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Der Server läuft ! - Bring it on!
geschrieben von AwesomeSuperMika - 04.12.2013 - 17:46
Hey liebe Comunity!

Wie ihr vermutlich wisst unterhalten wir einen Server, der großzügigerweiße von Trinidad and Tobago Dennis gesponsert wird!
Nun haben wir es endlich geschafft die Serverkonfiguration soweit reinzuhacken, dass der Server endlich läuft!

Der Server ist Online und unter dem Namen Day 'nd Night #1 - [royal Assault cooperation] zu finden.
Die IP lautet Durch einen Klick auf die IP findet ihr zum Server.
Wenn ihr lust habt zu Spielen schaut einfach mal vorbei!

Grüße und cheers,
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FireMonster Beats Australia Buckets – A fire bucket should be filled with sand and really only used to tackle small fires. Some fires would only spread if water christian louboutin uk onlinewere thrown onto them, especially fires caused by cooking oils. Sand dumped onto the fire will starve the fire of oxygen and hopefully extinguish it.FireDetectors/Fire Alarms – A working fire detector will hopefully alert people to a fire before it has properly taken hold and the chances of controlling and stopping pandora jewellery ukthe fire are
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's lawyer said police used "fishing law enforcement", is dealt with leniently sentencing plot. To this end,Mulberry Purse Accessories, he submitted yesterday to the appeal court Fortress. Introduction 3 Miss a criminal trial of five years, 36-year-old Chen, Jiangsu, marketing manager Fortress area was originally Sands Casino, which is "Mommy," she hands a group of lady, guests can arrange according to the needs of different girls to provide services. This case is relatively simple from the introduction of prostitution: August 12 at 10 am, police received a report Fortress, arrange three police posing as clients, to introduce Miss Sands Casino investigating prostitution. That night,Hollister Womens, in the casino box, Ms. Chen has got three, posing as clients introduced to the police, they take away from the pack the night. On Piaozi, Chen received a 3,600 yuan, 600 yuan pumping into. The next morning, three Miss a hotel at the time of preparation Quanzhou prostitution, was caught red-handed police, Chen immediately arrested. December 18, Fortress court verdict that Chen's conduct constituted introduce prostitution and sentenced to five years and fined 5,000 yuan. The reason is that the court, Chen introduce more women into prostitution, the circumstances are serious, but given a voluntary confession after his justice, appropriate sentences. Two grounds of appeal questioning the heavy sentence handed down after Chen refused to accept the verdict, said they will appeal. Yesterday, Chen's lawyer filed a petition put forward two grounds of appeal that the first instance verdict sentencing overweight. This case, Fortress Public Security Bureau issued a "Statement of Work", saying "it was reported Sands Casino has introduced prostitution",Abercrombie Femme, and sent four police conduct preliminary investigation. Chen's lawyer believes that the police investigation of the object is entertainment, rather than against Chen personally, but the actual investigation, but it is against Chen individuals. In addition, "Chen produced mens rea is introduced into prostitution by the police 'fishing law enforcement' means." Chen's lawyer, said law enforcement is also called the temptation of fishing or trapping investigation investigations, with the injustice of the proceeding, the court shall consider This points to its lighter or mitigated punishment. Court pronounced its verdict,Classic Black Louboutin Pumps, "the circumstances are serious," due to judicial practice, "seduce, shelter or introduce prostitution, a person shall be punished Security Act, introduced two passengers,Hollister Women, a criminal case before it reaches the standard introduces three times as aggravated." . Chen's lawyer cited the "People's Court News" related cases, and the Shanghai High Court is more than 10 times the circumstances are serious cases to illustrate "describes three trips prostitution, should not be considered in serious cases" point of view. He also believes that in 1992 the judicial interpretation of the provisions introduced three people are in serious cases of prostitution, but after the 1997 amend the Criminal Code, the relevant provisions of this law has been absorbed, the court shall order the standard sentencing. Newspaper reporter Wei Liujing Source: Straits City News








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's hand like a long time not to release. Her thin arms as firewood, only wrapped in a layer of skin. Ms. Wen is Granny's Chinese friends, is one of the guardians in Beijing by its delegate, for a variety of geriatric sudden onset, last July,abercrombie france, Fumiko Nakajima insufficient to Beijing in January after he fell ill and was rushed to the Sino-Japanese Friends Friendship Hospital for treatment. "Treatment is not satisfactory,http://422.gsd.harvard...nt1334583:risitestool.cgi, once dying, then she was transferred to Tiantongyuan Chinese Medicine Hospital, the condition gradually improved," said Ms. Wen, Granny always just out of hospital, his condition again, then back to the hospital, in the case again. After nearly six months, Fumiko Nakajima almost always spent in bed. "Every time I was very sick and had been to the hospital in critical condition notice" for Granny's consistently attending physician said she was suffering from coronary heart disease, heart subendocardial infarction, hypoalbuminemia, lung infections and other kinds of illnesses. The hospital nearly two months, the current conservative treatment. China more than 40 million advance fee friend Ms. Wen said Fumiko Nakajima during the illness, her only son to accompany the Japanese had a back. That hospital issued a critical condition notice. And recovered but his son will come home. Granny more than 40 million treatments and the cost of living,canada goose pas cher, has also been advanced by friends. Ms. Wen said,canada goose clothing uk, take care of Fumiko Nakajima Chinese friends who are studying or working in the early years when Japan, and her acquaintance,louboutin prix, and a very good relationship. Granny to Beijing many times previously, together with friends. But this time coming, but not for friends. Home suffering forced to Beijing to find friends "in Japan, she is not only filial son, Fumiko Nakajima at home,http://junge.schuetzen...threadid=1399024&sid=, often not care, sometimes two or three days for dinner." Ms. Wen said last July, Fumiko Nakajima pleading Chinese friend took her to Beijing. "At the time the visa is not easy to handle, even once the island die onslaught." Fumiko Nakajima treatment and fees, are responsible for Ms. Man and friends, but life treatment costs Granny's in trouble. "We have quickly come to the end," Ms. Wen said the old woman's son and do not want the cost of treatment, or even to pick her home. "We Regardless of her,abercrombie donna, she was a nobody, so even Zaguomaitie will take good care of her." Ms. Wen said. ? Field oldest Granny masseur to Beijing, Shanxi Institute of grimaces Granny free service, thanks to the exchange of gestures over seventy Ms. Wen and several other Chinese friends will come almost every day to visit the ward and bring Japanese cuisine, milk and fruits and vegetables. Granny's bedside table, filled with all kinds of food. A boy, aged female care workers to take care of her more than 50 days. Last weekend, two volunteers masseuse came from Shanxi and stay in the ward for Granny to provide free care and massage therapy. "Her appetite is good, a point to the meal, the stomach will be pointed to, which means that hungry," said a masseur, Granny is not picky eaters, for Chinese food very much. "Yogurt, pancakes, dumplings, she is very favorite." When eating, nurses will be food in the bowl of mashed,abercrombie kids outlet, and then fed Granny. She used the right half of the few remaining teeth, chew slowly. Last weekend, two professional masseurs by Granny Chinese friend asked, specially came from Shanxi, caring lady. Not all absorbed by infusion,hollister france, Fumiko Nakajima within arm appeared stagnant water conditions, skin bruising. "For this patient massage, we are very experienced, have encountered many such patients," said one of the masseuse, for the care of Granny, massage parlors have been temporarily closed, free massage to help Granny care. Granny rarely speak, and occasionally say a few words in Japanese, masseurs and medical staff are unable to understand. "Rely on gestures and eye contact", a massage therapist says, "but she wanted someone to chat with her, there is a neighboring ward had studied in Japan for the elderly, and she simply could talk, though only understand a few words But Granny still very happy, to say stop. " In the ward, one marked by the sounds of Chinese characters in Japanese pronunciation of paper, on the pillow, "These are the old man (Ms. Man) teaches, we put down, and Granny attempt to communicate, but did not succeed," massage therapist said, "first, because she ear Moreover she said in Japanese, is a dialect, difficult conversation with her, but every time Ms. Wen to chat with her,canada goose sale, she kept laughing." The language barrier, but sign language exchange went smoothly. "Hungry refers to the stomach, thirsty finger cups,http://cs-kamiyama.sak...e.jp/bbs//kakikomitai.cgi, I'll give her a massage before, to be a flip gesture,http://meimoku.co.jp/c.../main.pl?PAGE_NUM=+Result, she flew rolled over." These days, Granny also learned a new way of communicating. She made a masseur red face,http://ariku.s18.xrea....ybbs.cgi?mode=%3C%3C/a%3E, she immediately back to one and the same expression. In this way, masseur funny Granny happy. ? argument Granny wanted to return to Japan charter requires 300,000 Fumiko Nakajima had hoped to return to Japan. But asked about her son, Granny was unwilling to say,abercrombie deutschland online shop, only the chest with a finger. Granny's Chinese friends have been helping Fumiko Nakajima managed to return home. Granny's Chinese friend Hu said that last year they had a number of contacts Japanese Embassy,http://bob.s1.xrea.com...board122r6b5/imgboard.cgi, ??the Embassy hopes to help Granny home. "Embassy staff had verbally agreed, but has failed to take measures." Granny's physical condition, the doctor recommended, the safest way is to take a charter flight to return home. "Sit there airliner risk,doudoune canada goose homme pas cher,http://www.whstrading..../discus/board-profile.cgi, but sitting with at least 300,000 yuan charter fee, we can not afford." Ms. Wen said the old woman's children do not want to take her back. "We know her son, he does not say anything, can only continue to persuade him to take back to his mother, a good therapy and filial piety." Japanese Embassy Consular Office staff said the situation has been reported Granny superiors, once answered, will inform immediately. At press time ago, the embassy has not yet received a reply. Beijing Exit-Entry Administration staff, Fumiko Nakajima,hollister online shop, although far beyond the duration of the visa,http://www.aox.jp/Cgi-...clip2/clip.cgi?mode=admin, however,doudoune moncler prix, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Immigration expatriates case of force majeure natural disasters, and other major diseases, visa period will be automatically renewed, subject to the Upon his return home, issued by the relevant evidence. Newspaper reporter Shi Minglei

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 Xi'an relief shelters moral education will be carried out one month,gioielli tiffany outlet, one topic is "If Hu Granny is your mother,jordan retro 6 pas cher, what would you do " (Reporter Zhang Xiaogang) yesterday, Xi'an rescue station owners Hailin door to apologize its sincere attitude has also been a 82-year-old ??? understanding the elderly. August 11,bracciale tiffany, to find his son came back from Xuzhou Xian rescue shelter ??? old man was back to the time, causing many onlookers puzzled and questioned. At noon yesterday,christian louboutin soldes, Qin Chuan plants living in the Hu Shuhua elderly family member courtyard door was sounded,christian louboutin pas cher, Xi'an relief shelters Master Hu Hailin a door to Granny's hand holding a solemn apology: "Let your wronged,chaussure de foot adidas, I represent the rescue shelter specifically to apologize for. "Zhang webmaster sincere apology obtain the understanding of ??? elderly. When I heard that she was sitting on the trunk arranged for staff to be dismissed, the elderly and some could not bear: "Do it, now more than not easy to find a job." In the morning,jordan retro 11 pas cher, the provincial Civil Affairs Bureau of Civil Affairs and instructed relevant Xi'an offices leading to relief shelters in Xi'an convened to deal with the incident on request. At the meeting,jordan pas cher, the Director of Civil Affairs Social Affairs,moncler sito ufficiale, Xi'an,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Xi'an Prince Kim also conveyed the Civil Affairs Bureau ??? instructions and requirements on the matter. It is reported that Hu was responsible for receiving Granny ??? temporary employment for the rescue shelter staff to work just over a month,tiffany outlet italia, according to the decision of middle meetings ??? be repaying immediately. It also requires the responsible chief Cheng Yajun matter hospitality write a written examination for the future to come up with a written rectification reception. Xi'an rescue station also held a plenary TUC on the matter, the matter of education to all employees,chaussure de foot nike, and decided to launch a month-long ideological and moral education in the station,christian louboutin soldes, one of the major issues is the "Granny if Hu is your mother,hollister france, What would you do "In addition,nike air max 90 pas cher, rescue shelter staff also decided to improve the shuttle rescue vehicles, so that the assisted person to have a good car environment.








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's Day eve, the county used the court concluded this from a divorce case,hogan rebel outlet, the court ultimately finds that: his wife sick Department of marriage, the couple should support each other, then dismissed the husband's appeal. The trial judge held that: psychotic wife is no capacity for civil conduct. One side is the law, while the moral debt. Each judge in adjudicating such cases, the decision on how to feel entangled. A schizophrenic wife, Ms. Wang Li and her husband filed for divorce in 2003 married in October 2003, two birth of a daughter. In 2005, Ms. Wang due to mental stimulation, suffering from schizophrenia. After two hospitalizations, not yet healed, but daily life can basically take care of themselves. Subsequently,gioielli tiffany, Ms. Wang still follow Lee lives. But plaintiff Lee believes that his wife's condition, causing the double pressure on him mentally and economically, leading him physically and mentally exhausted. Consider for a long time, Mr. Lee and his wife decided to divorce. But the move was opposed by his wife Ms. Wang family. To deal with this thorny divorce case from the judge a lot of work. "Our reference point is not to put a mental patient to the society." After the Court found that: Ms. Wang's mother has died, and her father more than 70 years of age,jordan retro 12, and no source of income, life can not take care of themselves, Ms. Wang's family fundamental can not take care of the mentally ill daughter. Courtroom, Ms. Wang's father as a legal representative, after receiving the court summons, the mood is very excited, strongly disagreed with the idea of ??Mr. Lee asked for a divorce. Lee claimed that her daughter was no longer give money to continue treatment, asked for a divorce simply to cast it,giubbotti moncler outlet, is irresponsible. Couples should support each other, the court dismissed the husband petitioned the court held that the defendant in this case Ms. Wang after two hospitalizations, the disease appears significantly improved, but the hospital did not issue a no treatment necessary proof. Under the long-term life partner as husband and wife should support each other,magasin louboutin, especially in the one-year-old, the sick,air jordan pas cher, incapacitated or no fixed income, have the economic ability of the party should take the initiative to undertake to assist and support obligations. Support obligation between husband and wife can not divorce to escape. If the decision to divorce Lee and Ms. Wang,hollister france, Ms. Wang's father as the legal representative Wang could not afford to bear the responsibility to take care of Wang, Ms. Wang will fall into a very unfavorable living conditions. Therefore, the court based on "Marriage Law" the relevant provisions of First Instance dismissed the plaintiff Mr. Lee. Presiding Judge: how really difficult to judge for the case C,peuterey outlet bologna, the trial judge said: "similar cases, many parties have expressed not understand, many judges are confused." Under the relevant provisions of the "marriage", the judgment of divorce standard feelings of both husband and wife have been broken. "This case, many couples do feelings have been broken, can not repair, only to maintain the law. Judges can not easily be mental patients into society, but the court did not sentence the divorce,hogan outlet milano, in many people's view,giubbotti moncler, normal party is also not fair. " Psychiatric patients themselves and their close relatives or to "marry a chicken with the chicken, marry a dog as a dog," the traditional concept to suppress each other, either living difficulties and other reasons to ask for responsibility, determined not to agree to a divorce. While the other is usually due to treatment have spent a lot of savings on the grounds,moncler sito ufficiale, and resolutely refused to accept financial help, which allows the courts to deal with more difficult. Judges can only take "the lesser of two evils" considerations. The first is to seek the views of the two mediation,giubbotti peuterey uomo, and then the judgment. However, in its judgment, how to ensure that mental patients the right to appeal is very important. Mental patients by family members must apply,louboutin soldes, determined by non-litigation procedure it has no capacity for civil conduct, his guardian agents to exercise rights. The first is the guardian of the mentally ill spouse, followed by parents,jordan retro 6 pas cher, children,mercurial vapor pas cher, other close relatives. Divorce cases of mental patients is very special: "If the legal representative is the spouse, but if the other party is the plaintiff sued for divorce, which appeared contradictory: both the legal representative of the mentally ill, and the mentally ill is the case with the opposition parties. Although the law does not specify, but the judges are usually temporary deprivation of legal guardianship and power of attorney spouse, and then specify the mentally ill parent, guardian or other qualified human guardians and agents try to protect the rights of vulnerable groups "is. Provide clues Juan Qi Lingguang









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's Court on suspicion of corruption, bribery, bribery arraigned. Donghua's trial attracted media attention, mainly because Donghua bribery object, it has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in Huadu District secretary of the original Pan Xiao. Recently,hollister france, Donghua case in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance ruled that Donghua found guilty of bribery, embezzlement, bribery, three voluntary manslaughter, was sentenced to six years. Party Secretary seeking several hundred thousand dollars bribe According to the prosecution had alleged promotion, 2009-2011, Donghua served in Huadu District, deputy director of the Office of the District Government and the Government Offices Administration Bureau periods in order to seek career advancement points 12 times bribes to the area when he was secretary of Huadu District People's Congress Chairman of Pan Xiao cash 130,000 yuan, HK $ 110,000,moncler outlet italia, $ 5,000 and jade 3 (valued at nearly 7 million). For Donghua of this allegation,louboutin pas cher, the Pan Xiao verdict also mentioned, which Donghua own testimony showed that after giving the PAN,louboutin homme, PAN not agree with their elected CPPCC Standing Committee, is also ready to promote it to the power sector. For this, at Donghua verdict was adopted as evidence of Pan Xiao testimony confirmed that he received a total of several times during the 2005-2008 Donghua send cash 130,000 yuan, HK $ 1.1 million and $ 50 million and peanuts jade ornaments, suet jade Buddha and clutch parts and other items. After this,jordan spizike pas cher, Donghua testimony, said Pan Xiao not agree with their elected CPPCC Standing Committee, is also preparing to promote him to the power sector. When he asked to go after the bureau office, Pan Xiao suggested Huadu District, he went about to establish a high-power locomotives when the director of the CMC. However,piumini moncler, Donghua desire for promotion but did not want to achieve, because Pan Xiao said in testimony Donghua judgment, he is the leader of Donghua,hogan rebel outlet, Donghua want to please him, and he expressed hope for a job request, but has not achieved. Informed sources also said the testimony, Pan Xiao mentioned Donghua,louboutin femme, and that this person is good, you can consider adjusting the appointment, but you have not seen for too long, Pan Xiao was taken in for questioning the organization. Sentenced to six years and confiscation of property 50,000 yuan in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court after hearing that the defendant Donghua as national staff, the use of his office, illegally accepting other people's property, seek benefits for others, and misappropriation of public property, his behavior constituted bribery crime, corruption and crime. In addition, it is to seek illegitimate interests, and national staff to property, constitute bribery. Eventually, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance ruling Donghua guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to five years and the confiscation of 50,orecchini tiffany cuore,000 yuan; guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 2 years; guilty of bribery and sentenced to 1 year. Decided to implement six years imprisonment,hogan olympia uomo, confiscation of 50,giubbotti peuterey outlet,000 yuan. Donghua ? details of the crime of accepting bribes between May 2005 to December 2008, Donghua served in Huadu District Highway Authority during the use of his office for the benefit of others, giving others illegally accepting cash totaling 110,000 yuan, Where: August 2005, accepting individual construction team responsible ??? give cash 50,000 yuan, to facilitate ??? Highway Authority to undertake the S114 line engineering and clearing works Huadu District; period from 2005 to 2008, receiving individual Cash construction team leader Huang Bo Lin giving a total of 60,000 yuan, Huang Bo Lin facilitate Huadu District Highway Authority to undertake small projects scattered. ? embezzlement in September 2010, Donghua served in Huadu District Government Office deputy director of the Government Offices Administration of the Secretary during the use of his office,jordan retro 6 pas cher, the use of public funds to pay 68,gioielli tiffany,000 yuan to buy jade for personal gifts. ? bribery during 2009-2011, Donghua to seek career advancement, when he was given 12 minutes in Huadu District secretary of the Pan Xiao total cash 130,christian louboutin soldes,000 yuan,jordan retro 3, HK $ 1.1 million and $ 50 million and the purchase price of 68,000 yuan jade and identified a price of 1750 yuan jade two other items.









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's Hospital. Bridge has been unmaintained father ??? Where Alice Jiang said that they lived in their homes full of gold full Court,hogan outlet, next to gold,http://mail.rockclimbi...cgi-bin/photos/search.cgi,hollister online shop, gold filled last night to a small home all the students home to attend a birthday celebration. "May 26 was finished the small rise in early examinations, have been very happy, did not think so." Xiaofan look haggard mother said. The hospital said Xiaofan right kidney removed, right foot fracture,magasin hollister, liver repair surgery needs to be done, now she has not been out of danger,http://park23.wakwak.c...adonis/cgi-bin/joyful.cgi, the need to observe three days in intensive care. "After the incident, no one unit contacted me." ??? said that currently more than 20,000 yuan in advance of surgery all by themselves, gold filled home property management companies and developers Kim Man shirking responsibility. Household Zhang aunt said, usually milkman boy and a lot of children are from two iron bridge through the roof,woolrich outlet italia, Block D, she had been worried about security issues,christian louboutin pas cher, also discourage children do not go. "Beforehand are nobody, nobody hang prohibit passage of identity." ? lawyers say the three parties must bear responsibility Guangzhou Sheng Lun Law Firm Lu Yuxing lawyer said the incident injured a girl under 18 years of age, the first guardians need to take part responsibility. Second, the need to examine the legality of the construction of the ladder, it had been approved by the relevant authorities, if the developer or tenant without the approval of privately built, built for girls who bears the fault of the injured, you need to bear part of the responsibility. Finally,http://www.swaty.to/tea/cafe/cafe3.cgi,mulberry outlet factory,http://cgi.www5d.biglo...b6/bbs/light.cgi?res=2583, there are parts of ladder accidents is located in the building, the property management office of the building bears as part of the total obligation to maintain, if there is risk,http://www.paperdriver....pl?PAGE_NUM=1%2520Result, should be excluded timely initiative. ? respond to developers and property management have nothing to do with "the ladder is the developer and tenants downstairs bank built,hollister online shop k?ln, has not been approved by our owners." Residential property management and owners' committee director Lee said ladder is F. The next bank to acceptance by the fire was built,hollister outlet uk,http://www.mcsquare.co...ght.cgi?res=10643%3C/a%3E, before the construction of the unknown will be the owners,http://www.matsue-yado.com/otoku/clip.cgi,hollister online shop deutsch, from no later built to maintain. For the quality ladder, the Minister Li and other owners veiled criticism. "Construction of fire escape ladder is a good thing, but how can such a mass acceptance " He said, Property Management Department has repeatedly filled the gold companies,woolrich outlet bologna, banks and chased oral submissions,mulberry bags sale, said the ladder there are security risks, but did not receive response. "They say that fire exits,http://blog.camera.org/mt-search.cgi,hollister deutschland, how dare we dismantle." Minister Li said, "and now we do not know is a bank or a company full of gold built." While Kim Man company said that the ladder is not their construction and architecture maintenance responsibility should be borne by the property management office. In this regard, the fire department, sources said, according to the civil Fire Code, a preliminary understanding of the D Block of gold over the stairs a few homes and households, he believes that the building does not need to be installed between the roof fire escape ladder, but the situation needs further inspection. Written: Southern Reporter Chen Wan as

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's phone has been shut down. Miss Jia Wang had sent a text message: "do not appear,mulberry purses on sale,in addition, I call the police." On the 8th night,Fund Fraud comeback buy offsh,mulberry,also very sad, after Wang opened the phone and saw Ms. Jia messages sent to awake. 9,chaussures louboutin,preventive measures from the roots. Studio 7, at 2 pm,hollister online shop, he phoned Ms. Jia,parka woolrich outlet, the same way an hour later at the Shanghai meet. After the two meet full chat 10 hours. Originally,bottes louboutin,be sure to keep their eyes open, Wang because of lust gambling,hollister outlet online sale, has put Ms. Jia bracelet sold,hollister soldes,not crowded at rush hour Long, in exchange for 4,mulberry outlet york,000 yuan and then go gamble until all the money gambled,spaccio woolrich, just out of the casino. Ms. Wang Jia was speechless with rage,Nanyang prison,hollister online shop deutschland,and the owners usually excess, and grabbed Wang went to the police station. At present,hollister online shop, the suspect Wang has been Jingfangxingju.

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's persuasion,http://earthcafe.jp/bbs/mono-w.cgi, she still refused to get off, but has been called. First hospital emergency medical staff briefing,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the woman's mother said her daughter was owed a lot of money because the company went bankrupt just take things too hard,http://www.est.hi-ho.n...n/user/straycat/yybbs.cgi,air jordan pas cher,http://www.heuu.net/thread-76746-1-1.html, until her daughter also suffered hardships, and her husband divorced, and had cervical cancer, long-term eat sedatives. After her daughter refused first aid,hollister france, mother to daughter money to treat the grounds of consent requirements,abercrombie france, the two left together. Health care workers said they asked her daughter to give up treatment in the medical signature,hollister france, the mother refused to sign,parajumpers online shop, and finally had to let them put the hospital medical records away. The first analysis of hospital emergency doctors said the woman if you really did not eat so many sleeping pills soon coma,louboutin pas cher,http://eiga.yokkaichi.org/sunbbs2/sunbbs.cgi, with her long-term use of sedatives may be relevant. In addition, she can buy all of a sudden so many sleeping pills,http://www.kansaikai.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=18129,air jordan, sleeping pills if these are real medicine is also questionable. Press time reporter,http://www.divorcesour...gi-bin/dsearch/search.cgi,hollister outlet, the hospital came the news that the woman has been taken to the hospital by a man, was already in a state of lethargy. But after gastric lavage, the woman refused to hospital for observation,mulberry,http://jmfu.com/joyful/joyful.cgi?time=1&, and soon left the hospital. Chen Jindong Xianyue hospital psychiatrist believes that the woman is currently a greater need for psychological treatment, subjected to such a blow after taking suicidal behavior,karen millen,http://park2.wakwak.co...cgi-bin/joyful/joyful.cgi, she must be in a state of extreme depression and anxiety may be psychological if not relief,abercrombie pas cher, she has suicide again.

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'an District Songzao district adoptions "flower sister,http://www2t.biglobe.ne.jp/~ugo2/bbs/yybbs.cgi," Zhao Yuanhua home owners, whose wife Xiong Zhiming just buy cat food back. Xiong Zhiming said that his wife went out to the afternoon to come back. "Hey, how not seen 'flower sister', Mimi hurry out to eat!" ??? to put a bowl of cat food, and pretty soon, "flower sister" comes up from the living room sofa, it is a black, white,air jordan, yellow and white adult cat,hollister outlet, relatively thin. Xiong Zhiming introduction, he and his wife retired for many years, more than 10 days ago, his wife playing cards to five buildings,http://rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi, residential cleaning a cat trapped in a ventilation shaft, said there are more than two years, this caused his wife's attention. During the interview, many owners confirmed to reporters that the cat fell into a ventilation shaft, there are more than two years, it was close to the wellhead, it called on the inside, thanks to the owners kindly send to eat and drink before alive today. Kindly send the owners stuck to eat and drink every day, "flower sister" of the ventilation shaft is located in the first floor of the cell 5, This is a 31-storey elevator room. The reporter brought residential security pitch-black stairs, pointing to a hole in the wall,hollister online shop, said:. "This is the ventilation shaft of the wellhead,hollister france, the cat was trapped inside," reporter found that the ventilation shaft wellhead is about 40 cm square edge , has now been sealed barbed wire. Security said that there are seven meters deep, 0.3 meters wide, people can not got to save a cat. In the district where the reporters saw the day to "spend her sister" to send food and water Miss Qian. She told reporters that two years ago, when she overheard passing shafts inside cat called, worried about starving cats, Miss Qian almost always sent to the cat food and water every day. Since the "flower sister" trapped ??? also sent food and drink it every day. Rescued been repeatedly without success, the owners tried many ways to save this little life, but each time failed. The past 10 days, ??? with a bag, tied at the root of a long rope, sack the duck in the hope that "flower sister" go eat together when the bag to be brought together, but it is food to eat, but not how fit tried four times without success. Property management staff said that they have food on the gondola,http://www.mmm.ne.jp/~yu-ya/opengh/ghbbs/bbs.cgi, but when the kitten into the basket to eat,abercrombie pas cher,http://park14.wakwak.c...i/cgi-bin/bbs/talkbbs.cgi, when they jumped out of the rope in turn,hollister sale,http://suguru4u.com/su...ght.cgi?res=85436%3C/a%3E, fire also came over, but failed to save them,hollister, Zhao Yuanhua even also to collect social assistance approach. Eventually rescued by fishing only help a cat cage issued, there have been more than 180 people called and provides a variety of methods to save the cat. Big ferry from enthusiastic people, said Wu unicorn, with a special fishing cat cage can be "flower sister" rescued. More than the day before 16:00, Wu unicorn came with a catch cat cage area, which looks somewhat like the king of the cage to catch squirrel, a friend bought from abroad, and where cats and dogs in need of help, it will be able to rafts handy. "There is a fishing cat cage door, which put the cat likes to eat duck, as long as it went in to eat, they will step on authorities go after in there,http://www2.raidway.ne...n/cgi-bin/gbook/petit.cgi, and then put the cage raised." Kirin said Wu. Reporters at the time of the rescue to see the video after the cage into the ventilation shaft,hollister, "flower sister," but do not want to go,hollister outlet, this anxious Wu unicorn,air jordan pas cher, he kept saying: "Meier hurry to go eat Ha, we rescue you come ...... "" flower sister "seems to understand everyone's mind, after some observation,http://www.bell-east.com/bbs/board.cgi, it went into the cage and touches authorities, cage door, 17:00, sleepy kitten two years has finally been saved up. Wu said the unicorn, through observation,air jordan pas cher, "flower sister" In addition to malnutrition,http://www.geol.sci.hi...ightlight.cgi?res=3386415, no other problems outside, as long trapped inside, just out of the light stab it straight in the eye tears, he rushed to the cage covered with clothes,abercrombie france, etc. after adaptation opened. Currently, favorite small animal shelter Zhao Yuanhua it. Daily Hotline 966 965 thank Mr. Lee provide clues

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's former chairman Liu Yiliang Henderson finally got the verdict - due to disturb the crime and extortion by the Haidian court sentenced to eight years. Since then, a second generation real estate agent Lawrence of a prisoner. And there he was jailed along with his brother Liu Branch and Henderson, the former top 15. Allegations: mustered tens of violence rob men live according to the prosecution allegations, between 2002-2005, in the business of Beijing Liu Yiliang Henderson Real Estate Brokerage Co. process, he formed a syndicate headed. Indictment shows that between February 2003, occurred because of a dispute with Anzhen Hualian,giubbotti woolrich, Liu Yiliang then mustered a dozen employees in Henderson containment Anzhen South Gate,moncler bambino, and ordered the employees to the glass door with a chain on cause disorder in public places. After that, Liu Yiliang also in order to force the cable Anzhen Hualian was 5,giubbotti moncler,000 yuan in cash. November 2005 and the Beijing home replacement housing agency disputes happened, mustered his men Huo Yongguang Henderson more than 30 employees to large corporate offices replacement homes, the company's employees beaten, forced the company to refund the deposit to allow replacement homes and prepaid room Cash totaling $ 80,000. Meanwhile, Huoyong Guang Xiang,magasin louboutin, who claims the company was forced to cash 20,000 yuan. Trial: said it was self-defense pleaded not guilty in November 2007 of the day, after a secret investigation more than three months after Beijing Haidian District police headquarters will be Liu Yiliang and its gang of more than 10 backbone in Henderson members captured. September 10,jordan flight 45, 2009, Liu Yiliang and other 17 people on trial in the Haidian court. Prosecutors have been accused of committing affray, affray and extortion charges. Prosecutors believe that Liu Yiliang as ringleaders of criminal groups, the Group shall be in accordance with all the crimes committed by penalties. Standing trial together with Liu Yiliang, in addition to his elder brother Liu Branch, the remaining 15 people are the cause of a large Henderson,air jordan pas cher homme, two, three,jordan retro 11, four,peuterey outlet online, general manager and part of the area manager, store manager and some staff. Twice the trial, Liu Yiliang both insisted his innocence,hogan olympia, saying the allegations are only two things with him, and accidental, "is the other first shot, I was self-defense." Liu Yiliang said the men are other things to do that he did not know. Morning News reporter Ye Qing ? News Links secondary to jail yesterday,peuterey outlet online, the Haidian court Liu Yiliang and other 17 defendants were sentenced collective. Liu Yiliang to disturb the crime, extortion shared the eight years in prison,tiffany outlet milano, his brother Liu Branch was sentenced to 4 years in prison, the main go-getters Huo Yongguang sentenced to seven years in prison, the other 14 original Henderson,piumini peuterey outlet, were jailed for a high-level years to three years. According to reports, Liu Liu Yiliang called science (sound) at the time of my hometown in Henan. In 1990, due to a dispute over his gun indiscriminately and killed a way to escape Police Association. In 1991, Liu was sentenced to seven years to learn, and then an additional four years. In 1996, after serving less than five years,louboutin pas cher, Liu learned parole. Founded in 1997 to Beijing, Henderson. After 10 years of development, in Henderson to 2007 in Beijing has more than 500 stores, the market volume was ranked first in the peer. Prior to the incident,gioielli tiffany, Henderson,jordan retro 11 pas cher, best time to reach a monthly turnover of more than 5000 yuan.









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's three friends came,air jordan pas cher, the other with a knife tied to them, resulting in Xu et al 1 dead 3 injured. After the incident, the suspects fled the scene after surrendered to the Changchun Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch. Currently,http://search.gardenweb.com/search/nph-ind.cgi, three injured are being Jilin Provincial People's Hospital for treatment, police are further investigating the matter. Carries a driver's license saved his life three injured condition gradually improved in East Asia (Reporter Li Zhongxin) after the incident, friends surname Wang Xu died on the spot, another one of his friend surnamed Wang dialed 110 and 120 calls. Subsequently, Xu,parajumpers online shop,http://www.gem.hi-ho.n...rilliant-castle/yybbs.cgi, Zhu and Wang in Jilin Province People's Hospital for emergency disposal, which re-do the surgery patients. 3 injured relatives about the incident, came to Changchun care from the field, respectively. According to Wang's father said his son arms Chuaizhao thanks to a driver's license and ID card,http://home1.catvmics..../~america/petit/petit.cgi, or else let the knife tied directly to the heart, the consequences could be disastrous. Three injured condition gradually improved 18 am, reporters once again came to the Jilin Provincial People's Hospital. Emergency surgery in a hospital ward, Wang and Zhu's relatives are taking care of them, two injured looks pretty good mental state. According to Zhao emergency surgery doctors, Wang injured abdomen with multiple stab wounds, stab wounds on the left armpit with a. Currently, the medical staff has to be harmful Wang wounds were disposed of. As for his other body parts are injured, you need to wait for the vital parts of the injury better,hollister online shop, do further examination and treatment. In addition, from the present situation,http://tnsm.jpn.org/mi...liaonline.bestbuy-all.com, the injured Zhu stab wound to the head also does not matter,http://www.wannyann.com/cgi-bin/glight/glight.cgi, only the need for further treatment. Subsequently,http://sixsixsix.s90.x...bin/bbs/epad.cgi??%C2%A8a, the reporter went to the hospital thoracic surgery ward. According to a paramedic, said Xu is currently relatively weak body, but the state has improved over time came to the hospital. Driver's license carries a knife block "shield" in the wards where the injured Wang and Zhu door,hollister online shop, Wang's father is Lou Daokou smoking. Wang, speaking from his father's face, his mood is quite relaxed. According to Wang, the father said, he usually works done in Changchun, drove his son to run transport. When he heard his son after the accident, rushed to Changchun from Da'an countryside. In the morning after his arrival at the hospital, he saw his son still relatively sober sense, the heart of a stone finally off the ground, his son also told him about the trouble after. Wang said that after they have been tied, feeling very sober awareness on the phone with a phone call to the police. Until after he was taken to hospital,woolrich outlet, only to find that the left side of the driver's license in his pocket clothes and identity are tied bad. Later, he heard from the doctor that he narrowly missed the left armpit of wounds on the bar in the heart. Suspects had previously helped Xu addition,karen millen soldes, according to Xu's sister, said the injured,polo ralph lauren, he usually do some small business in Changchun,air jordan pas cher, rented a place far away from the place where his brother to go to work, do not know which specifically what this apartment looks like. Later,hollister, she heard his brother's girlfriend, said his brother rented this apartment to spend far 500 monthly rent, an area less than 10 square meters. In addition,http://www.bx.misty.ne...eaiinfo/joyful/joyful.cgi,polo ralph lauren pas cher,http://igohouse.jp/bbs/noti.cgi?res=2%3C/a%3E, before and her brother also said that before he lived next door to the man and from that were less noisy, basically all day at work. One time, my brother forgot to bring the keys,air jordan, the man also reminded his brother. "For such a small thing,abercrombie france, really not worth it." Xu's sister said.

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I work in a restaurant, did not rest during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival,hollister outlet, the boss only $ 45 red hair, did not receive any overtime pay,parajumpers, let alone enjoy three times the wages." Zhuzhou Tsang complained to the newspaper. Hair holiday overtime pay, the labor department was well established. However,woolrich, many people find that after the holiday,air jordan pas cher, overtime is just a "beautiful legend." Reporters from Changsha City labor inspection detachment was informed that,hollister,http://freemarket.mermaid2.com/kyoto/bbs04/bbs.cgi, as of the 9th, a lot of complaints about the holidays, overtime,http://park10.wakwak.c...k/cgi-bin/light/light.cgi, most unexpectedly declined Whistleblower advice or real name, work unit and other information, so that the labor inspectorate difficult to investigate. ? reporter intern Danxiao Fen Liu Zhang Jing "no overtime pay do not dare to,http://vd.misty.ne.jp/...aska.cgi?u?i?a?%E9%97%84?," Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day two,karen millen soldes, a hotel in Changsha Dingwangtai work Liu Lin (a pseudonym) did not rest one day. "We do this line,air jordan, a doubling of the customer to the holidays, how could the rest " Liu Lin says with a smile,hollister, "the boss never mentioned overtime, we would not have to ask, not worthwhile for the owner of a little money and strained,hogan outlet, later also it must rely on his wages. "Similarly, Mr. Zhang Lituo a food factory work did not get a penny of overtime. He told reporters, two years ahead plant so far, the factory has never sent a overtime. Whether companies will choose to ask for overtime pay,http://momoiro.komusou...cgi?job=form&no=70440, Zhang shook his head and said: "If fat overtime better, who does not want more money, but do not send it this way, I can not go to." Zhang President believes that in the case of unsolicited factory without overtime,http://www.fragrance.8...rm&no=5204&page=1, on their own initiative to ask,hollister france, which is totally false proposition. Although as workers have the right, but he also did not want to do this to offend the company. "In fact, the relevant provisions we already know how to calculate overtime during the holidays, we have very clear,air jordan pas cher, but never dared to mention." Engaged in automobile sales in Changsha Zhao Qin said, if you really want to overtime, estimated to be in time to resign because of overtime during the work and the boss to hurt gas worth the candle. Liu Cheng complainant declined to disclose specific information,http://www.novanchi.com/cgi/board/bbs.cgi, "said the boss does not give overtime, employees will not dare to mention the cause of this situation is very complicated." Changsha analysis of labor inspection detachment pair of captain, the face of a steady job ,http://www.laodanok.com/plus/view.php?aid=8452, most employees do not want to argue with the company because of overtime and the fear of losing their jobs, or let the unit leaders make trouble. Reporters from Changsha City labor inspection detachment learned during the National Day of telephone complaints received over 200 people, including labor inspection services involving more than 100 people, many of them are the National Day holiday advice or to report the problem to pay overtime wages. In all telephone complaints,abercrombie pas cher, 65% of anonymity, work unit and address and other information. "All sorts of ideological concerns of employees just to provide an opportunity offenders,http://www.paperdriver...0BB-code%20not%20working;, some employers is to seize the staff of this psychological dare daring, expressly paid to employees in accordance with the provisions of the National Day holiday overtime pay." Yuhua District Labor A staff member monitoring group said that if the complaint were unwilling to provide valid information on individual units where full address, legal representatives, which will investigate the work of labor inspection difficult.

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Search a retailer that sells designer handbags wholesale can not be every woman's dream. What woman would not want cheap Cheap Chanel Handbags UKcoach handbags in a name? Designer items at prices significantly, cheap mulberry bags australiaBuy wholesale and save a significant amount of money. Instead, it can discount louis vuitton canadaworst nightmare, especially if you are not very good resignation Characters, place the originals alongside pieces.Quality gucci usa storewrong, is what you want to focus When these parts. What has designer bag The selection can be a tool to know which parts Hermes Bags Saleare original and which not. You can those who sell fake products by eliminating a number of questions for which these Properties. You must also be very careful whengucci handbags usa looking at these items because Some specimens are very close discount mulberry bags australiaoriginals.Examine quality leather used for the bag. Authentic designer handbags are the best quality leather in their tracks. Explore to consider a variety of leather with these characters and their properties that You are looking Chanel Bags for designer handbags wholesale. Note the different names leather Varieties are fine. Be sure to ask the retail leather material To view cheap louis vuitton canadaproducts, if they know they have to follow when they merchandise.Determine .

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's chief reporter Li Yang Yang / Wen Lin Yan Ting / painted spend 2 yuan in five million, spent 100 yuan in the 20 million ...... lottery, always trying to remind people of the flourishes of fantasy, but the reality is cruel,gioielli tiffany outlet, and sometimes it was just a dream. For this dream, Xiaoshan 39-year-old bank loan officer Ge Qing (a pseudonym),moncler sito ufficiale, spent more than 1 million to buy lottery tickets. Wake up to the time he has been Jingfangxingju suspicion of fraud. Because the money, all he borrowed. Total borrowings He Xiaoshan police accountable to more than 1.2 million. 39 years old, this should be a golden age of man. Why GE Qing's life would come to this point More than 30 depositors money to his name, "his interest is high, you can also grant loans,woolrich outlet milano," Ge Qing know this person, the earliest start from our hotline 96068. In recent days,hogan outlet, have had a lot of readers to the newspaper 96068 hotline for help, we hope to help find a person, that person is Jeremy Green. He is Xiaoshan Yi Sheng branch of a bank loan officer. "We lend him a lot of money, but he suddenly disappeared." Zhang have got an IOU, 500,000, the monthly interest rate is 1.26%, the borrower is GE Green. "He called me and said I had money in the bank empty, so I put the money in his place, the monthly interest rate is 1 point,hogan outlet milano, I think is good, and if not to face it, to the time the loan is not afraid to come out loans . "Li Ping (request a pseudonym) is Xiaoshan local businessman,christian louboutin soldes, as to which bank loans, recognizing the Ge Qing,air jordan pas cher, he lent a staggering amount of money Qing Ge, the Ins and Outs of a total of 8,000,chaussure louboutin pas cher,000. "Loans to go through him, and he approved the only hope, so we have to please him." Also points to less interest, Li Ping is the first time is also money to the bank, but last year, GE Green with him do not rush to say that the loan money. "He asked me to lend him the money, he gave me interest, but also for helping me also interest on bank loans. Everyone is familiar with but also trust him, and he mentioned we certainly agreed, after all, when necessary even after find him, you can not offend him. "Qing Ge years out of high interest, have more than 10%, in other words, to lend him one million, will be able to get 100,000 in interest after 1 year. So Zhang, Li Ping did not expect is that he is not alone. "A few days ago he suddenly resigned, many people ran to the bank to find him, then we will know fooled. A total of 30 people (the actual number may be even more)." Stocks a big loss, he thought Lottery borrowed by turning over one million full buy lottery Ge Qing's no sign of the missing. November 19, this is work time, GE suddenly went green branch president office, with "poor health" as an excuse proposed to resign, in accordance with the provisions of this case need to first resign higher audit report, but GE Green No other outcome was gone. Creditors, banks can not reach him. Three days later, that is, November 22, Ge Qing surrendered the initiative to the Xiaoshan police, while total borrowings let him accountable police investigators also suck down a cold lump: 1.2 million (the actual amount may exceed this number). After the incident, creditors holding a promissory note to the police station to report that as of press time reporter, 34 people have been reported to the police, involving an amount of more than 5700 thousand. GE Green Why borrow so much money So much the money gone In GE Green and cut off contact with the outside world of these three days, people are anxious to lend him the money want to know the answer. The GE Green indeed eye-popping answer: He said loss of tens of millions of stocks, to seek lottery stand up. Ge Qing borrow money in stocks a year ago, he borrowed money from relatives and stocks, but for various reasons fail,christian louboutin pas cher, finally owed more than 10 million. He wants to get paid off, but the number is too big, he thought the lottery. Crazy borrow money from this time on began. Qing Ge bank loan officer's identity, so he was very easy to know what is in the big banks. Contact each other privately Qing Ge telephone, and high interest rates to attract. Because the identity of his staff bank, many savers are to believe him,hogan olympia, hundreds of thousands, millions to borrow, increasing the total borrowing. "In the beginning he would honor the interest, so we are still more likely to trust." It took more than 10 million a month to buy lottery tickets he bought almost obsessed Ge Qing are online lottery. Among them,nike shox pas cher, there are more than 8300 square invested in the People Aussies lottery, there are other Sina and other online lottery. Ge Qing lottery almost to the point of deranged. He desperately wanted to turn around this year,jordan retro 12, in October month spent more than 10 million lottery. GE also had brilliant blue when. In 2012, GE Green lottery grand prize of two, the total prize money of more than 700 million. Qing Ge then maybe think this side of the road to borrow money to buy lottery tickets edge is feasible, but he did not think that this is behind 7,000,000 in prize money he spent tens of millions down the cost. November 22, Ge Qing found to have owed more than one million empty growing, has no longer possible to turn around, he told the bank submitted a resignation, and then gave himself up. For GE green things,peuterey outlet milano, his colleagues by surprise. 39-year-old Ge Qing,peuterey spaccio, in 2006 into the bank, the first bank teller stem from, so that now the loan officer. Banks also checked the: "According to Ge Qing personal accounts recorded in the Bank, and no huge capital flows so his borrowing behavior, personal behavior." Many creditors in accordance with the information, dare lend Ge Qing, is Because he is a valued staff member banks and depositors Ge Qing also learned the information through the bank's internal systems,gioielli tiffany, for which the banks should give an explanation. Yesterday, the reporter also made contact and banks, relevant staff said today will give reporters a reply. Jeremy Green had divorced early. During the interview, police investigators repeatedly reminded reporters that want to focus on the reader to emphasize that attention to this news, in addition to such a huge sigh of crazy to buy lottery tickets, but also want to remind the more people, the probability of winning the lottery is very small, only as entertainment only, the stock is the same market to be cautious of is not really talking about it.









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's Hospital inside the" missing years of his wife still alive New skeptical Chen, rush to see that he was shocked that this person is indeed his wife Jindi. At this point, Jindi weak body on the bed, unable to speak, the doctor told Chen Xin, Jindi had acute peritonitis, pelvic inflammatory disease,talon louboutin, the condition is very critical. Chen wife immediately transferred to the new conditions better Ningbo City Hospital for treatment, under the careful care of her husband and daughter,peuterey outlet milano, Jindi's condition began to improve them. Chen asked his wife this new 14 years in the end gone How is life Wife Jindi answer surprised him. Wife Jindi said this 14 years, she never left waist village, has been living in the village,talon louboutin, a small building that is pointing to the mentally ill Lihua every day talking about the tall story house. ? willing to love hiding Jindi runaways,basket jordan femme, the daughter Xiaoqing was 8 years old, these 14 years, daughter Xiaoqing from school to work, and then married,talon louboutin pas cher, hiding in a small upstairs Jindi have witnessed. 14 years,jordan retro 11, Jindi hiding only a few hundred meters away from home this small upstairs,hogan olympia uomo, and her husband, unaware of her daughter, and even hidden from the village all the people, how to listen to all this thing unbelievable. Jindi in the end what is it This building small building, the men who called Weng Changhua. 14 years ago that night, Jindi left her husband and daughter, came to the Weng Changhua home. Jindi was in the vicinity of a factory work, Weng Changhua also this plant is Jindi master,air jordan femme, two people live in the same village so close together, their relationship becoming intimate. However, Weng Changhua wife Lihua was crazy, then forced the concept of marriage and related laws, two people can not come together, so Jindi thought to elope. But Weng Changhua and two children, walking is not at ease, so in a dark night,louboutin pas cher, Jindi Weng Changhua into the small building. Since this building is only Weng Changhua and his wife live in crazy,moncler outlet roma, no one saw Jindi. In this way, Jindi Weng Changhua home on the second floor in a small room to live down,anello tiffany, usually Weng Changhua work, Jindi watch TV to pass the time in the room. If you encounter someone, Jindi hiding in a cardboard box on the back, has never been found before. December 2007,jordan spizike pas cher, Jindi sudden illness, had admitted to the hospital, this was discovered by his family. ? The original final divorce agreement after Chen Jindi new and have a daughter two years, Chen had a serious illness a new, later a cure,louboutin pigalle 120, but it left its mark, not married life. Since then, the couple have a feeling the rift. Jindi spent in torment for a few years,piumini peuterey outlet, coupled with Weng Changhua have feelings,chaussures louboutin, and eventually ran away from home. Last March 31, Jindi Cixi City People's Court in the divorce proceedings. Under the mediation of a judge, Chen Jindi new and definitive agreement to divorce. Jindi said that she is now free, but she did not know Weng Changhua can divorce his wife. It is understood that, in accordance with the current provisions of the Marriage Law, Weng Changhua and mental illness also can divorce his wife, but the premise is that you must settle sick wife's life. (Chutianjinbao)

http://top100.rambler....bordello bbs1/ezboard.cgi








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's Court on the 10th hearing of Yunnan by far the largest case of organized prostitution of women together, 19 defendants from the same family on the same stage trial,hogan, accused of several organizations migrant women in prostitution, and benefit from more than 20 million yuan. Police identified the Kunming city, since 2005, the defendant Gumou,mulberry outlet, Zhou and others to recruit more than recruitment of migrant women in the name of the organization that they engage in prostitution, five years, more than 2,000 yuan in illegal profits. Prostitution case different from other organizations, to draw clients to obtain high profits, the gang let prostitutes who wear uniforms,woolrich outlet, dressed as a school girl look, but also the use of frozen pigeon blood and other means to prostitutes disguised as a virgin. After packaging, the prostitutes available for each transaction,air jordan pas cher, ranging from 800 to 10,000 yuan Piaozi gang organizers are extracted from the high commission. Organizers of the gang from Guizhou same family, or their spouses or siblings, through QQ, made flyers, texting,hollister outlet, etc., so that each city prostitutes went to Yunnan and Beijing, Lhasa and other places of prostitution. February 2010, the woman who has been involved in prostitution to Kunming police wrote a letter of complaint letters,louboutin pas cher, after receiving the report, the Kunming Public Security Bureau set up a task force. Subsequently, the police in one fell swoop than the prostitution gang crimes suspect arrested in prostitution also seized books used to record transactions 107,tiffany, and seized posing virgin frozen pigeon blood use,louboutin, sponges and other tools used,hollister online shop, successfully destroyed the family type of tissue harboring prostitution gangs. During the trial, prosecutors accused nine defendants guilty of organizing prostitution Gumou etc.; while providing the necessary tools for prostitution gang Hwang,hogan, helping organizers matchmaking,louboutin, soliciting clients,karen millen outlet, introduce prostitution Chen and 10 people were assisting in the organization accused of the crime of prostitution. Case will choose a sentencing date. (End)









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