break free in the hands of the tape went into the kitchen and took a knife. Zhang Qiang won the rushing knife, in this process the red hand was scratched. In the living room,tiffany outlet italia, Zhang Qiang red hands with Kaozi again handcuffed and tied with a belt fixed back with a whip hitting red,piumini peuterey outlet, red raped twice. At noon, the red propose to work, Zhang Qiang said consent to leave home after red face told a friend,giubbotto peuterey uomo, a friend to help them to the police. It is understood that civil compensation, red reached an agreement with Zhang Qiang,peuterey spaccio, Zhang Qiang compensation 50,000 yuan red, red also expressed understanding chapter strong. After hearing that the Court of First Instance, Zhang Qiang has constituted the crime of rape, but pleaded guilty in court because it can get a little red and positive understanding of compensation, so leniently sentenced to three and a half years. After the verdict, Zhang strong appeal, his lawyer pointed out that Zhang Qiang is a first offender, pleaded guilty and good attitude,hogan interactive uomo, has made reparations to victims and understanding, not harmful to the society,escarpin louboutin pas cher, therefore, hope that the court take into account his body, family status other factors, on his probation. After hearing that the court of second instance, the court of first instance has been fully taken into account when sentencing a strong chapter has various statutory discretionary sentencing,anelli tiffany, there is no impropriety, but the strong nature of the act chapter, the plot does not have the means to apply, such as probation conditions,escarpins louboutin, therefore, the second instance court dismissed the chapter strong appeal and upheld the original verdict. (Original title: former graduate student on probation appeals rape his girlfriend)









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's wife at the time of the shoulders through security into the waiting room does have a yellow bag, but when the couple after entering the site,Nike Air Max Nomo, Chen's wife shoulder bag has disappeared. Chen couples from Yunnan Yongshan, the family has three children. Last year, Chen Yueyang couple all the way to a brick factory workers. Year salary of 42,Christian Louboutin Femme Pompes Rolando,000 yuan. Due to not use a bank card,http://chubundousoukai...ey.cgi?mode=res&no=72,authentic wholesale nfl jerseys,http://forum.radio4.ru/cgi-bin/search.cgi, the couple decided to take the cash home. To do cover up, they also deliberately put it in an old yellow paint was lost bag, the bag actually knows halfway lost. [B] Ms. Qu lens money is picking up a controversy, which should not have January 11 morning,http://www.nichidai-go....cgi?mode=res&no=1315, Ms. Qu train with his family back home in Guizhou in Loudi New Year. In the waiting room,http://suguru4u.com/su...u/bbs/light.cgi?res=16901, she saw had a glance unclaimed bag on the adjacent seat, then take the train to pick up. Wake up, the train has come to the territory of Guizhou. Ms. Qu picked up the bag open,Abercrombie Fitch Men Vest,http://kaku.be-sp.com/...+Result:+chosen+nickname+, they look stunned. Which are all large bundles of red money, a total of 42,000 yuan. "It's a dream come true!" Ms. Qu happy for them. "The money can not move,indirizzo tiffany milano, or alarm it." Side of the Cubs, but advised her nephew returned to the owner. In this regard, Ms. Qu and disapproval, "which is picking up, not any stealing was not any rush." ??See persuasion useless, immediately called the Cubs in the field of school cousin Tong Tong (a pseudonym), asking him to persuade his own mother does not covet covetousness. Although Ms. Qu and a few adults want to leave the money,http://www.365kl.net/h...p&ac=blog&blogid=, but the Cubs within a few hours a day to persuade them: "They lost money certainly very anxious ah!" "This is the ill-gotten gains,http://www.geol.sci.hi.../lightlight.cgi?res=79646,Barbour Mens Duke Waxed Jacket, to go to prison. "Tong Tong is every few minutes to give Ms. Qu make a phone call. Ms. Qu has finally been successfully "captured" and decided to return the money. January 11 morning, accompanied by Winnie's nephew, Ms. Qu handed the bag to the local police station. Police immediately contacted the owner,discount abercrombie uk, 42,http://www.46ch.net/ar...u/tap/stylish/stylish.cgi,000 yuan of money a lot of points back to Chen couples hands. ? Hunan Huasheng all media reporter Zhang Hao Huang Juan travel money card reminds vigilant with separate spring curtain went up, Changsha Railway Station in Changsha Police Department police launched a "safe travel, convenience, warm and travel." Knowledge of safety campaign theme. Changsha Railway Police Department Interpol detachment nine battalion Huang Wenguang site for travelers who Demonstrations pickpocket theft tools, theft of means and methods pocketing passengers. Huang Wenguang introduced large amounts of cash, coins, ID cards and bank cards of open, if stolen,buy nike nfl jerseys, can avoid greater losses; the pit mouth,giants jerseys wholesale, wickets, the station, the car door and other places to keep in mind; in find a seat before the start,Women’s Mulberry Natural Lizzie Purse Brown, to be vigilant when approaching the halfway station and get off at the end, do not give thieves the opportunity to start. Also,cheap hollister shorts for sale, do not bag or purse behind his back,aeropostale outlet, backpack rope should be as short as possible, the lower the longer the package with the safety factor.

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's lawyer said that this final judgment,abercrombie france, Chen still refuses to accept that his family is now considering a complaint.

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 Hong Beijing November 3 message from the eight o'clock start,hollister magasin, a long four hours later, cut the liver surgery was completed successfully. At the same time,ciondolo tiffany, Chen Yurong son was wheeled into the operating room,piumini peuterey outlet, received a liver transplant. In order to cut the liver to save son, mother,tiffany outlet milano, ten kilometers over seven consecutive months at the line of weight loss, severe fatty liver miraculously disappeared. Yesterday,hogan outlet milano, the Wuhan Tongji Hospital Organ Transplantation large consultation with related departments,piumini peuterey outlet, unanimously adopted "runaway mother" donated liver applications. Source: Dragon TV "Oriental News" transplant began this morning, 8:00, Chen Yurong pushed the operating room, surgery start on time. The operation lasted three hours, 11:00 Chen Yurong cut liver surgery is completed. Ye Haibin into the operating room at 11:00. Reporter aside observation, Ye Haibin smiling, in good spirit. Side of the nurse next to cheer for him,air jordan pas cher, to convey to him a blessing: will succeed. Ye Haibin surgery will end on 14:00 pm. News Playback: In order to cut the liver to save son, ten kilometers mother for seven consecutive months from the date line Motherhood is the greatest and most selfless earthly emotions, Wuhan is a 55-year-old Chen Yurong admire a good mother. To complete the liver to save son's wish, with severe fatty liver, she began 10 kilometers a day weight loss program runaway. On the riverbank District of Wuhan City chenjiaji dams, every day at dawn,christian louboutin paris, people will see Chen Yurong walked quickly walking figure. From the beginning of February this year, she sooner or later every day on this road, "runaway", just to be able to lose their severe fatty liver,chaussure louboutin pas cher, liver to save son. Chen Yurong son suffering from congenital diseases,hogan olympia, liver dysfunction, last December, the son of the onset of liver disease again, seeing his son's condition aggravated day by day, Chen Yurong decided to use his liver in exchange for his son's life, but to a hospital examination, the doctor denied this idea. Doctor: In the process of doing liver biopsy found that she (Chen Yurong) have moderate to severe fatty liver, liver,escarpin louboutin pas cher, then to the donor will have some risks. But Chen Yurong did not give up to save his son's conviction, decided to start his own weight loss program. In seven months time, Chen Yurong go broke four pairs of shoes, clothes have become loose before,tiffany bracciali, and reduced weight from 68 kg 60 kg, went to the hospital for a check,jordan retro 11 pas cher, fatty liver actually completely gone, a result that doctors feel shocked. Department of Organ Transplantation, Tongji Institute of Clinical Doctor Du Dunfeng: the patient's liver has fully recovered, the recovery beyond our imagination. Currently,woolrich outlet online, Chen Yurong and son were admitted to the hospital,tiffany bracciali argento, awaiting further examination and expert consultation. Chen Yurong said that regardless of the outcome, she will stick to it. Mother Chen Yurong: I firmly put my son cured, do succeed, try to turn my liver transplant to him, does not achieve the goal, I will keep walking.









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The APO701 only supports the 480p video fmraot but not the general 720p, however there? are video conversion programs available to reduce your 720p videos down to the 480p required to play on the 701

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's whim particular package, after a lapse of nearly nine months later, he encounters the landlady caught behind. Yesterday,canada goose price, reporter learned from the Tongzhou Court, although certain that he is a freshman due to excessive pressure vent their emotions,http://www.nx.sakura.ne.jp/~haituu/yybbs/yybbs.cgi,hollister outlet uk sale, still the court for robbery and sentenced to five years. 35-year-old drove his own particular company, it appears that the outsider can be considered successful. June 17 last year, a particular wish for the company to rent an office,http://jdwzm.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=182410, he was on the Internet to find listings information, Ms. Zhang agreed with the landlord on the 19th showings. In the morning, the very fact that certain who went to the cell located in Tongzhou District majuqiao Zhenmou houses,louboutin soldes, Ms. Zhang took him around to see introduced in the house. The very fact that a particular argument came when dark closet, certain suddenly covered her mouth from behind, to compel him to hand over the wallet. The very fact that the package quickly scared to pay out a particular get the package away. Nine months later, took his son to a particular Fengtai District, a cinema, just the very fact also watch movies, and immediately recognized him after police. Particular was immediately arrested. "I was too much pressure." His trial,canada goose site officiel, nearly 1.8 meters tall particular crying, he said he came to Beijing to work in 2000,canada goose jackets,http://kurage.pos.to/r...ht.cgi/light2.cgi&amp, after four years through the efforts of his own company,hollister online shop, so the family more than 10 persons are from home to go over him,chaussures louboutin pas cher,http://kazunstyle.com/...%3C/div%3E%3Cdiv%20class=, and most of these relatives did not work alone to feed his company,http://z-tech.jp/bbs1/...amp;no=5388&page=1%22, so a lot of pressure. His parents, a sister, a sister, both bought a house,canada goose jackets uk stockists, but he and his wife lived in the office. The very fact that when the day of the robbery,outlet moncler,http://whza012989.chin...?mod=space&uid=266164, he was not premeditated, but when entering a dark closet, the "what emerges out of my mind criminals attack on TV screens,abercrombie online shop österreich, may be reduced in order to seek some kind of stimulus it." Finally,http://www.himebara.sa...oyful.cgi?page%3Cimg+src=, certain pleaded guilty. The court ultimately found that a particular spot to use violent means to rob citizens of property, his behavior constituted robbery. Although his lawyer says there is a particular "interim behavioral disorders and abnormal",veste abercrombie femme,http://www.lkw-recht.de/cgi-bin/index.cgi, but has not been judicial appraisal,canadian goose jacket, the court can not be accepted. Given a particular court does have pleaded guilty, show repentance and restitution of victims of economic loss has its lighter punishment according to law.

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's farm welfare for the elderly, to express to him the old people wish. These requirements are not a maintenance treatment for the elderly, but would like to commend years been concerned about taking care of their Communist Party Huazhi. Mind has been the same old quietly funded orphanage square HuaZhi mentioned in the letter, now is the deputy general manager of the power company Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, was awarded the title of National Model Worker in 2000. According to John Doe Mao Jieshao square HuaZhi 30 years to take care of the welfare of old people adhere to, and often their own money to help older people improve their lives, every time to quietly go quietly. Welfare of old people feel that way HuaZhi behavior is difficult to get, always wanted him to do these things can people know. "The old people say, why write now, they are afraid of the death of this good man no one knows." John Doe Mao said: "So many elderly people now only 80 of nearly 30 people, old people getting older large, they wanted to tell the social aspirations have become stronger. "Zhang Chu,hogan interactive uomo, Li Xue Silver, who gave birth, Yang Jin was ...... old people afraid we do not believe that, but also take the initiative behind the letter signed their names, not to write carved on the seal to go. 2004 into the orphanage's 76-year-old Li Xue silver years old. He impressed me most was when the snow Nianxia 2008, Fang Zhi Hua is still the same as in previous years about the Chinese New Year visit to the orphanage and old people. "Slippery road would have thought he would not come, but as usual for this Huazhi see us." 87-year-old Yang Jin has just recovered from a serious illness,woolrich artic parka, he then Wenchuan reconstruction from Henan to the farm, is welfare The first batch of seniors. Although the hearing is not very good, but mentioned party HuaZhi, he can remember the annual Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival party will come to the orphanage HuaZhi visit them and give them red envelopes. "Orphanage good care of us,jordan retro 11 pas cher, but we always give pocket money Huazhi or to improve the food." Old people say that this reflects the situation leading to the city square HuaZhi, except for his care has always been, and I want to use him deeds to advocate better care for the young fashion. Qin want to do good things low-key love of learning and social returns into the Xiaogan City Development Construction Headquarters,peuterey outlet online, committee secretary ??? just got off the phone: "Just to call is square HuaZhi he is power construction site, I hurry to complete the matching process. He helped to build power facilities zone, a year to do the people years to accomplishing things. "According to him, whenever the project reached a crucial stage, party HuaZhi will go live to the site. Whenever saw his shadow on site when we all feel was very practical. "He always likes to wear overalls, because so convenient." When we drove to the site where the parties HuaZhi oncoming was dressed in overalls,giubbotto woolrich, back slightly arched comrades, his face still with a trace of shyness. He is the party HuaZhi. He went to live in a simple house, which is a simple bed cabinets stocked with tables and chairs, the most eye-catching is that many pieces have been washed and dried the clothes. "'d Also have a suit, but still easy to wear overalls." Fang Zhi Hua see us staring overalls look, honest, explains. A wall close to the English alphabet, each letter back marked with Chinese pronunciation. Fang Hua-pointing this "cottage" alphabet say that this is used to learn English. "Small family was very poor when, after his father fell ill, I do not read anymore." Although only a junior middle school education, Fang Hua-chih has been insisting to learn. He pulled out a cardboard box filled with notebooks, said to reporters:. "Book in mind these are the experiences I read the article, and some newspaper clippings" flipping through a book, the reporter saw was a "read Bethune felt ", read:" Life is made from a trivial matter to conscience, filial piety, charity, Shuter life while doing a thing for the people away uncorrupted, keep the faith and principles of. the people do get away, do good, do good things, and more difficult to solve ...... "This was written in 2004 square HuaZhi sentiment has impressed, and inside those words he has been practicing with the work and life. "I was in the countryside next to Zhongzhou farm grew. Childhood I often to farm cattle, farm workers see me pale and thin, give me some radishes, cabbage, or take me home for dinner." Asked why he had been take care of old people, the party HuaZhi said, "They come from all over the country, very kind hearted, someone helped me in the past and now I am a grass-roots cadres, have a good job, should not do their best to help those in need people This is a man's duty, no big deal. "" Some of the elderly who participated in the Korean War Veterans,woolrich sito ufficiale, some young intellectuals to the countryside, there is to support the construction. their contribution to the country, the farm made bigger than I am. "" there is not propaganda newspaper, "former labor model to the new model in 2000 was named the National Model Worker,peuterey outlet, Fang Hua-chih put a million in prize money to the orphanage, so buy something old people improve their lives. When asked about these years how much was spent for the elderly, Fang Hua-chih said:. "All the money I spent inside their own province from wages to pay down the country enough, my own province point,basket jordan, this money out. "In addition to the welfare of the elderly, often subsidized square HuaZhi those kids afford to go to school because of family poverty. "I hope they can read more books,hollister roma, because the money's sake do not delay future." His own children have been "instill the concept of filial piety to good works." Fang Hua-Autumn Festival last year with 23-year-old son to the orphanage to visit the elderly, after "the son he still spontaneously bring students to visit the elderly." Throughout the interview process, the deepest impression left reporters, in addition to side HuaZhi deeds that he insisted reluctant to publicize their own thing out. Before reporters starting side HuaZhi several trustees hope they do not interview him. "I did not do anything,jordan retro 4 pas cher, do not bother." When the reporter came to the site where the parties HuaZhi,bottes louboutin pas cher, he stressed that "today when a chat, but not reported to promise me not to propaganda." This has always been in Xiaogan filial famous cities, such as square HuaZhi selfless yet understated doing good out there, look at the whole China is endless. But just like the old orphanage people want it,hogan olympia, just like Fang Hua Shiyuki good mind as to his deeds to tell people, is to vigorously advocate in today's society, "filial charity, contributing to society."









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Has he lost his powers? Will he end up "the laughing Louis Vuitton Bags Canada stock of rap"? It's these fears that power him on ‘MM2', an album he threatens might be his last: "Behold the final chapter in the saga/Trying to recapture that lightning trapped in a Louis Vuitton Outlet Store bottle".
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  Chongqing Morning News (Reporter Zhan away) in order to hide checks,http://www.joy.hi-ho.n...bin/user/bu-yuu/yybbs.cgi, coach passengers into the overloaded bus luggage compartment at the bottom, and the results revealed a cough goal. February 7,braccialetti tiffany, the first detachment of eight brigade Chongqing highway law enforcement officers in G65 Banan toll station,Mens Barbour Down Explorer Jacket, this car intercepted overloaded buses,Womens Rebel Waxed Jacket – Barbour online, buses will face a fine of 3,500 yuan. At 13:30 on the 7th,Nike LeBron X Femme, a bound direction from langzhong Guangdong,Mens Barbour Lowland Waxed Jacket, Sichuan R16982 license plate number of the bus to arrive G65 Banan toll stations,cheap jerseys from china wholesale, law enforcement team approached a routine check. Law enforcement officers suddenly heard a cough coming from the bottom of the vehicle. "We looked to see, and found no one in the vicinity of the vehicle,gucci genova, then found it very strange." Law enforcement officers said they found the driver some panic,Jordan Jumpman H Series Homme, realizing that this car is certainly a problem. A careful search, the passenger's luggage compartment at the bottom of the seizure of the two individuals. As the luggage compartment space is small, thin air, they have been Biede pale. After an investigation,http://war.kuronowish....ht.cgi?post=r00&mybbp, the two men who are outside,orecchini tiffany cuore, in addition to a passenger, another person is a coach with a driver. "Passengers who said the name of the driver himself and approaching the toll station,http://momake.sakura.ne.jp/cgi/sengoku/index.cgi,chicago blackhawks jersey, only got into the luggage compartment and the driver temporarily hide checks,http://www.geol.sci.hi...t.cgi?res=146986&nbsp, said the toll station can come out, so you can check all the way to cope." Law enforcement team said. Law enforcement team also found that this car has not been required by the line running,Sukey Gucci Medium Boston Borse in Beige, according to relevant laws and regulations,aber crombie milano, this car will face a fine of 3,500 yuan. Contact law enforcement team, is overloaded with passengers go through the formalities of the transfer, but withheld this car bus line cards, road transport permit,http://www.et-tu.com/wotrf1/cgi-bin/index.cgi, so that owners, drivers and an Airbus manager in charge of security,http://www.mable.ne.jp...httead&tid=123862, law enforcement stations near to accept the deal. Another hearing what is pulling the wind Chongqing No. G6006 van on to show us a lot. Also in the afternoon of February 7, the first detachment of eight highway law enforcement officers in the battalion seized a toll booth G65 Banan Zheliang violation Chongqing GA6006 truck. Truck driver said the day around 14:00, he opened the car accident occurred in the south, leading to the front windshield broken, he was ready to drive to nanchuan to repair. "At that time the driver to speak, are cold trembling." Law enforcement team said. It is understood that the human body for a long time the wind was blowing, it will lead to the brain,http://www.lot-net.jp/bbs/epad.cgi?del=527341, hands and feet react slower car can easily lead to accidents. "The driver encountered a similar situation, you can head to the nearest repair shop to repair,http://cgi.educities.e...i-bin/message2/phoney.cgi, to ensure road safety." Law enforcement officers let the driver know the danger, the driver promised to return the car repaired before the road. This group text / Chongqing Morning News reporter Zhan Yao

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Besides, by the Selecting for Chanel UK Outlet repayment through present cards, you can evensave money while purchasing the designer purses of the option. Besides, multiple repayment Authentic Chanel Saleoptions can make it Easier to buy from online stores located outside your country.Quality of the products-The celine handbags saledeveloper handbags are usually produced from components like leather, cotton, plastic, plastic and so on. Hence, Balenciaga Online StoreYou need to only opt for an online retailer only sells Which Those services and products Which are produced from the best quality material. Because they will be highly durable, mulberry uk york storejust Which Those bags are made from quality substance will last extended.Handbags are very important for every woman in the world. cheap gucci usaWomen would cheap celine handbags salebring Their handbags everywhere they go, and they need handbags for carrying Their belongings. They will bring it to the parties, office, visiting Their friends, school, trips, holidays, and everywhere they go. There are lots of handbags designs available in the market. So, You Could certainly notshop for handbags by age.On the other hand, mulberry handbagshandbags Could make or break someone's look. Thus, it is an important matter than gucci usa onlineWhen you are choosing the one;Since this bag would be your everyday work bag, it is best That the bag is not too expensive but still of good quality and style.

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  Core Tip 8 September afternoon, Shiyan Guangfeng Song Feng Township six scenic said Hook Bay water segment, sudden flash floods. Five children and one old man went to rescue the besieged torrents. This scene is now live with their families to play Guangfeng Public Security Bureau deputy director Wang Mao village police station saw. With years of experience, he quickly police and local villagers rescue organization. The face of the rushing torrents, Wang regardless of personal safety, multiple trips into the rapids, after two and a half hours of collaborative efforts to rescue all trapped. On-site medical staff were all trapped careful examination, in addition to the water when subjected to an impact beyond the little bruises, all personnel were not affected much. Scenic bluffs sudden torrential children trapped darkening sky,collana tiffany, a huge flash floods raging, there is a child trapped in the afternoon of September 8 sunny weather on the cliff, with his family of six Shiyan Wang said Scenic Hook Bay water segment play, this section of water to wash the local people like to relax. The same day,tiffany outlet roma, there are five kids splash in the water segment. Weather in the mountains is like baby face,basket louboutin, that they please, about 14 o'clock, the sky is blue skies darkening, Wang reckoned with heavy rain coming, we carry out an umbrella to avoid the rain at bay. To 2:45 or so, playing in the water with his son Wang vaguely heard "rumbling Long" sound, while he was wondering where is the voice of what came, a huge torrent of thousands of both Potential raging, sensitive occupations let Wang in an emergency calm down, calm water potential in directing the family evacuated to safe areas prior to diffuse. While Wang and his party prepared to evacuate safely when his son vaguely heard someone yelling for help on a cliff at the turn downstream. Wang immediately climbed high and found to have a child calling for help on a cliff 100 meters downstream. As the waters are not familiar with the situation, coupled with the water too fast, not to rush into the water to rescue Wang, and children crying for help flood ravaged face very scared, desperate crying. The situation is very urgent, Wang Guangfeng immediately reported to the Public Security Bureau command center, supported the request of local police Song Feng, meanwhile, remain in place arrangements for accompanying relatives and dialogue across the troubled child to calm himself then immediately drive to the nearby elementary school, to Good teachers are familiar with the terrain here explained the situation,chaussure de foot pas cher, allowed parents to help find people in distress, and sent villagers familiar with the terrain and help guide the preparatory work done before the rescue. Ford explorer 6 people in urgent need of police and rescue Wang got into the cold water closer to the people for help, and found five students were trapped in the canyon separating the two sides, as well as a 70-year-old grandfather reported flooding, Guangfeng County Public Security Bureau command center quickly launched the emergency mechanism, Song Feng police station to rescue instructions issued by the police,louboutin soldes, while requiring immediate reporting Song Feng police station and the local party committee and government, in conjunction with the party committee and government forces to implement the rescue of trapped children. At this point, I wish to follow the teacher Wang motorists rushed to the scene. Subsequently,hollister france, Wang bring the car four life jackets, I wish the teacher went over the canyon mouth waters. I wish the teachers at the shore detailed description of the canyon's geographical situation, despite the rapid decline in temperatures Wang quickly off his jacket wearing only shorts and a life jacket drill into torrents of cold water along the shore of the mouth of the valley slowly groping terrain and waterways, to call a person's position gradually wade away. Wang discovered that, not only the distress that he saw the child crying for help, there are three men and two women were separated by five students at both sides of the canyon flood, one of the youngest girl was rushed to the flood valley of the cave alone torrent trapped. In addition to students, as well as an adventure to save the child but himself trapped 70-year-old grandfather. Upon learning of these cases, Wang immediately asked people not to re-trapped 6 act rashly, waiting safe rescue to prevent further accidents caused. Organize the masses lifesaving rescue aircraft armrest Difficult Wang tried to set up life-saving bamboo handrails on both sides of the mountain streams, only to water too fast, Mao Zhugang water was washed away 16:00 floods,outlet woolrich, received the command center command Song Feng police station and local township cadres, village cadres and villagers rushed to the scene after another. Wang wading rapids return Taniguchi, the understanding of the situation in detail to understand the scene told officers and rescue workers came into the rescue group, logistical support group and information contact group. Local people volunteered, volunteered to go into the water to save people. Wang led the local people familiar with the water to wade rushed to put on a lifejacket again Taniguchi over one hundred meters away from the scene of the accident. Flow according to the situation, Wang called the shore people cut down a large bamboo, trying to set up rescue handrails on both sides of the mountain streams, only to water too fast, bamboo buoyancy too, just half of it was washed away by the flood water. Wang had to return Taniguchi,hollister soldes, notice the presence of the police station Wang Song, Song Feng big hurry to find a more than thirty meters long rope. After that, Wang rushed to the crash site and wade discourage parents of children trying to climb the rock cliff to go rescue. 14 round trip alone rescued trapped under the joint efforts of all staff, Wang round 14 times, soaked in water for two and a half hours, and finally trapped ashore. After examination, all personnel were not affected much 17:00,chaussure de foot, emergency allocation of cables sent to the scene, carefully check the quality of the cable, the Wang one person alone before wading through the flood on the other side of the rope tied to a stone, erecting a good rope. Subsequently, the organization of the masses to understand both sides of waterborne good collusion and protection, himself trapped in the canyon to the children one by one to put on life jackets. After a careful examination, Wang ready to wade rescued trapped them one by one canyon. Due to increasingly turbulent flow in a torrent across the valley becomes extremely difficult, with very smooth pebbles foot, slipping at any time may be washed away by the water. Under the joint efforts of all staff,mercurial vapor pas cher, Wang round 14 times,chaussure de foot adidas, soaked in water for two and a half hours, and finally all the trapped ashore. Around 18:00, when the last one trapped in the rock cave little girl back ashore by Wang Jun, the audience burst into thunderous applause. Waiting in the field of health care for all trapped a careful examination, in addition to the water when subjected to an impact beyond the little bruises,chaussures de foot pas cher, all personnel were not affected much. Rescued children loved one tears, police on the scene involved in the rescue and township and village cadres and villagers thanks. ? text / reporter Xu Xiaoming En Tong Yu Luhui








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's Eve gave birth to twins miracle! Kelly and cover text to a pair of lovers,mulberry purse, but in June 2006,http://cgi.geocities.j...s3/epad.cgi?post=o08&, Gavin always felt his groin waves of tingling, when he went to the hospital for examination,hollister hamburg, the results were just diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. The doctor asked Gavin immediately undergo chemotherapy, but doctors warned that chemotherapy may cause him suffering from infertility. In the doctor's advice, Gavin consent before undergoing chemotherapy saved the first part of his sperm frozen. Gavin accepted during chemotherapy pain, Gavin Kelly use the "frozen sperm" underwent in vitro fertilization procedure, and in October 2007 successfully gave birth to a baby boy named Rochelle. After Gavin cancer and no signs of improvement, so he and Kelly hope again for the birth of a brother or sister Rochelle. April 2008,http://www.aihoku.net/.../aska/aska.cgi/kWzbTAbUPI, Gavin passed away. Since then,https://tools.ietf.org...s/rfcmarkup/rfcmarkup.cgi,chaussure air jordan, Kelly had two consecutive IVF surgery,hogan outlet, but failed to pregnant pregnant last year,http://contest.japias..../aska/aska.cgi?get=4&, Kelly began to accept the first three times,http://meimoku.co.jp/c.../visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1, the last time in vitro fertilization procedure. Fortunately, this time not only pregnant pregnant Kelly, but also pregnant with twins! This year New Year's Eve,chaussure homme, Kelly preterm nine days in the Welsh city of Bristol ??? British Princess hospital successfully gave birth to the unborn twins - 3.46 kg weight baby boy Gavin Cheshire Wales and 2.6 kg baby girl Lu than Grace. When it come alive for the twins, their father Gavin had died two years time soon. It is reported that Kelly was not the first in the history of the British Medical pregnant with her husband's sperm widow,http://cgi.ebay.com.au...tem&item=110854464629, before that,http://www.mmm.muroran...i/cgi-bin/honey/honey.cgi, another name is called Diana Brad British widow has used her husband's death,canada goose site officiel, "frozen sperm" pregnancy gave birth to two son. Diana's husband died in 1995 suffering from meningitis,abercrombie italia, her husband lay dying, ask your doctor to extract her husband's sperm,hollister london, she hopes to use her husband's frozen sperm to conceive artificially, but the English court held that the death of Diana's husband before in a coma,jordan pas cher, unable to sign a consent document to extract sperm,http://cwaweb.bai.ne.j...-o/lumipaina/icon_brd.cgi,air jordan pas cher pour fille, so Diana with her husband's sperm for artificial insemination of sperm behavior may violate the owner's wishes,air jordan pas cher, is an offense. In order to realize the dream of having children, 30-year-old Diana played two years that end the lawsuit, and finally winning the lawsuit in 1997,air jordan flight, won the right to use her husband "frozen sperm" parenthood. Wen Yue

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Signature Discrete & fantasy colors, pink pop, tonic vertical and orange sunset, LV M93225 bags for us to grant this spring / summer fashion banquet. We can not deny that this bag is the essence of the rose pattern. Rose behind this design has a story Louis Vuitton Handbags UK Sale. The designers in the mid-1970s, a state-of-art Xerox color copier got his hand and began to enlarge the image many times, until they become distorted and abstract. Then Rose is used to commemorate its a € ~ thank you 'cards. In 2000, Rose has ready to wear Louis Vuitton Handbags, and now for the LV Stephen Sprouse Rose Alma MM backpack icon in its place. Now this bag as a mature roses, blooming in the field of fashion.In this launch party, a LV Damier Geant Canvas such as Stephen Sprouse Graffiti SPEEDY 30, re-fluorescent Monogram Graffiti canvas, channeling the culture of the modern monster beats usa outlet.30 years of celebrity-style fast classic silhouette, everything goes smoothly, from jeans to dresses. At the same time, it works. Monogram canvas lightweight, flexible, durable and sturdy . Completely waterproof, has a strong anti-scratch surface prefect tourism and modern lifestyle michael kors usa sale. Now, the crowning of Stephen Sprouse Speedy 30.

He released graffiti era of simple luxury fashion. Holy Grail cheap michael kors usa, refined and elegant, but also optimistic, exaggerated, personalized, people need more for their bags and Stephen Sprouse just hit their fancy.Cheap handbags LV have excellent web site of the city Louis Vuitton Online, where you can store LV bag, get the latest fashion styles on-line catalog, and provide them with color photographs, and ordered the purse / handbag Internet rights . Louis Vuitton handbags quality is recognized the world Louis Vuitton Handbags Singapore, are so popular, but high, many consumers are not able to accept the price, it has gradually become a high defense, fashion, and sometimes a bit ', explosion-proof high and highly resistant genuine improvement of technology, this gap is closing, but the difference in quality, however Louis Vuitton Australia Store, as more and better.One of the most imaginative designer - quality travel bags and leather goods increasingly associated with Louis Vuitton . Of course cheap monster beats usa, if you can further increase your wardrobe , ambitions LV bags tend positive is essential. Many good projects will determine bag , but also the upcoming new period , from the producer to the new version , will love you, regardless of your lifestyle . Pulling information of high quality , newcomers , in addition to the limit of the most effective areas to new purse.

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