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Back to the roots
geschrieben von DerArztausBerlin - 18.12.2013 - 13:48
Hey party people.

Da ich am Sonntag Heim fahre und dann erstmal ne Weile weg bin, dachte ich man könnte mal ein wenig in der Vergangenheit kramen und zusammen :


Also was haltet ihr davon wenn wir uns Samstag gegen Abend mal hinhocken (so ab ~17Uhr) und kräftig die Sau raus lassen...
Es sind immer noch einige Server on und für die jenigen die dieses Kultspiel noch nicht besitzten... 9.99€ für die komplette Collection bei Origin wink

Gibt mal Feedback ob ihr dabei seid. Wäre sehr Cool

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  Appeal this month finally got a visa hundred sixty wife with her husband to the United States to live a hundred settlers ??? difficult, when a hundred groom harder, I can not love doubly cherish and wife. Flying Tigers chauffeur Zheng Jinyuan was born in 1904 and 1926 to the United States with his father a living. In 1942, Zheng Jinyuan attended Chennault's "Flying Tigers", across the ocean back to China. Flying Tigers was based in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Zheng Jinyuan was incorporated into the 14th Air Force Flying Tigers, is a "1212" convoy, opened the way to the famous nine Shui eighth bend the "Burma Road", the resident service between the airport and the Air Force. Zheng Jinyuan memories, the most difficult journey by car is from India to Kunming, China, when he drove transporting military supplies, the entire section of road to go a full 11 days, "the eyes in addition to the road or the road,jordan retro 6, turned over the same mountains,pigalle louboutin, and even sleep all In the car. " After the war,mercurial vapor pas cher, he returned to the U.S. warships in Shanghai multiply. One is a hundred-year-old Flying Tigers, a 60 years old woman living alone, a person in the United States, a body in Enping ...... actually sparks between them, relying on overseas telephone set 36 Under a lifelong covenant. June 19, three years after the marriage,louboutin paris, the old lady finally achieved a U.S. visa, Fuchangfusui,chaussures louboutin, with her husband to the United States to settle. Man \ Figure correspondent Li Caijuan Reporter Huang Wensheng, Chen Jie never met on January 36 transoceanic telephone achievements marriage Enping Jun Kan Tau Village Hall to settle a 107-year-old American, New Year's Day in 2008 to return home to marry a 60-year-old bride until today, three years later, the bride was to get a U.S. visa. 19th of this month, the old man flew to the United States with his wife to start a new life, a moment in this bizarre marriage Enping for the elephants. The 107-year-old is a former Flying Tigers Zheng Jinyuan, his wife's name Cenqing Xia. 103-year-old groom's family nearly a hundred people in 2008 New Year's Day, when he was 103 years old groom returned home from the United States and ??? married Enping, respectively, Jun Tang Kan Tau Village and Taishan Phoenix hotel put on a large banquet dinner folks, because the groom year has been 103 years old, and he was the United States that year,scarpe hogan outlet, "Flying Tigers" veterans, have had a magical experience of color, this caused a great sensation in the locality.??? was born in 1904 and 1926 to the United States to make a living, and has two daughters, the eldest daughter is 80 years old this year,orecchini tiffany, the family has nearly a hundred people. Fall in love after 30 years living alone grandchildren Friends 1970s, ??? first wife died, he was not remarried, had children and grandchildren grow up her own company,peuterey outlet milano, he has been living alone. Juniors at the old man alone, have advised him to quickly find a partner, you can ??? noncommittal, smiled and said: "! Revel it" in ??? 103 years old, fate has truly arrived,peuterey sito ufficiale, his grandniece, intentionally or unintentionally brought their own Friends Cenqing Xia, said Tang Jun ??? is Enping fellow, married life has been in Guangzhou, after the death of her husband and son had each other, and now his son to work, she wanted to find a wife ...... Zheng Jinyuan hear heart, so Zheng Jinyuan and Cenqing Xia began a "pot phone," I did not expect one to talk out of hand,talon louboutin, so naturally talk about love. Just one month, they played a total of 36 long-distance telephone, feelings rapid warming. It was with feelings of relying Zheng Jinyuan living longer and young people say around him like "a vibrant young man." 2008 Liwan District, the first two of the couple decided to get married elderly people feel good, and that "the sooner the better!" So the wedding is selected in the 2008 New Year's Day. Before returning to juniors and ??? joked: "They must first buy a cow with it, how do you decide to marry so soon never seen a person faces " Zheng Jinyuan chuckled: "They are 'The Hills estimated cow' I was Gean engagement ah! "So sit more than 10 hours of flight,jordan retro 6 pas cher, after return home to marry the bride. Relatives and friends as they make arrangements for a grand wedding, the local villagers came to drink wedding, a blessing for the elderly. The next day, Zheng Jinyuan Youyi comparable to "epigenetic earners" energy, with his new wife arrived domicile - Liwan District of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau official registration of marriage, Liwan District in 2008 actually became the first couple to register. Speaking Zheng Jinyuan overseas wedding climax grand wedding three years ago, Enping Kan Tau Village people still talked about. 2008 New Year's Day, Jun Tang Town, Enping City school festivity Kan Tau Village, the village a lot of parked cars, relatives and friends from home and abroad. Zheng Jinyuan wedding day the groom sat more than 10-hour flight from the United States arrived in Guangzhou, sit more than two hours by car back to Enping, pulled the car to never met the bride's hands came together hundred arch before the camera, and happily sang festive wooden fish folk songs. At that time,peuterey outlet roma, 103-year-old groom, bride 60 years. Then, we went to the hotel Enping Kimcheon wedding. Wedding, wearing a dress and groom Zheng Jinyuan full of energy, body healthiness,giubbotto peuterey, military career, he trained a good physique. Zheng Jinyuan told reporters that he is now taking a dip in 4 hours continuously in the spa; take the mountain road, encountered more than 1 meter Hom eyes are blinking able to cross over. Zheng Jinyuan was a genius, the usual rhetorical exercise poems and couplets also particularly good at playing the harmonica played the Chinese national anthem, each participated in celebrations do harmonica performances. The wedding, the villagers are scrambling to ??? toast the bride distressed, occasionally advised him: wedding climax ??? and son Zheng Mindy Enping Folk Choir - "clip housing Song," his son echoed each other, the crowd, "drink less." should be in unison and let this old man smiled from ear to ear for the wedding, the wedding climax. Immigration was once suspected in Pianhun marriage Zheng Jinyuan back to the U.S., his wife began to apply for U.S. visas.??? is a U.S. citizen, and stand there for war, under normal circumstances, his wife within a year you can get a visa to the United States to join their husbands. Surprisingly, the USCIS is suspected Zheng Jinyuan help Pianhun. They believe that a 103-year-old also remarried, possibly through sham marriages to help Cenqing Xia obtain U.S. citizenship, which withdrew the application file ???. However, USCIS phone told Zheng Jinyuan, indicating that you can appeal. Zheng Jinyuan father and eventually won. Cenqing Xia successfully obtain a visa earlier this month, Zheng Jinyuan immediately flew home,christian louboutin paris, happy to pick up the bride to ride the United States, began a happy life. Recently, Zheng Jinyuan flew to the United States with Cenqing Xia. After waiting more than three years of marriage, and now, which came out of the old man finally be able to live together. Zheng Jinyuan old man said: "Long live easy,woolrich parka outlet, when a hundred groom harder, I can not love doubly cherish and wife."









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's office 23,hollister outlet,http://cgi.zms.or.jp/~maxdodds/light.cgi, revealed that the city police continue to increase this year,herve leger outlet, the evil criminal gangs involved in the crackdown,http://heartful.kemina...senlocdhotmail.com?time=2, from June 23 to August On 19 May,hollister online shop, the city has destroyed the evil syndicate involving 24 criminal gangs, cracked 142 criminal cases since the arrest of 125 people. Among them, a criminal gang was traced but had chores with 5,000 yuan in cash to drop in the face of a restaurant owner and blackmail its ten thousand yuan. According to reports,http://bbs.mmsfw.com/h...p?mod=space&uid=17129,hollister france, residents in Nanning Gan Heng, Lee went to the public security organs, said the two men worked 25 December 2009 was due to a trivial Lee headed a group of trouble and extortion. Heng County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately put into police investigate the case quickly verified the whole story: December 25,http://womenleba.com/h...?mod=space&uid=561870, 2009 at 1:00 am,karen millen outlet, the suspect Lee Heng Wang Zhou Zhen and others to a restaurant to eat supper when commanded Hotel Lee Grand China boss to help buy cigarettes, because Mr. Li refused and furious, and as people get to hit 5,http://www2.otads.co.j...bin/qabbs/yybbs.cgi/yybbs,000 yuan in cash on the spot boss Lee face. Hotel chef Lee Gan looked at, the gang has also been kicked,http://www.geol.sci.hi...lightlight.cgi?res=170479, wounded and fled. However,hollister, things did not end,hogan outlet, the group left lapel hotel again, with wooden chairs boss Lee smashed cars. Then they went to a home chef Gan Gan home windows smashed glass and motorcycles and other belongings,hollister deutschland, and beat Gan again. In the afternoon, the owner and chef Gan Lee Lee, who found the mediation matter. Lee said he was hit with money when the boss is gone Lee thousands of dollars,hollister online shop, and demanded compensation for 10,000 yuan Li boss,louboutin, otherwise even think about the future, Li Heng business. Forced the other despotic power, Mr. Li was forced to "pay" to Lee et al 3000 yuan. Since then, Lee and others to the hotel consumer Shihai often threatened Gan,http://www.geol.sci.hi...ightlight.cgi?res=1322483, Gan was forced to quit his job lead. Heng County Public Security Bureau in the investigation found that the criminal gang headed to Lee is also suspected of intentional injury and disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime, such as another two cases. Local people for their wickedness silent resentment. In this group of people fully grasp the evidence of the alleged crime, in June of this year,tiffany, the Public Security Bureau in one fell swoop Heng Lee and three suspects were arrested,hogan outlet,http://j.yuyahashi.com/bbs/epad.cgi?del=22605, and was recently transferred to the prosecution proceedings. Finish

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'clock in the afternoon, the reporter came to the door of a university library incident, the scene still left a lot of blood, students are talking about this. During the interview, an insider told reporters, at 10:30 on May 4 Xu, the parties in a dispute over a woman near the library, men's mood seems to be rather excited,Air Jordan Pas cher, dispute the man suddenly pulled out a nearly 10 cm long dagger, grabbed the girl, to her neck, chest stabbed several knives. Suddenly the woman bleeding profusely, collapsed on the ground. Seeing this, the students immediately call 120 emergency calls, while the boys immediately rushed forward to going to the men's uniforms. The man Xianshibumiao Batui rushed into the library. In the besieged students, nowhere man suddenly ran to the library windows, jump, leading to a leg injury, and then dragged his leg continued to flee the school gate. Becomes According to eyewitnesses, the man was completely out of control emotions, fled to the school gate when the increasingly crazy, desperately waving daggers, and give the knife cut his neck, and then fled to the school. The school security and it is not prepared to take advantage of several students and tried to grab the man,Moncler Accessori, together their uniforms. Subsequently, the man was taken away by police, taken to hospital for treatment. The parties who have allegedly lovers interviews, many students said the girls were stabbed usually relatively mild, cheerful personality. Reporters learned from the students, the young men who have graduated from university students, currently has a stable job. In school, they had fallen in love for some time, but after graduating from the man, as time goes on,Woolrich Donna, the two feelings gradually fades. After the incident, the first time users will be sent to the thing overview on Sina Weibo, netizens in the matter and was shocked at the same time,Mulberry Purse Accessories, more of a reflection of such events unfold. User Pu_Lambor: increasingly find such a thing around too much, what is the cause of such scenes of tragedy, it is worth thinking worthy of reflection! User Abby-tree: how the original pristine campus User versa: I do not know man attack when there is no thought of a move to give each other and ourselves, as well as both sides of the family what kind of pain, such an approach is too selfish! May 4 in the afternoon, a reporter from the Lanzhou Military Region General Hospital of Lanzhou Branch of tranquility learned so far injured neck and lung injuries girls still heavier, but the overall situation is relatively stable, still need further treatment. Currently,Peuterey Donna, the police have been involved in investigating the matter. The reporter Xue Changming Tommy (Original title: After college campuses man brandished a knife and stabbed the girls fled after being subdued by the police allegedly took the woman to hospital seriously injured two people who have a lover)









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's swaddling clothes, police found a one hundred dollar bills, did not find other clues. Baby girl lying on a grass 11:50 or so,http://www.nanking.cc/...hp?mod=space&uid=9331, who lives near the Three Gorges Museum auditorium Peng's mother,doudoune moncler, as usual grocery shopping home. When passing through the north gate of the auditorium toilet,abercrombie france, she found the grass by the wall, piled some of the fabric into a look, actually wrapped inside a baby. Baby motionless with eyes closed. Beside her,hollister, also placed a white pocket, containing two diapers, a bottle,http://bbs.fydzkj.net/...hp?mod=space&uid=3037, a roll, a bag and a box of milk Yubo Lu Yi and lip. Peng said her mother, she had a heart, afraid to move the child, and ultimately,hollister,http://cgi.ebay.com.au...tem&item=140732749694, a middle-aged woman passing through here will pick up the baby,air jordan pas cher, swaddling opened a corner and found a baby girl, little guy's foot for kicking a couple . Several people immediately report to the auditorium Patrol platform. Not well behaved little guy crying on the platform, the police on the baby and belongings were examined. Handsome little guy, very pretty nose,http://www.tcn.ne.jp/~...bin/yybbs.cgi?pl=p0&p, only 30 cm long, cut the umbilical cord has not been estimated up to no more than three days of birth. Meanwhile,karen millen, her hands wrist deformity, and his hands are not the thumb, also some concave ear malformations. In the girl's infancy,karen millen soldes, the police found only a hundred dollar bill, did not find a note. While the police investigation, the little guy woke up, opened his eyes,hollister online shop, looked looked at, "wow" a cry out loud. Platform Xieqin quickly stepped forward to pick up her sister Zhao,air jordan pas cher, "little guy is very obedient,moncler outlet,http://myloveasian.com...;forum=7&topic=235244, do not cry no trouble,hollister france, that does not bother people." 14:00 and more, due to the hot weather, the fear of the baby is sick, the rest of the police has not been After the decision to no avail in the survey will be transferred to the little guy Daxigou Street office. Abandoned children were sent to the orphanage. "We fed her milk twice,http://www.lot-net.jp/bbs/epad.cgi?del=991431, she did not eat." Yesterday afternoon, Labor and Social Security Bureau Daxigou street Mou Jun introduction,parajumpers online shop, may be abandoned by their parents aware of the little guy hurt the heart, Although the staff used to carry milk to feed her, she did not eat. At 3 pm,http://www.hc39.com/bb...p?mod=space&uid=17729, because the police could not find the baby temporarily parents Daxigou street contact with children's welfare, the baby has been transferred. According to reports, in accordance with Article 261 concerning the crime and its punishment provisions of abandonment, "Criminal Law",http://stonepia-m.co.jp/bbs/yybbs.cgi/http, the case was abandoned baby girl was born just three days less, with disabilities, resulting in serious consequences if she Parents would constitute the crime of abandonment. Chongqing Evening News reporter intern Tu Jing Yang Fan Ying Chen Zhujun She shadow reports

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'an News - Xi'an Evening News Yulin (Reporter intern Li Changjiang Xu Sen flail correspondent Hao Hairong) after a small increase engagement and Yulin Lee girls, and met a netizen on the Internet, and after meeting with their cohabitation. Lee found two small increase occurred ambiguous messages in the phone after an argument, under Lee huff small plus killed. 20-year-old Canadian is qingjian his mother in Zizhou city,ciondoli tiffany, and therefore the family lived in Zizhou. During early 2011,tiffany outlet milano, a small increase in Yulin hotel workers, met with in this 22-year-old guy working JIAXIAN Lee, in May 2011,nike mercurial vapor, by the consent of both parents,chaussure louboutin pas cher femme, a small increase and Lee held a simple engagement ceremony in Yulin ,nike air max 90 pas cher, a small Canadian mother and relatives came specially to meet with Lee Yulin parents married and decided to fix a day. Later, they did not find a suitable job because, each returned home. Small plus at home nothing else, when the Internet became acquainted with a man named "hadron" friends, then went to Yan'an and "hadron" After meeting the two living together. Period, and Lee has been a small increase contact by phone, said she thought was a small increase in Yan'an work,giubbotti peuterey uomo, Lee did not care. Before the Spring Festival,basket louboutin pas cher, they originally said fortunately the Lee family New Year,woolrich sito ufficiale, but did not expect Lee to small plus years ago, but how a call can not contact each other. January 24,jordan retro 6 pas cher, Lee went to a small increase in specialized home mother, said the small increase does not know where her daughter, Lee and a bad attitude, desperation, Lee returned home. January 26, plus a small call Lee said he had no money to spend,giubbotti moncler outlet, Lee added JIAXIAN to make a small,giubbotti peuterey outlet, small plus not,air jordan pas cher, then they talk a good Yulin meet. February 1, after the two met at a hostel stay Yulin, Lee stumbled a little ambiguous messages plus phone, the two quarrel therefore occurs huff,jordan retro 4 pas cher, Lee grabbed with both hands and a small increase in neck, causing the other suffocation. After the incident, Lee took a small plus luggage,louboutin homme, alias "Zhang Xiaoqiang," fled to Xi'an candidates stem from the waiter. February 3 at noon, when the hotel owner to clean the room and found a small increase has died, then the police. Alarm, Yuyang police immediately rushed to the scene to start investigation of the case. Through the survey visit,bracciale tiffany, the police initially identified the woman dead time should be February 2, while the registration of the room after the incident of missing man Lee, a major crime suspects. According to the clues, the police confirmed that Lee had fled after the incident, Xi'an, February 5, police arrested Lee in Xi'an successfully.









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help" tune out of good taste. People questioned >> sorbet into jelly, can eat it. "Popsicles and turned it into a pool of sticky jelly, how is this going " Zi Qian Lu, who lives near the provincial capital of public Wang said, the 6th It was hot, he put into the beer bought popsicles want to give the beer cool. Surprisingly, the popsicles not completely melted in beer and a half hours later. Mr. Wang to take a look out, popsicles turned into a mass of soft jelly. Mr. Wang saw written on the packaging, this is a crystal tongue jelly lollies, there are more than ten kinds of additives above: xanthan gum, carrageenan,mulberry, konjac gum, locust bean gum,karen millen, citric acid, malic acid, sodium cyclamate, Ann acesulfame, aspartame, saccharin sodium, edible lychee flavor. "A dozen popsicles additives, will excessive " Mr. Wang little worried, thinking to buy this white popsicles, flavor and color will be relatively small, but now I find that the additive is not less than the colorful ice cream. Reporters will not have unpacked a Popsicle on the tongue jelly at room temperature for 24 hours, popsicles not completely melted, but shrunk to a sticky gum. Feeling a little softer than jelly,karen millen soldes, easy crush, smells very strong aroma. Subsequently, as a consumer reporter consulted the ice cream manufacturer. The other said, this is a new jelly ice cream, not completely melt is normal. Although sorbet using old packaging but in line with the new national standard,air jordan pas cher, there should be no quality problems. As for the pool of jelly, the other being not recommended for human consumption. Market research >> types of additives, the more cold low prices on the 7th, the reporter visited the provincial capital of a large supermarket, many people are buying cold. Check the boxes of ice cream reporters readily found on the packaging identifies the types of food additives. On a fruit-flavored ice cream packaging, marked with citric acid, sodium cyclamate, carrageenan and other 12 kinds of food additives, and next to a bucket of chocolate ice cream Mengniu, the number of its emulsifiers, coloring,hollister, thickeners and other additives There are 10 kinds. Reporters found that the amount of ice cream in the number of food additives, and ice cream prices are also related. Price thirty-four yuan a box of ice cream, food additives number mostly in more than 10 kinds; twenty or thirty dollars a box of ice cream, a large number of additives have fifty-six kinds; while the price of 27 yuan a box of eight hi ice cream, only five kinds of additives. In this regard, Jinan Qunkang Group Chairman, Jinan City Food Industry Association executive vice president, branch president in cold Panellists noted that cold, the state allows the use of additives in less than 30 species. Because of different crystals, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream also have their own standards. Wherein the ice confection is popsicles, its composition is generally only water, sugar and additives, the water content should be 95% additive does not exceed 5% of the total weight. Ice cream and ice cream are on the total dry matter put the amount requested, ice cream total dry matter of 15% to 25%, where the total dry matter means milk, corn starch, maltose, sucrose; cream of the total dry matter content of 25% to 40%, the total here Dry matter means milk or reconstituted milk. For more inexpensive ice cream additive status in Hong Chang pointed out that this is the performance of enterprises to reduce costs. If you add fruit in ice cream, milk, etc.,hollister sale, the cost pressure. Some companies want to enhance the taste of cost savings, we need some spices, thickeners to "help." "So, when people buy popsicles ice cream, try not to buy too bright." >> Additive superposition experts say the amount, there is no specific standard "ice melt into a pool of jelly, the recipe should be unreasonable, it may be added edible gum caused by excessive. "in Hong Chang said that under normal circumstances,louboutin pas cher, the additive content sorbet few will not happen, and ice cream, ice cream is only into water. Quality supervision department staff said that according to national standards,hollister, xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum this amount is no maximum amount of additives, are relatively safe additives, food companies can be added as needed amount. In this regard, Prof. Zhao Shandong Institute of Light Industry Food and Biological Engineering, said, according to subsection popsicles logo on the packaging point of view,hollister, the implementation of the SB/T10016 standard, which is a commercial recommended standards,hollister online shop, but the popsicles in food additives How much content must be consistent with national food additive standards (GB2760_2011). Currently on the standard of food additives is still not specific enough in detail, although in each food additive provisions of the content, but may still exist some problems. For example, while adding a variety of popsicles in preservatives,air jordan pas cher, colorings, "overlay the content of a variety of thickener is likely to exceed the standard,hollister, but the content should be superimposed on food additives to control how much the state is currently no specific criteria."









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's friends kidnapped and used cigarette butts, needles, pliers, Ryu battered to death. Yesterday, fled 18 years out to greet the kidnapping extortion in a trial in the hospital. After the victims were killed in abandoned hospital It is understood that the case of the accused, aged 49 to meet Ming, a trickster who found guilty of the crime,tiffany outlet online, adultery sex crimes, the court sentenced six years. After released from prison in August 1989, at the home of his mouth Maibing Gun Alley,louboutin femme pas cher, when drinks, met in Beijing to work Chen and Chen met by Ryu. Yesterday the trial, the prosecution alleged, July 3, 1993 20 am, next meet together another four accomplices, driving from one restaurant to Chen Xicheng District, Fengtai District, East Tiejiangying hijacked to Mao Jia Fen Village accomplices residence. In the meantime, get out from Chen, who meet at a cash amount of two million yuan, and the value of one thousand dollars for each gold bracelet and a gold necklace, and a call to stress Chen Liu Xicheng Caishikou a Pianzhi under the bridge. Prosecutors said, then, that night 11, who drove out to meet the agreed flyover Ryu hijacking. Ryu revolt by a partner holding a brick busting out to greet Liu head. Subsequently, Liu Ming, who will meet with the village to the east Tiejiangying Jiafen hair residence, and the use of a needle, cigarette burns, pliers and other violence against Ryu. Prosecutors said that after suffering from battered,orecchini tiffany cuore, Liu began to appear signs of dying coma, vomiting. July 4, 1993 morning, Liu Ming, who will greet abandoned to Xuanwu Hospital, after Liu died. It is understood that after the incident,escarpin louboutin pas cher, fled Beijing next night to meet its co have been processed. November 2011, Ming surrendered to the police in the field to meet. Prosecutors believe that out to greet acts constitute the crime of kidnapping for ransom. 18 years after the court said the defendant surrendered next meet, when ??? to Beijing,moncler outlet online, the two do business together. "I took him as a buddy at children," Later,air jordan pas cher, Chen leave him alone. Once he learned that Chen "made a fortune",magasin louboutin, to facilitate at 20:00 on July 3rd, 1993, will be about to Chen Xicheng a restaurant,christian louboutin soldes, ask Chen had lent twenty thousand dollars. "A stranger,giubbotti peuterey uomo, then furious." Next meet in court that when they meet, Chen wearing a gold necklace, gold jewelry, not to mention owe things, the two sides dispute. Witness testimony revealed that the incident occurred due to Chen can not pay, and others turn out to greet Chen's business partner, after Liu about the required "pay back the money." Ming greet said that after Liu was playing, they will Liu to the hospital, told the nurse said Liu was drunk beaten,woolrich parka outlet, and then they ran away. Later, he was afraid to return to the hospital to inquire about the situation yet. "The nurse said nothing so I waited a moment uniformed man came," he immediately fled. Out to greet his brother confirmed that in November 2011,peuterey outlet online, his brother intend to surrender, his father was afraid the police did not recognize his brother,tiffany outlet italia, so he dedicated to the agreed destination and Xicheng police picked up his brother. Yesterday, the case did not make a judgment. ? courtroom, "I and the victims did not hatred of injustice," the trial, the victim Liu's daughter sitting on the seat of civil plaintiff, the defendant has been quietly staring out to greet him. When you hear the next one after another with the greeting, "remember",chaussure de foot nike, "do not know" and other words to answer the prosecutor questioned her initiative to ask questions. Ryu Daughter: I have a very small incident, until today there are a lot of problems would not understand, because you're about twenty thousand to work his way out Ming greet: Well, then I just want to talk, with your father is a very good man, your father also went to our house. Ryu Daughter: You were abducted Chen jewelry, but also to two million Ming greet: Well turned wine on the table to say, I let him taking the money, he does not take money, only jewelry. Ryu Daughter: You and Chen are economic disputes, and why should my father dragged (start choking) Take no reason why the tile shot my father Ming greet: no injustice does not revenge. Let your father was in the car he did not, we did not know his co, so just hit him. Ryu daughter: My father endured a brick after a coma, you will begin to get a needle, you can say you do not know these processes (Crying) out to greet: Did the National People want to get rich,jordan retro 3 pas cher, you little may not know that your father with us in a ...... put it plainly, I was a victim ...... so many years especially regret my mind,piumini moncler outlet, no matter how Ryu , there is my responsibility.








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 "Pound Qiang Qiang ......" September 30, the former residence of Chen colored silk fluttered millions Longhua Town,abercrombie e fitch, Boluo ancient villages within five villages, hanging red, mixed with bursts of drums and firecrackers Suona, a sedan chair, dressed in ancient dress of the bride and groom ...... five centuries-old village that seems like ancient village back to ancient times. Originally,hogan prezzi, the day Boluo specially invited to the story of the ancient village of promotional television village shooting. There was a beautiful ancient village, Longhua,orecchini tiffany, "ancient", Longhua Town, five village covers about 100,http://suguru4u.com/su...u/bbs/light.cgi?res=11517,000 square meters, dating back more than 300 years, known as "Rover mountain village," said. The village of about 600 houses, with "semi-granite wall,modelli abercrombie, brick to the buildings, granite paved courtyard in the middle, both sides of the housing in the form of the same" as the architectural features, is a city with ancient buildings typical architectural style of the Ming and Qing Lingnan. The villagers all surnamed Chen,abercrombie firenze, 16th generation descendant of Chen Ruilong which is the most prestigious one. Chenrui Long was born in the Qing Yongzheng four years,http://422.gsd.harvard...3&view=isitestool.cgi, grew intellectually alert, after the sugar through the open square,http://www.geol.sci.hi.../lightlight.cgi?res=36784, Youzha Square, made distillery, selling groceries, etc.,tiffany outlet, accumulate vast wealth, the village known as "Chan million." All along, the five villages are circulating, "Chen million married women" legend. Is said that Chen million ready to marry the daughter of a neighboring town Town Alex. Daughter suspected to be from Longhua Town, rugged muddy road, so do not want to marry since little patience. So Chen million spending huge sums from the village began,http://test.yghw.com/f...viewthread&tid=600022, laying a width 1.2 m, length of more than 10 years of granite road, straight man home door. This road is not only to make her feel at ease to marry,http://www.tmnrsmd.sakura.ne.jp/bbs/aska.cgi, but also facilitate the two residents traveling until the 1960s,hogan interactive, this road is one of the village people out of the main road. Cast nearly 3.2 million renovation two years in July this year,abercrombie milano, specially invited Boluo Phoenix cooperation promotion of cultural tourism resources,abercrombie italia, including five villages, "Chen million married women" is a highlight of travel films, so Longhua Town, and five village cadres and villagers, but also "play fight" in which the characters played. "We are all descendants of Chen million,http://www.mah.zansu.com/mah/bbs/bbs1.cgi, the most appropriate interpretation of the ancestors." Five village party secretary Chen Sheng Chen million contingent bagged a role in other towns, village cadres and villagers, some play Ms. Chen Baiwan,http://bbs.oios.cn/for...iewthread&tid=2743383, Some relatives of speech, or just when the villagers to sell off the power of ancient villages. "To publicize and promote the ancient village,collana tiffany, we want a lot of ways." Xie Longhua Town, publicity committee member Vincent said, as Longhua Town,hogan rebel uomo, the cultural industry to support every effort to secure the provincial capital,http://bbs.ou-lei.com/...viewthread&tid=274640, Provincial Culture and Tourism poverty funds, Huizhou City, 100 strong industry support projects. The past two years, Longhua Town, also raised more than 320 million invested in the renovation of five village sanitation,abercrombie, village appearance. It is reported that the town ready to ancient villages developed in three phases, to create a national 4A level scenic spots, famous ancient Ming and Qing Lingnan Village Tourism brand. Text / Nanfang Daily reporter Li Xiaomin Lin Tong East correspondent Deng

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've bought a house in the district, currently limited their economic conditions, can not afford to go buy a house, I suggest you to take a look at second-hand housing market." Zhaolao to the guy explained. Ye can not be persuaded that young man still kneeling in front: "! Beg you, buy my house now," the young man explained Zhaolao repeatedly. After that, the guy turned back to the cell, picked up a tile (sidewalk turn) out after a few meters to beat Zhaolao over Zhaolao hurried hands of an umbrella to resist. A look at the site in the cell door shed old man saw this situation, quickly ran from the shed guy grabbed the hands of the tiles. This time, the guy grabbed the collar Zhaolao be wrestled to the ground, grasping Zhaolao Shredded mouth, eye, neck, mouth crazy bite, followed again rushed to hold Zhaolao. At this time, the district's two security guards rushed concierge quickly ran over, and passers-by will be the guy who pulled together from Zhaolao and Manlianshixue Zhaolao notify his wife after propped. The Zhaowan Ying heard his wife was at home with people clashed rushed downstairs to see his wife lying on the ground, according to a small group of two security guards, positive guy rub his head sideways on the ground, facing the mud biting, his mouth still There are a lot of soil, there is a lot of blood on the ground,mulberry sale shop, then no one has realized that guy's tongue off. The hospital, Zhaolao multiple soft tissue injuries, torn left cornea in Ankang City Chinese Medicine Hospital surgical suture, Zhaolao afterwards heard that beg to buy a house and beat his own strange guy named Ma is one of the district households. Witnesses were stopped leaving the old guy beating Zhao home, the reporter found an eyewitness to snatch the hands of tile old man Chending Xian Ma Chao, confirmed the statement from Chen Lao Zhaolao place. Old Chen told reporters,bottes louboutin, was already around 9:00,sweat hollister femme, and after he won the bricks, that guy would hold that Zhaolao neck, Zhao wrestled to the ground, in the face of the neck poking Zhao biting. At this time, the district's two security guards ran over the guy's body pulled from Zhaolao, two security guards grabbed the guy's hand. Young man struggling struggled to see the guy emotional stability, security was loosened the guy's hand. Subsequently, the reporter went to the Garden District Larix Property Office, to save the day Zhaolao two security did not work, the person in charge Jiang Ting told reporters, because of his own alibi, and afterwards she did understand," Ah Huan recalls. Taking adv, one of the owners and the security found within the district a guy fighting, stop and pull the two men ran past and saw the two men were injured, security will call the 120,110,woolrich outlet bambino, then the guy was "120" sent away. Our colleagues are also very frustrated after the incident occurred off the tongue Ma Chao, Ma had readme with the unit's three colleagues on the paper about the matter for a time transferred uproar, these days, that three colleagues are also very excited mood, feeling wronged. Yesterday morning, reporters once again came Hanbin construction engineering quality supervision station (hereinafter referred to as Quality Supervision Station) station to the crest of the office, the office sat a young man and woman, who is mentioned in Ma Chao paper Jiangmou and Xiong (female), see the reporter arrived,"I want him to take care of w,hollister online shop, two extraordinarily excited. Jiangmou sitting on the sofa in the corner of the eye facial swelling. At this point, the constant call comes, Jiangmou irritability hung up the phone. Jiangmou said Ma Chao tune came not long, they are regarded as the little brother Ma Chao look at work to take care of the horses are very often teach something to their business on. Can not think, after this happened, yet implicated himself in, he was the first incident received a phone call saying my colleagues out of trouble, he was still in bed at home sleeping, I called gave leadership For Ma Chao's experience was very sympathetic colleagues. Jiangmou also said police have talked with him, he did not want to say, the police's own conclusion. Xiong sitting on the side of the same puzzled when discourse ??? little less conversation with colleagues. Before the incident, Ma Chao colleagues found that mood is not stable, but no one watching them. Xiong, alas, it also gives them harm, mental dealt a serious blow. To crest station is angry, he said,but the east and south...es are only two guardrail, Ma Chao units after this young man to behave well, after the incident,hollister shops deutschland, they rushed to the scene did not find Ma Chao people watching surveillance video while reporting to the Bureau, the Council leadership attaches great importance to and a meeting on the research station, on the one hand to see Ma Chao, on the one hand to urge the police to solve the case as soon as possible. Just yesterday, also specifically sent to Xi'an asked if the family needs help,louboutin soldes, Ma Chao family rejected the kindness station. "We now have to wait and hope the police solve the case to a conclusion as soon as possible,abercrombie donna, to be able to give us time to restore the reputation of the unit to clarify the facts." To owners told reporters. Since the results of the police investigation will be announced to the public a few days off the tongue occurred event, distrust continued. For this suspicion, the reporter interviewed again yesterday police are handling the case. Hanbin Public Security Bureau police station, police investigators suburbs, Ma Chao off the tongue for events related personnel to do a survey to know, and Ma Chao wrote a note on hospital quality supervision station three individuals were asked survey,the case is under further inv, one of whom is not a business trip, but According to the police investigation, the current can be ruled out possible Ma Chao's three colleagues directly involved, tend to Ma Chao personal reasons. Police also learned from their units, Ma Chao introverted personality, abnormal behavior recently, WASHINGTON,louboutin pas cher homme, leading many times to leave, but can not leave the reasons leading one to ask, he would cancel the leave request. Suburban police official said that this event due to the high social concern, originally was a common security cases,parka woolrich, now evolved into hot events,found inside a KTV accompany , but also triggered a mass of distrust, Hanbin Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau has deployed brigade takes the lead suburban branch of Interpol brigade and police station to assist with, existing on the case and new evidence will be more detailed investigation and will report its findings to the public as soon as possible. Text / Chart reporter Ji Wu Chen-hui sister Muffin says: Ma Chao has been off the tongue epidermal necrosis (Reporter intern Zhang Yiwei Jian Tan) April 14 afternoon,then took her into the room, the reporter once again came to the hospital Stomatology Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University Ministry Muffin said Ma Chao am feeling very excited, in order to avoid injury due to stimulation Ma Chao, Ma Chao has been let to accept any media interviews. Muffin look tired, haggard spirit significantly more than the day before yesterday, she told reporters: Ma Chao said the doctor, "off the tongue" epidermal necrosis has this message for her big blow. Muffin brother Ma Chao said yesterday morning particularly excited mood for some time,peuterey sito ufficiale, just in case he would hurt himself, has not let him out of bed and move around freely, for fear of the outside of his irritation affecting the condition that we should not bother him. She said she is most worried about is whether it can survive Ma Chao's tongue, the doctor had told her the morning Ma Chao tongue epidermal necrosis already, but the situation is unclear. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the attending physician Dr. Dong Ma Chao, Ma Chao Dong doctor made no mention of the disease, he said the family had asked him on the condition of confidentiality Ma Chao, Ma Chao so disclose the specific situation, saying only that is still doing conservative treatment, as much as possible to allow the tongue to survive. Muffin said: she could not accept the police, "Ma Chao Department initially ruled off the tongue could hurt him,from March 2001 to October 2008," the argument that his brother "off the tongue," Ma Chao issue certainly does not change with that piece of data quality, reject red things related. If you can find my brother, "off the tongue," the witness,sac hollister, she is willing to reward a high.

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're all right, I walk." Wang Dong said to be responsible for the butt in the end. Injury is bad news for the elderly worsened: intracranial hemorrhage, transferred to the intensive care unit needs. Heard the news, Wang Dong very anxious,hollister pas cher femme, he believed that this must be found Uncle Lee's family ...... 6 November evening in a cable car accident butt, so wounded over sixty hours after the sudden cranial bleeding coma, lives are at stake. During small group of children in poor accident knocked repeatedly allowed to leave the old man, still staying with his play, courage and responsibility to the families of the injured resentment into tolerance and understanding. Yesterday, the Chengdu Evening News reporter saw at Chong City Hospital of the parties of both the accident. Today, a lifeline for the elderly, the two had each other strange fate family has been deeply intertwined together ...... resignation ride the day before returning home injured sixty elderly evening of November 6, Wang Dong, Guizhou guy children riding a borrowed car battery to a friend happily ran chongzhou the street to buy some gifts for parents, ready to leave the next day early in Chengdu, far back deep in Zunyi City,mulberry sale, Guizhou Province Xishui big mountain Relics at home,http://www.paperdriver....pl?PAGE_NUM=1%2520Result, but not more than seven months to see the parents of his wife and children. Early the day before, Wang Donggang just resigned Die chongzhou a shoe factory work. Along the way, Wang Dong filled with joy, I did not expect an accident subsequently occurred. This accident not only interrupted the plans Dong Wang home, and even family life will affect his fate. 7:00 pm, Wang Dong took to their parents to buy gifts, riding a cable car traveling in the return to the factory dormitory on the road. It was getting dark,http://ww2.enjoy.ne.jp...mbo/cgi-bin/epad/epad.cgi, street before dawn, some dim headlights battery, Wang Dong can see the distance is not far away. When traveling to non-motorized vehicles Jinji Road, suddenly appeared in front of a silhouette. When Wang Dong to be seen, the car battery is just a couple of meters of each other. Wang Dong speed over 30 km, although the brakes immediately change direction, but the wheels are still grazed on the other side from the left leg. Battery car then overturned, Wang Dong fell to the ground, hitting out of a small wound on his forehead is not bloody; Meanwhile, the figure also knocked back down on his back, was knocked down a 60-year-old the elderly. After being propped Wang Dong, the elderly will soon wake up,mulberry outlet handbags uk, saying he "nothing", so Wang Dong Do not worry. But Wang Dong found, the old man was hit by a car in the left leg bleeding,http://www.weilaikejic...p&ac=blog&blogid=, back of the head collision with the ground is also bleeding. Old man insisted that "nothing," he three times, "rely on a" do not go first: let him go his injured left to see the old man insisted the injury is not light, Wang Dong also scared, insisted on sending the old man to the hospital. But this time, a very clear sense of the old man was unwilling, after his legs legs shilly-waist, insisted that he "did most of the things," they can go home and let Wang Dong go first. Wang Dong did not walk away, the old man with his hand over his bleeding head, while allowing a worker counterparts immediately call 120. The second: the elderly do not want to go to the hospital the ambulance was to coax him "no need to go to the hospital, clinic to bandage Rooster Township wants." Grandpa claimed, surnamed Li,mulberry sale shop, was working shoe 200 meters from here, he The next day to go to work, do not go to the hospital. "Go to the hospital look, Grandpa!" Although Lee uncle go to the hospital, but Wang Dong still persisted, he thought he hit uncle, should do with his detailed examination. Soon, ambulances rushed to the scene, this time the old man can still reluctant to get on the train. Wang Dong somewhat anxious, and even help bring together health care professionals to persuade, finally coax the elderly on the ambulance. 3rd: Elderly urged him to go intracranial hemorrhage suddenly came to the hospital at 9 o'clock, Uncle Lee made the first CT scan, Wang Dong stood by me, helped Lee uncle stand up. Lying on the CT table, Wang Dong Li uncle again advised to leave. "I do not go, Grandpa, you're all right, I walk." Wang Dong said. Half an hour later, the doctor told Wang Dong took the report: "The situation is not optimistic, intracranial hemorrhage,http://mittu.s14.xrea....2/honkan/houkoku/aska.cgi, transferred to the intensive care unit needs." To hear the news, Wang Dong very anxious, he believed that this must be found Uncle Lee's family . That night in the hospital,mulberry outlet handbags uk, but also a clear sense of Lee uncle told him that he was in Nanchong City Nanbu people, children are working in Zhejiang, he is the only one in Chongzhou. In order to prevent children worry, Uncle Lee reluctant to give his children on the phone. Eventually, Wang Dong Li uncle learned from the shoe factory where the director in charge of Wu's phone. That night, Miss Lee uncle director and some colleagues have come, in order to prove that he will not run, he also took out card as collateral. In the evening, Wang Dong will be working this year in Sichuan able to save himself handed over 3,hollister online shop,000 yuan to the hospital. Uncle Lee settled, he came to the hospital infusion room to sleep one night, so do check the next day to accompany uncle. After the old man knocked two people dying to live together on the 9th of this month, hit by Li condition deteriorated again full of the elderly, the doctor said the chance of survival is very small. But the old man's son Wang Dong Li Yunchang and perpetrators have persisted, as long as there is hope not to give up. Taking into account the need for people to take care of his father woke up, Li Yunchang rented two rooms at a nearby hospital with his sister. In order to assume greater responsibility, November 12, Wang Dong did not let his wife take the weaned child came home from Guizhou Chongzhou, for the formation of a temporary home cooking and cleaning. Rented room,spaccio woolrich, Wang Dong and his wife are sons and daughters of Uncle Lee tube called my brother, my sister. Night, Wang Dong Li uncle's daughter with his wife sleeping in one bed, with Wang Dong Li Yunchang then squeezed in another bed. Uncle Lee's fear of the disease, when the dead of night, they can not sleep. At this point, they will encourage each other, do not give up as long as there is hope, I believe Lee uncle will wake up. Just yesterday, Lee uncle's condition has been improving, while calling his relatives, Uncle Lee blinked, moving the hands, which makes both the hearts and minds of an additional comfort and hope. Injured family members: Accident guy is a good man! Lee did not want to hold him too much responsibility uncle's son Li Yunchang said they left the family home in Nanbu County who work more than 10 years, and his father in Chengdu, he and his sister in Zhejiang. "On the way to the hospital once thought him a fight to see the perpetrators." Li Yunchang sister said that when they arrived at the hospital, medical staff have told us that this guy is a good butt, always keep in My father. Li Yunchang, if it takes 10 to cure his father million and he spent some of the savings should be enough to borrow, Wang Dong appropriate to the point on the line, it can also still; "listen to the police and lawyers said that if the father died,http://www.rzzijia.com...p?mod=space&uid=10022, Wang Dong may be liable, but we do not want to investigate too much responsibility, he is a good man, "Wang Dong Wife: My brother and sister are good! I will bear responsibility together with her husband last night, 6:00, Wang Dong's wife Li Li Xiang busy and start cooking. Speaking of her husband's behavior,hogan scarpe, Li Li Hong said this is a person who should have the courage to take the quality. When her husband received a phone on the 8th, I thought he was joking, I did not expect such a big thing. "After coming to Chongzhou, brother and sister (Li Yunchang siblings) very good to me, my brother often told me, 'Take care of dolls, do not have a cold,woolrich parka, the quilt cover', which makes my husband and I was very moved." Li Li Xiang do When rice is also carrying his son back only seven months,air jordan homme, she said, they have a 7-year-old daughter. "I'll take it all together, and her husband, Lee uncle Well, we would have called him to treat his father." They also touched character: the perpetrators and those who hit the boss, co-workers so that the perpetrators of the "top Class "factories million jobs in Chengdu, Li whole old" Bazaar "shoe factory workers more than a decade after he was hospitalized, the director Wu Jianwei rushed to the hospital immediately. "First saw Wang Dong,images/smileys/pleased...m/xpbook/xpbook.cgi/http:, feel he is very guilty, busy preparing to raise the cost of treatment and contact their families, the elderly also repeatedly said that the injury would be responsible in the end." Meet less than five minutes, had also prepared to flee beware Wang Dong The Wu Jianwei assured: this guy has to play, the character really good! "I am ready to move into the shoe Wang Dong, Li uncle to top class." Yesterday, Wu Jianwei decision after several ponder. He told the Chengdu Evening News reporter,http://park1.aeonnet.n...o/cgi-bin/pfd/pfdbook.cgi, "job basically decided, blunderbuss bed workers, there are more than 10,000 yuan a month income." It is understood that this post be one of the highest-paid factory jobs, and Li whole previous post just warehouse management, Only some one thousand monthly salary. . "Let Wang Dong beat this job, is completely in love with his character," Wu Jianwei said, but he also made a condition: 40% of monthly income distributed to Wang Dong, Li whole rest of the elderly to pay for medical expenses . A turn to listen to reporters after the matter, Wang Dong said that after the injury, such as the elderly and stable, he went to talk with the director Wu things work. Wang Dong workers who work together in this brother, upright! At 6:00 pm, the Chengdu Evening News reporter went to Wang Dong before work shoes Die plant. Boss Yang Xiaojun, said Wang Dong for such behavior sense of justice, they are not surprised, because he is such a good, practical work and competent. "He is my brother,http://bbappscontest.m...viewthread&tid=721126, upright!" Ten years of friendship with Wang Dong Tang master such workers evaluate him. After the incident, Tang master and the workers raised a total of 1700 yuan. Reporters learned that the factory workers income is not high, the majority of the monthly income of less than 3,000 yuan. They, have behind People: many users looking elderly health of young people hold yesterday, Chengdu TV CDTV-3 "Hotline 188" section first released microblogging, tells Wang Dong, Li whole story of the elderly and children. Many users are flowing integrity during play, responsibility,abercrombie kids, tolerance impressed, have forwarded comments to support it. Some users comment: lyrecookie: it shares warm this winter infected with you and me, with sincere heart and kindness to melt the ice and cold, come on. My name is Huang Xiaoyun: just praise no use to you Should give him some substantial help is, trickle, everyone helped point out his hand to help him weather the storm. Micro Chengdu: the courage to play a small group of children in Guizhou, Chengdu public tolerance for good! Hope elderly health, young people hold on! Simon willdead: If the guy enough money, to publish his contact details what, we help, should this difficulty can be good too, right eecoba: a conscience. I hope that the community can have more people to regain conscience. Pound, pound Rigby: I still believe that good will be rewarded, the uncle and the small group of children must hold ah! However, surnamed Liu Ji sleep: This winter, warm undercurrents! Chengdu Evening News reporter Li Hui Wang Dong Cheng Pu Photography Huang Shangfei dialogue him as "pro-dad," I will be responsible in the end yesterday, Chengdu Evening News reporter Wang Dong face to face with the dialogue. Reporter: There are so many chances to leave, there is no thought of escape Wang Dong: never thought of. Nobody gave the driver the road that night, the days are dark, I walked no one was found. But I hit people, I should be responsible in the end. Reporter: There are no regrets, if it was gone, we would not have four debt Wang Dong: do not regret it, I am worthy of their own conscience. Reporter: now facing huge medical bills how to do Wang Dong: I will also work slowly, also hope to seek help society. Reporter: Even uncle woke up, it may be bedridden, you will be faced with more responsibility, what plans Wang Dong: Grandpa is very good, they are a good person. Well, uncle, I'll recognize him when I was "pro dad,woolrich outlet online," I'll do a proper filial son. Please dial 962 111 cherish this move to help them tide over the Chengdu Evening News reporter Li Hui Cheng Pu Photography Huang Shangfei

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's home,abercrombie pas cher, but found that segment has escaped. Police handling the case said that if did not find the suspect,http://www.l-island.co...=409162res=1page=10%22%3C,hollister outlet, the police on suspicion of intentional injury will be online pursuit. Wu said that this time,woolrich, young people from outside the community to come back a lot,mulberry outlet, along with a stranger to snatch school student belongings events occur almost every month. This argument has been lower secondary school principals and source Longxi shop police station confirmed. Lower secondary school principals ??? source said the original to the school with the higher authorities of two veterans as a security guard,hollister,http://www.kentuckiana.../discus/board-profile.cgi, but a few months ago,http://web1.kcn.jp/hp7...ap.holder/cgi-bin/bbs.cgi,abercrombie france, they had not done,hogan outlet,http://bbs.kuabang.com...?mod=space&uid=283653, the gate in front of the school only temporarily entrusted commissary four 50-year-old women in management. Currently schools can do is to arrange two teachers on duty 24 hours a day,http://sorceress.raind...bbs/light.cgi?res=7808%22,air jordan pas cher,http://www2.otads.co.j...bin/qabbs/yybbs/yybbs.cgi, and will report to the Government and the Department of Education school difficulties,air jordan pas cher, but as of yesterday afternoon,http://www.swaty.to/tea/cafe/cafe3.cgi,karen millen,http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/se/cgi-bin/bbsp4.cgi, the school has not yet received a reply.

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 ? Morning News reporter Zhao Leishe shadow reports yesterday 13:10 Xu, Xuhui District Guangang village,air jordan pas cher, Jeong stabbing the two men. Reporters learned from the police, which is a middle-aged men and women because of the emotional entanglements caused. Currently,http://after-it-rained.com/bbs/index.cgi,hollister,http://pcbdesign007.ic...t007.net/pages/search.cgi, Jeong Xuhui police have been under criminal detention. Reporters arrived to the scene to see the death of a man wearing glasses head towards the door,louboutin pas cher, poured a pool of blood at the door, the door there is a red handle knives and sticks on the ground to identify the deceased at the scene. Some onlookers was not only the knowledge of the village residents to the police,http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/...p;ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT, but also have left his phone number. "I heard the night before the incident occurred in a small building heated argument continued until the morning." Insiders Yang, who recalled that in the time of the incident yesterday afternoon to hear the door came the sound of fighting and bickering, there are people shouted to the police as soon as possible. Mother and when they go out,http://www.nikkotourin...iban031/joyful/joyful.cgi,louboutin, a man was down in a pool of blood, the scene there are two men and a woman. They said one woman is the lover,polo ralph lauren, another man is a woman cousin,http://www.dreamcraft....d&tid=4245&extra=, hand fell to the ground clutching his wound. Households who afterwards learned man lying in a pool of blood is also a woman's relatives came together to help the woman before the incident take away things,http://post.qee.jp/petit/petit.cgi,hollister, the two sides clashed. Reporters learned from the police,woolrich outlet, two men were killed in a suspect Jeong Chu lover's brother and a cousin. Aged 52 and 46-year-old Jeong Chu established a relationship for some time,http://www.newing.ne.j...bs1.pl?page_num=1&amp, a recent break Chu, Jeong strongly opposed,http://www.its.utas.ed...-bin/phones_all_depts.cgi,mulberry, and repeatedly forced to commit suicide,hollister, etc. Chu abandon break. Yesterday 12:50 Xu, Chu notify their brother and a cousin went to move personal items. Jeong Chu items will be moved to the door,hollister france, and holding a knife to scratch himself in an attempt to self-mutilation way to force Chu promised not to break up. Chu's brother and a cousin rushed forward theory,abercrombie pas cher, Zheng dispute was stabbed with a knife,air jordan, they are not cure death.

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'clock yesterday morning,giubbotti peuterey uomo, Ministry of Public Security crackdown to do the main ??? canal also forwarded the matter on the micro-blog, and to remind the public, "If this situation should alarm disposal." Some Internet users see the message later known fear, especially single women, to address him afraid to go out at night. There are users questioned the authenticity of the event, said a photo and users can not only unilateral statement to jump to conclusions. She was photographed event attracted onlookers restored yesterday morning,escarpin louboutin pas cher, the Chongqing Morning News reporters Lian Xishang and Le Fabu this microblogging users Li Li (pseudonym). Li Li said his business in the Three Gorges Square, night of the incident,tiffany outlet online, she and two male colleagues to work together to go home, walked to a nearby bus stop when chenjiawan saw a man and woman dispute. In the beginning, she thought it was a couple between slapstick, you can see the girl kicked the man kicked mercilessly, while struggling while passersby for help, "I do not know him! Help ah!" "Streetfighter 110!" Li think so The "plot" is familiar, realized something was amiss, she picked up the phone to take pictures. Li Li said that when she approached dare to ask, select pictures instead of the alarm has two purposes: First, to attract passers-by crowd, let man not easily put people away; Second,peuterey outlet, even if the girl is a bad encounter,basket louboutin, after police check up also has a picture data. See someone taking pictures, more and more people crowd,nike air max 90 pas cher, the man said to the crowd that he and the girl are brother and sister relationship, followed the man to the girl said "you're crazy it" ran away, left the girl a man slumped on the ground cry. After Li Li also quickly left the scene to go home. Half an hour later,gioielli tiffany, she was shaken by phone this scene sent to the Internet. "In the past the girls have heard that it took to sell a big and tall man to tow a little girl, and if nobody is prevented for every minute thing." Li said, she felt terrible there passers "cold",air jordan spizike, the way it was startling, but nobody has to ask persuade,moncler outlet italia, until his pictures, people began to crowd. The police investigation dragged the woman did not report the street "grab woman" incident is true or false At noon yesterday, Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau on its official microblogging "@ peace Shapingba" respond on the matter, said it had sent police to the scene to verify the situation. Around at 21:30 on April 6, sandy District Public Security Bureau, Chongqing Bei Road police station received the alarm, saying the opposite chenjiawan Suning saw a man pull a strong woman. Men saw people taking pictures,orecchini tiffany cuore, to let go of the woman to leave, Chongqing University Area C direction. After being dragged women have a direction away from the Three Gorges Square itself. Yu Bei Road police station arrived at the scene quickly after, because the parties have voluntarily left unable to verify relevant information. Police also contacted the police once again,gioielli tiffany, but the police who did not answer the phone. After that,nike air max 90 pas cher, the police visited the crime scene to (chenjiawan) stalls boss Zhang. Zhang said the situation seen in line with the phone alarms,magasin louboutin, and added that the man was about thirty years old, speak a foreign accent, but then saw the man dragging the woman, but did not hit the woman,scarpe hogan uomo, dragging the process, the man hands are Women scratch. Dragged the woman did not leave on their own after the alarm to the public security organs. Yesterday, sandy area police said they would continue to verify the matter investigated and promptly informed of progress. Insiders can assure "@ peace Shapingba" information (Tel: 63755110), I hope you rational view online information,tiffany outlet, not baseless assertion. (Original title: The Three Gorges Square, women were men dragged hundreds of meters)









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's license, but the license had been blisters,nike air max 90 pas cher, many places show is unclear. Holding a driver's license, police rush to hit the car to see whether the officers were injured,magasin louboutin paris, but a glance Piaojian driver went to the right-turn lane in the mountain. Police fear the driver fled, chasing a driver ready to assist in the investigation in the past, did not think the driver sat on the right-turn lane to wail. This puzzled some unexpected traffic police,jordan retro 11 pas cher, two police Liantuo Dai and only then the perpetrators brought to the booth inside. Driver killed a man claiming to be "I kill." After entering the booth,ciondolo tiffany, just still crying driver said something to the police more shocking words. After careful inquiry police, the driver said he was in March in Zhangjiakou a construction company killed a woman, the woman called and said Bo. Notice of the accident while on duty traffic police squadron while reporting the case to superiors, and soon, the traffic police will hand over the east Interpol team driver for further processing. Dong Yan Peng Interpol captain, after the police received a transfer,louboutin paris, because the case material,jordan retro 11 pas cher, they organize the police while taking note,scarpe hogan donna, while the incident to the police in Zhangjiakou verified. Let the police accident that the incident period in the driver offered location where the crime was not murder. Mercedes drivers claiming to steal In the survey, when the identity of the driver,jordan pas cher, the police also found a Mercedes sedan driving license from him, when the driver asked,jordan retro 6, police heard a more "mine" answer: the driver said he stole a Mercedes car sold,gioielli tiffany outlet, the Driving the car is stolen bike. Police quickly and implementation details stolen Mercedes, there is a more surprising discovery: Mercedes-Benz belonging to a company,basket louboutin pas cher, and the "confession" of stolen driver is the driver of this unit,jordan spizike, also opened this car Mercedes-Benz cars,jordan retro 3 pas cher, but car companies put with, not to mention stolen, let alone be sold. Police said,chaussure louboutin pas cher, according to the relevant personnel for this company introduction,jordan retro 6, this 36-year-old driver was no mental problems. The driver spotted his two "criminal act" does not exist, the driver had no criminal record, police accident squadron in turn handed the driver handle. In the end after the accident the driver was too scared or are there other reasons, the case is still under investigation. Newspaper will continue to look into the matter.









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's family, but also because the older Guyou Xiang oppose two people get along. While both families are opposed, but the two young men finally good on. After waiting four years, Guyou Xiang finally in 1977, will be Baohong Qujin the house. His wife asked for a divorce,hogan, according suffering from uremia firmly ??? memories, a few years after the two married Treasure macros detected nephritis. "Then subject to conditions,moncler outlet, for the first time did not completely cure the illness,air jordan pas cher, was often the onset." ??? said that although the doctor paid for, but this did not affect the feelings of the two. Married a few years,louboutin, two of them gave birth to a beautiful and smart daughter. Until 2007, Baohong after a cold fever, after the hospital examination, found to be uremia, due to severe illness,hogan, had admitted to the hospital for kidney dialysis. Since found uremia, Baohong increasingly irritable temper. Looked at her husband to take care of yourself losing weight, she did not want to drag her husband because of his illness, he had the idea of ??divorce. "She was grumpy,woolrich outlet, non-keep my divorce, I had to down her mind,moncler outlet, divorced." Guyou Xiang said that although nominally divorced, he now Baohong still live together, regardless of divorce home. "We were divorced, just down her meaning,hollister online shop, for a divorce." ??? said, in fact, still a family, get a divorce certificate without the slightest effect on the feelings of the two. She suddenly ill and want to remarry a few days ago Baohong realize that they may not last long, he proposed with ??? remarry. "And so on for four years, finally have this sentence." Guyou Xiang said later they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau Advisory remarry procedures, and May 11 this year,hollister, intends to remarry. To four days ago Baohong sudden coma, woke up two days before the rescue. "We have to get remarried." Guyou Xiang said remarry must hold two identity cards and residence, to civil registration,hollister deutschland, you can now Baohong unable to leave the hospital, he and his daughter to the Jianye District Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry consulting, hope Can accommodation. Jianye District Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry high director surnamed said referrals through step by step, at noon yesterday, they get the consent of higher authorities, you can do both remarried procedures at the hospital. Yesterday around 11:00, the Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Office staff arrived at the hospital, asking both parties are willing,moncler, if there are opinions daughter, confirmed the doctor Sober after Baohong staff back registrar print marriage certificate stamped. About an hour later, the marriage certificate of Civil Affairs staff handed two hands. Oxygen tube sticking out Baohong and Guyou Xiang took the marriage certificate along with tears, "and so on for four years, until finally this day." News extends whether the introduction of "everything" provisions in fact, help in decision ago, Jianye District Civil Affairs also some embarrassing,hogan outlet, "because there is a clear requirement for both men and women to marry marriage registration office in person to get registered." Now help ??? couple fulfilled a dream Jianye District Civil Affairs Bureau Director Gao heart of the marriage registration office both happy and apprehension. High Director said that marriage registration requires strict accordance with the appropriate procedures "Marriage Registration Ordinance" implemented, must request the parties to the civil affairs departments to produce this account, ID card registration, apparently in violation of the relevant laws and regulations. "After all, the Civil Administration is a government department, not just change the legal procedures. Government departments to do a good thing, but it must act within the law. Marriage registration is sacred, serious, solemn, also very standardized." Director Gao worry later If we run into such as wedding parties paralyzed in bed, or how to do the special circumstances behind bars, after all, not every report it special approval. She hoped that the Ministry of Civil Affairs can introduce relevant "everything" provisions, such as the court set up a "circuit court" in the homes of other places, like the marriage registration office can also be humane operation, identifying the temporary mobility of residents moved indeed home, so that the extension to the temporary marriage registration office there.









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's Congress Chairman Pan Xiao accused of using his office, rent for others,jordan retro 3 pas cher, the promotion opens the door, accepting huge bribes. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court found Pan Xiao total more than 3.5 million yuan of bribery, sentenced to 12 years in prison. Allegations: help others profit from lease promotion It is alleged that by the end of 2005 to March 2011, Pan Xiao served as Party Secretary in Huadu District People's Congress during the responsible use of comprehensive District, the District People's Congress in the project contract, deputies and other election process to help others, and through promotion and appointment subordinates cronies opportunity to collect money. Pan Xiao suspected of accepting bribes totaling more than 5.06 million yuan, 110,woolrich outlet online,000 Hong Kong dollars, 5,000 yuan U.S. dollars. People affected by Pan Xiao "care" includes: Guangdong DCH Dragon Enterprise Management Co.,peuterey outlet milano, Ltd. Hi Lee (handled separately), Pan Xiao Huadu District Department of Transportation to help its leased space, Huadu District People's Congress election; individual person in charge of the construction team Jiangmou (handled separately), to take care of his daughter to get prepared by Pan Xiao authorities; initiated the establishment of the Guangzhou Huadu Wansui small loan companies Shimou yuan,peuterey outlet online, Shi day (handled separately), Pan Xiao due to get help, to stake stream Gold Hill in the name of bribery. Meanwhile,hogan rebel outlet, Pan Xiao also promoted and appointed by subordinates cronies opportunity to collect money. The end of 2007 to March 2011, Pan Xiao either too Huadu District, Municipal Gardens Secretary Xu (handled separately), Huadu District,louboutin femme, deputy director of the Office of the District Government and the Government Offices Administration Secretary Yim (handled separately) career advancement to help others, and to "arrange" their secretary Jeong (handled separately) tanbu served as mayor of the town of Huadu District, Xinhua Street office director. During the trial, Pan Xiao main accused confessed to the fact that the public prosecutor are just some amount of bribes raised objections, particularly allegations of Huadu District Department of Transportation lease for the site to help Lee (handled separately), Pan Xiao argued "I just helped Lee about the leadership of Huadu District Department of Transportation's eat together,orecchini tiffany, told them that in the future more support to business for Lee,jordan retro 4, but did not directly indicate they want space leased to Lee." Court of First Instance: determined amount of bribes over 3.5 million Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court hearing, the prosecutor accused identified Pan Xiao Huadu District in Guangzhou during his secretary,tiffany outlet, Huadu District People's Congress, the use of his office, alone or together with relatives of accepting other people's property facts, but only finds its bribes amounting to more than 3.5 million. Among them, the First Instance finds that accepting building,giubbotto peuterey, renovation, purchase of goods and relatives travel expenses,peuterey spaccio, jade and other property worth a total of nearly 260 million to "wages", "rent",escarpin louboutin pas cher, "gifts" in the name received 820,000 yuan, HK $ 110,000 yuan , $ 50 million. The hospital believes that Pan Xiao as a national staff, the use of his office, for the benefit of others, his behavior constituted bribery. Given the former Pan Xiao coercive measures are not the judiciary, the initiative surrendered to the prosecution, a true account of the main facts of the crime, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, according to the law can be punished more leniently. Its withdrawal from most of the stolen money, can appropriate sentences. Accordance with the law ruling Pan Xiao bribes, a term of imprisonment of 12 years and confiscation of property 300,000 yuan, and recover the illegal income confiscated. After the announcement, Pan Xiao said first court to consider before deciding whether to appeal. Pan Xiao its people: "genius secretary" will talk about corruption annually Pan Xiao, aged 54, Guangdong electric white. In 1973, Pan Xiao East Farm to DIANBAI water when the educated youth, because of outstanding performance, the workshop served as director of the Office, the Bureau of Labor DIANBAI cadres. After reopening in 1977, ??? South China University students. After graduation, his career singing all the way, has served as the National Federation of Light Industry trade union cadres, the Guangzhou Municipal Personnel Bureau, party secretary,louboutin homme, party secretary Fangcun District of Guangzhou City, the District People's Congress, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Guangzhou Huadu District secretary of the district People's Congress. Since September 2005,magasin louboutin paris, Pan Xiao has served as Party Secretary of Guangzhou Huadu District People's Congress, the Ministry of People's Armed party first secretary. April 2011, on suspicion of violation of discipline, taken away by authorities for investigation. It is understood that Pan Xiao practicing calligraphy since childhood, color copying over the body, the official script,christian louboutin soldes, he has a passion for painting over a "Pan Xiao calligraphy and paintings," received a lot of praise, known as the "genius secretary." The irony is that someone statistics, from 2005 to 2011, Pan Xiao at least once every year anti-corruption speech, and his arrival in Huadu District Party Secretary of the following year, then there is at least four times this speech . Discipline in the Pan Xiao was taken shortly before the survey, he also plausibly to more than 700 party members and cadres, said: "We should unswervingly anti-corruption", "power to regulate the proper exercise of leadership."









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's Court for trial. According to court testimony Lan Guo Ying, Zhang Department of victim second wife brought his uncle's daughter, and their cousins ??unrelated department. June 2008,pigalle louboutin, at the suggestion of elders, which came home with a cousin from Guangzhou Baiyun District and its work in an unnamed small garment factory was cousin to seek work. "But she has been the motivation to work, seeking fun," Lan Guo Ying said. Incident Dec. 11,jordan retro 3, 2009, the British discovered cousin Zhang Lan had not any to go to work, but went to Internet cafes. It considers, as a cousin on the right to stop and take her under their hometowns, he has followed her. 8:00 pm, cousin finally agreed to return home,air jordan pas cher homme, he just go out to dinner, drank a bottle of beer. But he returned to the dormitory found cousin lounged pack,air jordan pas cher homme, meaning there is no return. Its angrily ripped cloth curtains on luggage packed, but "she will not let me pick up,air jordan femme, but also take a broom to hit me,tiffany outlet online, and I took over,tiffany outlet, she took a fruit knife stabbed me, and I take it over to be." Lan Guo Ying said, then suddenly pulled low cousin belts,louboutin pas cher, claiming to accuse him of indecent assault, also scolded difficult to hear. Drunken enraged irrational, Lan Guo-British cousin grabbed his neck,woolrich sito ufficiale, because "let go she called," Lan had been pinched to the British victims of the body soft down. After court,orecchini tiffany cuore, the victim's uncle Zhang told reporters that the victim named Zhang Lanying, only 15 years old. The root cause of the incident,jordan retro 11, in fact, the British hate cousin Lan had no good with him. "Lan Guo Ying has repeatedly proposed to his uncle to marry his stepdaughter,jordan pas cher femme, but because of the age difference is too large,ciondolo tiffany, the parents do not agree,jordan retro 3 pas cher," Zhang said,jordan spizike pas cher, "Xiaoying Chen to Guangzhou after falling in love with co-workers, Lan Guo Chen also worked with the British because of jealousy a fight. " The case will choose a sentencing date.









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 No struggle, no fight,it will be stolen cigarettes , just be silently from behind stabbed Qijiang child left behind, vocational school students Wangxian De they fell in the pool of blood, no longer stand up ...... Yesterday morning,mulberry, this bloody incidents occurred in Qijiang county downtown streets. Wangxian De deceased 17-year-old, is a vocational school - Yuying Qijiang County High School (2) classes. Witnessed mass Teresa Lin said,"readily find a white bottle , 0900, ??? and a male classmate from the intersection toward the county Yonghui Supermarket old turntable - this is the most Naore of Qijiang county land. Just as there are two hundred meters away from the turntable,peuterey, suddenly out of a young man on the sidewalk, catch Wangxian De apart from anything else, a "fist" hit in the lower back part of the king. Wangxian De "whoops" sound,mulberry outlet uk store, the body will gradually sinking. "I thought it was a joke young man,cheap hollister outlet, who knows actually put a knife to kill!" LiuLaoTai said the students turned in ??? when asked "Do you want to doing child", young men had lifted his right leg, from behind Wang legs flung open. At this time, only to see LiuLaoTai, grabbed the other man turned out to be a bloody knife! People have not yet recovered, man quickly fled and disappeared in the crowd. At this time,louboutin femme pas cher, ??? have kept lying on the ground twitching, can not say a word,mulberry uk,but they to When the scene, out of the red blood soaked jacket ...... when emergency doctors arrived,spaccio woolrich outlet,saying Zhuang Yong, ??? has stopped breathing. Witnesses near the scene said the assailant escaped dressed in a blue jacket, similar to the age of the deceased, the head is higher than the king about fifty-six cm tall, relatively sturdy. From Wangxian De classmates ask each other "Do you want doing son," the tone of view,the reporter found the incide, they might recognize the assailant. As the assailant in the end is the students,cheap hollister, or young people in society, it is not clear. "He directed Wangxian De assailant, did not hurt other people, apparently targeted." An eyewitness said. Yuk Ying security section Wangke said Wangxian De dispute and would love to get involved, and who only recently hit the shelves. Last night, the reporter called the father of Wang Chengwu Wangxian De. He said grief noon son learned the bad news,hollister outlet, he and his wife always live frugally, they rushed to the Guangzhou airport ticketing. Helpless,half a bag of milk is gone,mulberry sale, tickets sold out yesterday, the next day they can fly back to Chongqing.??? said he and his wife were working in Guangzhou,I do not agree,abercrombie france en ligne, the only son left home and relatives hosted on weekdays and teacher contact, in order to understand his son's situation. At present,mulberry outlet online,opposite the police to take the hint, the police have obtained relevant clues are fully cracked the case. Reporter Zhu Xin Qin Luo

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