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Back to the roots
geschrieben von DerArztausBerlin - 18.12.2013 - 13:48
Hey party people.

Da ich am Sonntag Heim fahre und dann erstmal ne Weile weg bin, dachte ich man könnte mal ein wenig in der Vergangenheit kramen und zusammen :


Also was haltet ihr davon wenn wir uns Samstag gegen Abend mal hinhocken (so ab ~17Uhr) und kräftig die Sau raus lassen...
Es sind immer noch einige Server on und für die jenigen die dieses Kultspiel noch nicht besitzten... 9.99€ für die komplette Collection bei Origin wink

Gibt mal Feedback ob ihr dabei seid. Wäre sehr Cool

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 After the stay at the hotel, companions and massagers and hotel managers clashed in the police the police will investigate post-conflict parties away, alone in the room man Fangding Jun Hunan Province,talon louboutin, has been found falls dead. Recently, the Public Security Bureau through the investigation confirmed Fangding Jun Menghai as accidental falls dead. Now, the family of the deceased being a lawyer to negotiate compensation issues with the hotel. Idealists the 24th falls dead companions, the newspaper hotline received a phone call, said a man: his 17th with two companions Menghai tea-stay hotel after being beaten by the hotel side, they have been taken away by the police during the investigation companions fall floor dead, although the alarm has been unresolved. Arrived at the agreed location, the reporter saw a man, about the knees. Originally, kneeling man is dead brother Fang Fang Dingjun about the military. Party provided written materials about the military, said another man with a dead Fangding Jun Yan and another friend Yang 3, 15,jordan retro 3 pas cher, came to tea Menghai ready to do business, 16 am Check Menghai tea-Hotel . 17 evening 11:30 return from the KTV room after seeing the hotel room stocked with massage service call, then hit over the room massage lady asked to serve. During the dispute because it was and massagers hotel "boss" Wang beaten with people upstairs. Subsequently, the police came to investigate, and take away the conflict companions, and finally, Fangding Jun has been found to fall dead from the third floor. After the incident, the deceased's family arrived four Menghai immediately, because the hotel side of the falls has insisted ??? death and he is not related, do not want to pay compensation. Dark blood still faintly visible when the reporter went to the hotel incident, a man being vigilant and turn, reporters saw the car near the hotel immediately ran it: The hotel is not open for business, go elsewhere. In addition to highlighting the hotel renovation is closed, the man asked for the reporter's Yigai with "do not know" answer. Even the "boss in Can provide phone numbers ", Etc., are "just today I come, I do not know" answer. Cement floor wall outside the hotel, a pool has become dry dark color of blood still faintly visible. Although the time has come to light, but the lobby of the hotel in addition to the entire building ablaze, the remaining floors are dark. Reporter was informed by the deceased's family, they have hired two lawyers from Jinghong, specifically for their agents to the hotel owner claims the transaction. Police identified as police investigate an accident that fall dead, dead Fangding Jun, Yang and Yan 3 people at a tea-stay hotel on the 16th, the 17 evening 9:00, three people to the hotel on the second floor KTV room entertainment. 11 pm 3 people return to the room, looking for Miss deceased Fangding Jun proposed site massage, then call the "flat salons" wife Geng a phone, and got a certain millet and millet and Yang in a duo with the deceased at the hotel 6319 and 6312 trading room. During Yang Su twice with an altercation, kicked the other foot also call a certain telephone Yan. Yan result in a persuasion into the room, and millet and received a phone came a boss Geng et al dispute and beating each other. After then, the hotel will charge with his nephew Wang et al upstairs discouraged, both sides pulled in a boxing Wang Yan nose, the two sides melee happen again. After receiving the alarm,giubbotti peuterey uomo, the police rushed to the scene, ready to be brought back to the police station to investigate the conflict, but could not find Fangding Jun, found ??? when he falls dead already. According to the survey results, the police identified the deceased Fangding Jun was accidentally falls dead. It has been in police custody massagers Menghai police,anello tiffany, according to the existence of acts of prostitution hotel and hotel guests in the fight triggered falls and other illegal and management confusion,jordan pas cher femme, ordered to suspend business for rectification. There will also be detained massagers prostitution. And at the same time Interpol investigation, prosecutors involved in the investigation also requested that the incident investigation carried out under the sun. According to the deceased's family after the incident, Wang, head of the hotel has been reluctant to show up. Although the relevant departments also organize consultations on the issue of compensation, but the hotel side, said there is no relationship with the hotel falls dead, bear only up to half of the funeral expenses. Chan family of the deceased's attorney, said: "Although the public security organs to prove there is no criminal liability side hotel, but the hotel is certainly bear civil liability." In order to show the sincerity of the deceased party, claims have been dropped from 650,000 yuan 350,000. But now, the hotel has only willing to advance $ 150,000 upfront fees, other costs and then, you need through legal channels. Chief reporter Dai Zhenhua photo coverage









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'm so tired, they do not understand me , want to live. "Why do they commit suicide Why leave such last words Why the sharp contradiction between teachers and students so far 10 minutes to the hospital's father Wang Feng small dream 36 years in municipal engineering contracting linquan. On this day, nothing on the site on October 24,karen millen, Wang Feng at home and enjoy a quiet afternoon. 17:00, a small dream language teacher called Hou, urgent voice: "You kids drink (poison) medicine!" Feng Meng little, asked the sentence: " Han" "You kids Yao, the positive hospital! "Hou repeat the sentence. Wang Feng hear the phone there came a burst of 120 ambulance siren burst tight. He rummaged scramble key commercial vehicle, calling his wife. "Losers " Wife a bit overwhelmed. "Can you hurry up, die ah!" He told his wife once burst foul language. He saw his wife's face ashen, did not have time to sell off a small shop shop, got him. Road, Wang Feng Hou teacher kept the phone call, his wife saw his right hand clutching the steering wheel has been shaking. He ran a red light at the road leading to Funan County People's Hospital, a 120 head encounter oncoming ambulance. The direction the car is from the children attending elementary school open, and he seemed to understand what turned the car to follow the ambulance gallop. Forty-five minutes later, 120 ambulance stopped in front of the emergency department at the hospital, medical staff from the ambulance forty-five swarmed with small dreams and week in and week bolted. Emergency room door, "bam" bang shut. Wang Feng ward through the glass and saw her purple face and kept twitching body. Doctors tried to pry open closed her teeth, her gastric lavage, without success, the doctor will insert a tube from the nose stomach. In the red syrup under irrigation, small dream began breathing and vomiting. The other bed, the same week in and week wash the stomach also spit out his mouth foaming. "The children in serious condition." Doctor relatives week in and week out to find salvage treatment of single sign on. In this case,louboutin pas cher, the distance between two kids drink toxic pesticides "dichlorvos" more than 10 minutes. 100 ml of "dichlorvos" when "Yao a child!" Zhou Zhou's father Zhou Jialiang wife received the phone, his wife choked breath. Zhou Jialiang old was riding a motorcycle fade purchased nine years ago, from deer Liu village home town all the way to the hospital bumps. Zhou Jialiang see Hou Feng is on the temper. The door opened and a nurse toward the outside shouting: "The patient is trying to rescue, go to the side noisy!" Feng quiet. Hou seemed very frustrated, stop to explain, "It's something I have not told off" time of the incident she was ready to pack items office work, child Yingying find her class, and to report to her little dream week in and week drink some pesticide . Hou hastily ran to the classroom, on the playground, she saw a small dream and week in and week out to be helped the other teachers and students. Small dream clutching his stomach, lying on the ground Tubai Mo Zhou Zhou, also appeared in a coma. "I looked at her son to drink, I did not dare (drink)." Yingying said afterwards,http://422.gsd.harvard...nt1337212:risitestool.cgi, small dreams, and week in and week is about 17:00 to drink the medicine. Was already after school, they left the classroom 4. Week in and week out a bottle of 100 ml of "dichlorvos" from the bag and open the lid. Pour the medicine in a small dream house drinking a cover,hollister outlet, week in and week drank 2-3 cover, then let Yingying drink. Saw two students drink, and soon it uncomfortable, Yingying dared to drink, but talk to the teacher. Big eyes wide open talking nonsense Fortunately, the two children in the hospital was rescued over. Zhou Zhou and small dreams that day because Yao heart block fast enough, too depressed, experienced teacher ridiculed scores fall, "want to live." 10 o'clock that night, coma four and a half hours after the mild wake up some small; multi-week dose of poison due until 12 at night when there was a reaction, but has said delirious nonsense. "The teacher captured! Bedside someone, she came for me." "I'm going to do homework, and (not) wait for the next turn is (teacher) arrived at the door to go." The mother said her daughter utter greatly eyes talking nonsense, very scary. Week in week until the next day after a meal, only to wake up. Later, Hou teacher found the bottle in the bag week in and week left half of dichlorvos. Mother did not dare to ask,hollister online shop, the toilet secretly got lost. November 11, hospitalized 20 days, week in and week treatment because money has not fully recovered, Liu village is home to the parents to take back rest. "The big drug toxicity, the child now has enlarged pupil of the eye, arrhythmia." November 12, ??? said. Zhou Zhou and table siblings watching TV and saw a stranger (the reporter) arrives, head down without a word, but you can see that she was pale and showed symptoms. Only 12 years old and two 11-year-olds, what happened and what the teacher is not happy, to commit suicide to express dissatisfaction with the teacher A class 98 student sit behind see the blackboard Hou is the beginning of the semester to teach fifth grade six classes of sixth grade, when the teacher. Jiang began to teach the third grade teacher math class.??? said daughter Ginger was the extent of anti-teacher "incompatible". The third day of the incident, Jiang teacher to the hospital to visit her daughter, her daughter has been covered head, hands kept shaking, shouting to let her out. Zhou Jialiang ginger teacher had to politely ask out, but also leaving the sentence: "My child does not like you, then do not come." Until Zhou Jialiang will mention to the teacher fruit into the door, her daughter was back to normal. "Originally, talking and laughing children, see the teacher as mice met with ginger cat." Feng said her daughter little dream, too. Small dream that most recently has been for them a bad teacher ginger, quick to find fault son, also often criticized both by not doing homework, sometimes sarcastic. The most intolerable is to let them, they have been arranged in the back seat is, "even words on the blackboard are not clear." Wang Feng said the children in the class has 98 students, a total of nine rows of seats, a small dream sitting third from the bottom row, week in and week sitting in the penultimate row, another girl juju then individually placed in the first row of the countdown. "She (Ginger teacher) told me not to ask whether it also has put me to sit back there once, Hou took me to the front to sit, she quickly brought me back tone." Week in and week felt undermined teacher Her self-esteem. Zhou Zhou and small dreams that leave the last words just do not want to let myself die too injustice, let the family know that the teacher "harm" dead, so math teacher to take responsibility for their own parents redress. When remedial classes are bombarded with fees based on the description of the two children, they are directly triggered by Yao Jiang teacher is bombarded with remedial costs. As early as two friends a week ago, had the idea of ??suicide, but fear not implemented. October 24 afternoon math class, ginger and when the class teacher's face, week in and week 600 yuan to ask what time pay remedial costs. "The teacher's words and eyes made me feel embarrassed." Zhou Zhou said. After the new semester, week in and week out ginger teacher attended cram run. Fast midterm exam, the teacher began to collect the remedial costs. "Did not intend to participate in the (makeup), but when the new semester enrollment, ginger kids summer job with the teacher repeatedly refused to let the children did not complete the registration, this attended her cram." Zhou Zhou's mother said, to participate in remedial teacher for children also want a good point, to ease relations. Making up things she did with her husband, said his father had some fear week on week, the father does not know how to open to remedial costs. Zhou Zhou said,http://www.bosterritter.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi, the 24th day is the third teacher ginger beg remedial costs, she felt humiliated. Want to live, she said, with her little dream also said "go." "Nobody likes himself a" little dream that poison was their first drink. The 12-year-old, 1.6 meters tall beautiful girl, introverted. In Hou's eyes, "the child quiet, obedient, but the recent decline in academic performance." "Before the exam to enter the top 20." Feng said her daughter once fell to 30 test scores, crying one day. There are changes in her daughter's previous school positive, the new school semester always love drag. Hou also confirmed previous talkative little dream, there was a time in class is often silent, in a daze, just know that buried in a book, do homework. "In fact, a small dream did not write a word, but in the exercise book doodle." Zhou Zhou said. In the eyes of a small dream that he is in a bad mood caused by ginger teacher, she loves to criticize people in front of their classmates, irascible, when angry "eyes wide, very scary." Every little dream math homework done particularly serious, she said a teacher named for fear of being scolded ginger, pulled the door left standing. "I shall teach you a complete waste of time," a small dream that this sentence is ginger teacher's mantra. In a small dream it seems, the teacher is to give them the poor class of the. School sixth grade nine classes, six classes generally poor student achievement, "the teacher not wait to see (love)." Dreams have always liked small fifth grade next semester transferred to the former teacher Zhao Xinrong Hefei teacher, is a former teacher Hou. In her eyes, "Zhao cheerful, very good for the students, voices are small, each student is well." Zhao tune feel small dream was gone, "their nobody liked." Wang Feng said that for a long time, worried about her daughter Zhao mouth, sometimes said to be a letter to the teacher. Zhao daughter very deep feelings. Zhao tone was gone, Hou took over the class. Zhou Zhou said, "Hou does not love affairs,http://www.arbstore.com, affairs are ginger teacher math teacher, she was very strong," Jiang teacher to learn a few particularly nasty drop their children. "I hate the death of her (ginger teacher) a." And small dreams is different, Zhou Zhou and Jiang teacher directly clashed. That is a self-study time, week in and week extracurricular reading a book, was found ginger teacher. Jiang handed her the book, the rejected, go directly to grab, but also pointing to her head and said:. "Learning is so poor, but also extracurricular books" day, week in and week was ridiculed many students. Because teachers do not get along, the intensification of contradictions and again, week in and week fell more results. "My daughter is 80 extra points before the mathematics test, the fifth grade final exam had only 48 points." ??? said. Two children had good results in decreased performance after more strongly felt "fall from grace" was. Their parents from her daughter's speech, math teacher they feel "hostile." "Poor students" need to avoid four girls exam classroom, an area less than 40 square meters, filled with 98 people, seating only accommodate a physical gap. Inside the students to come out, outside of the students must make way for the job. November 13 from 10 am, language lessons. Hou teacher reading a text to explain the new idiom, sitting in the last row of two or three of the boys whispering, from time to time frolicking. Juju two boys sitting next to take notes. She said that under the impact of a few naughty boys, and he can not concentrate on their studies. Originally she was sitting in the last row, as a small dream week in and week out and not come to class afterwards, she and a few boys sitting next to. Juju results came in after class 50, often do not pass the exam, regardless of the teacher and several boys are objects. "Do you know why she was placed in the back, just do not want to let her influence others, learn not to learn with her." Zhou Zhou said. November 12, the reporter saw two boys and their parents. "Children often do not do the job, he said he would not do it, nothing can be done." One father said in housing decoration, not in the child's account of the original county seat for your child can read this town better schools, child care relations gifts, but also pay 6,000 yuan each week just to go, but poor children from grades 4 to start weariness scores. He said teachers often afraid received the phone, "is definitely a child made a mistake again." A few days ago, he was called to the teacher, the son of one of the boys pulled down the next. "Children previous good character, which began two years irascible character,http://blog.hopelaboratory.net/fwalker/diary.cgi,hollister outlet, a trifle will fight with people." In his father's eyes, very talented kids painting, "are what you can draw." Juju that their teachers do not bother tube, the job situation is rarely intervene. "When an exam, let the child leave, do not let children participate." The boy said parents and teachers worried about their children poor test scores, class grades impact on persuading children not to take the exam, children do not dare say parents . In order to test things, the parents and teachers who say quarrel over. Vice President Wang Zhuanying Funan two small children not to take the exam to deny, but several parents confirmed this. Concerned teacher: "Where I really offended them up " November 12, the reporter was removed in touch with events in the ginger teacher. She refused an interview with reporters to meet the requirements agreed to talk on the phone. After the incident, the 40-year-old female teacher, was suspended for investigation. "Before things are not clear, our principle is to be closed." Funan County Department of Education committee member, said Zhu Liang, director of the office. This year too many changes, so that the teacher ginger emaciated. She said she was heart disease relapse, often uncomfortable. For children to target her, she said, "can not understand." "I feel no responsibility for this matter (child poison), I've never had corporal punishment of students, there is no pressure on students." But she says, she found the lack of problems. "I begged them not enough Yeah, exactly where I offended them up " Ginger teacher over the phone seemed innocent and helpless. After the incident, Jiang teacher still on crutches and the injured husband, rushed to the hospital to visit with small dreams and Zhou Zhou, was a child his family "invited" out, she felt uncomfortable. "This is absolutely the way to push my way." She said she was serious insomnia, nervous insomnia. Earlier, after her husband broke his legs from the roof, she was a person supporting a family. For small dreams and Zhou Zhou said study pressure, ginger teacher explained, sixth grade elementary school and junior high school a must, there are some jobs is a normal thing, but she did not insist students must be done, there is no excessive pressure on students . For children manifested bad mood, she said, "not found." She asked: "So many children all right, but why they feel pressure to learn " She said they are also great pressure,air jordan pas cher, the annual assessment related to outstanding achievements in teaching hook, "I tried very hard, but the results of this class or poor, I This is all about the children. "she said, a few students bad management, do not listen in class to do little tricks, they do not learn also affect other children," regardless of religion even normal order can not be guaranteed ", and sometimes you criticize These children, but the aim is to get them to learn, and no hostility. For a small dream of being bombarded with tuition fees, said the issue, Jiang teacher refused to answer and hang up the phone. Let not attend cram school Previously, ginger teacher told local media at the time admitted that she did at school to do a tutorial, but this tutorial is to be run by the parents request, the service is free. Participate not participate in tutoring is completely voluntary, she did not make up classes according to student seating arrangement, not the students light. However,abercrombie pas cher, many parents say that this is some mysterious ginger teacher cram way to make money. In the weeks and weeks of pointing a small dream, reporters came cram run the place - Funan Oil Company old dormitory. Zhou Zhou and small dreams, said that before the incident they have been here in class. Jiang teacher to give them lessons on every day from 17:00 to 7:00, two hours. Classmates are participating in tuition, up to 30 people. "The teacher said in class, tutoring voluntary participation," said Zhou Zhou teacher said as voluntary, while looking for some of the students in private, to persuade them to make up classes. "Every child a semester 600 yuan, the equivalent of a class dozens of pieces of it." Zhou Jialiang said last semester to participate in remedial teacher to find her daughter, but her daughter did not participate. Zhou Jialiang said report to the school this semester, the teacher said Ginger week in and week summer job is not done, do not give her report, reported three times in a row, have been refused. "Fourth go,http://park3.wakwak.co...n/keijiban20/keijiban.cgi, week in and week said attend extra lessons, ginger teacher only to report." Zhou Jialiang think, this is obviously a teacher to the children "make trouble", using their power to discriminate against children. In order to improve the relationship between the teacher, Zhou Jialiang said many parents have chosen to make up classes and teachers "to enhance communication." "To let the children have a front seat, I had to send to the teacher tobacco, charge off the bill." Feng said, until after the fifth grade children read them off, because the teacher exchange frequently send out useless. Reporters found a flyer in week in and week makeup makeup houses, the reporter called Zhang left above the telephone. The other said, two little after the accident, cram stopped, if necessary go to her house, but also promised to give teachers greet the children, let the teacher of the child better. Some parents said that Zhang is Funan two small teacher, otherwise not so much ability. Funan two small vice president Wang Chuanying deny teachers do cram, "If there is, it is only individual parents to come up with ideas." Results good or bad decision "status" level week in and week father Zhou Jialiang is a mason, and later diverted to the farmers. Two years ago, watching winter vegetables more profitable, he rented 15 acres of land species of greenhouse vegetables, good condition two years ago to solve the food and clothing,http://www2s.biglobe.n...nchan/yybbs/yybbs.cgi/??u, but also has a house on the family owed more than 10,000 yuan debt. When he is ready to make a big fight, the situation mutation, vegetable prices fell by more than half, no profits, and he had to switch to other crops. To allow the two children of promise, he let his wife rented a house in the county, with two daughters in the county reading. Children account is not the county. He asked over the relationship, and sent an expensive gift, pay 8,000 yuan each week, week in and week daughter ultimately better read on the county primary school - Chengguan two small. Because of this, his very face in the village, is regarded as an artist. Like him, many rural parents chose this school, resulting in two school buildings squeezed into six grades of nearly 3,000 students. "A lot of people go out to work in rural areas, the rich want their children to be able to read after a good school." Funan County Department of Education committee member, said Zhu Liang, director of the office, three or four years ago, there is a rural child to Funan County reading culture. These children, in the county teacher's eyes, uneven academic performance, bad management. After the incident, a small dream to transfer to a private school in Fuyang, Zhou Zhou Liu returned home village primary school. "Children go to school,polo ralph lauren, is significantly larger than rural children learn better, teachers are prepared to let her squad." Zhou Jialiang said her daughter is in school to recruit new teachers like. "There are a few naughty boys school, the teacher said let little dealings with them, lest it affect my learning, I will pull down the results." Zhou Zhou said. But she does not understand with these kids play together, how their results will be pulled down And just 20 days ago, she suffered a similar "treatment." The secret behind this dramatic change, say it is not difficult: the results is the last word. Survey dystocia November 13, Huaibei small town market day, people or lazily walked in the street, or hastily ran, everyone With their hopes everyone clenched their minds . Wang Feng and ??? commissioned a lawyer to find Funan two small Mrs Lee again, hoping to solve the problem of the child's medical expenses. Mrs Lee said he met in the field, let him find vice president Wang Chuanying interviews, then turn off the phone. Wang Feng said that this is the third time they find a school and Department of Education, they require schools to pay all medical expenses, as well as to be investigating the incident,hollister, to give them a statement. Two children have spent 8,000 yuan in medical expenses. After two days of negotiations, the school gave each child 4,000 yuan for medical expenses. "Re-called in the past, the other said not entangled responsibility, because, after all, nothing big kids." Feng some exasperation: " Does the child have to die, it is a major event," the other is no longer responding. November 13, Zhu Liang said that after the incident,http://jmfu.com/joyful...ul.cgi?year=2013&page, to come forward to rescue the child Bureau as the top priority, and the teacher concerned to investigate. To be fair, the county Department of Education and other monitoring room and an investigation team, the teachers are paid extra lessons to investigate, "catch-up is there, the teachers are still investigating whether the charges, there will be a result." For claims made by both parents, he flatly refused: "Children Yao is the child's own thing,http://www.hyogoshoubo.../cgi-bin/bbs/freetalk.cgi, not at home but also off the dry line, not a stick to hit the school." This evening, my wife phoned to ???,abercrombie pas cher, said the dead man in the village to go to worship,louboutin pas cher, they do not have money.??? so she borrowed from a neighbor $ 50,hollister france, etc. to their own home. Daughter eat buns county to do, although the family only 300 yuan in cash, Zhou Jialiang bought a 5 dollars buns back. "Do not pay for medical expenses, home, no money to live a little." He said with exasperation. Villagers fear of being seen the arrival of a stranger, the impact of her fame, and so completely dark, and he agreed with a reporter to go. But when the reporter left, there are still good neighbors lying on the wall peek. Zhou Jialiang shook his head and hid in the house and nothing came out. (For the protection of minors, the paper referred to four students a small dream, Zhou Zhou, Yingying, juju pseudonym.)

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'an high-speed rail G2017's conductor Cao Feng save this box up and take the initiative to find the owner ...... 17:30 yesterday,polo ralph lauren pas cher,http://www.trekbbs.com/forumdisplay.cgi, the reporter witnessed the "50000 After bi Zhao Yuan large sums of money "in the process. Mr. Fang is a green company staff. In four workers get paid after the bank deposit did not have time, sit Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to Luoyang. At 16:50 on the 24th, Mr. Fang Zheng ride high-speed rail G2017 West train station parking in Longmen, he got off the bus. But after walking a few steps,chanel pas cher,http://forums.gardenwe.../forums/palms/nph-ind.cgi, he felt wrong, Oh, boxes disappeared. Fang told reporters: "That case is not an ordinary box,burberry pas cher, which is equipped with 50,000 yuan wages is certainly on the train, passengers will not be taken away so many people ah,http://www.asia1986.co.jp/jeans/bbs/asia.cgi,hollister online shop,http://park15.wakwak.c...9/cgi-bin/petit/petit.cgi, if lost, then! so much money for me to advance it! "hold a glimmer of hope,oakley pas cher, Fang quickly ran to the Longmen station staff to explain the situation to see if you can help find yourself falling boxes. "After the train from Luoyang start again,hollister deutschland, I conducted a routine inspection of each car. Checked the 5th car seat No. 38,http://www.n3368.com/thread-2658372-1-1.html, it was found that the seat stood a brown luggage rack trolley,karen millen, but no one on the seat . "Cao Feng conductor said:" I asked who this box is not their passengers have said that I would definitely travelers just stop at the Longmen lost in the box here so hastened called. Several staff and marshals,hermes pas cher,http://www.rpd.jp/bbs/light.cgi, open this box together,herve leger outlet, did not think there even installed a 50,http://yjsnet.jp/hichisou/cgi-bin/netbata-1-2.cgi,sac hermes,000 yuan in cash. such a large number,tiffany, the owner and my heart certainly anxious ah! "Cao Feng hastened to contact Longmen station and asked if anyone came looking for "money box." Longmen station staff immediately Fang's phone number to him, he quickly called contact the owner Fang ...... 17:26 yesterday, the train arrived on time. Xi'an has once again came and rushed here waiting Fong went up,hollister france, saw the enthusiastic conductor Cao Feng. Cao Fang Feng let things inventory and cash boxes within the same lot. Fong said excitedly: "Xi'an is really enthusiastic,http://www.tcn.ne.jp/~...n/yybbs.cgi?pl=p0&amp, I'm so grateful to him and crew members, and can not express in words!"

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's cosmetics Maybelline Cream, also with disappeared. "Estimated losses 20,000 yuan." Made her even more surprising is that at home, the pen is marked with a small black water "?", while downstairs, marked "×" households has not been stolen. Miss Tang suspected theft of their relationship and marks the entrance. Miss Tang and Miss Zhou rental high-tech zones in Changsha, California Sunshine District West Group 8. Go for a walk for an hour burglary April 11 at 9:00 pm, Miss Deng and friends out for a walk out in front of the door locked up. An hour later, they walk back, the door is locked, but the door to find a strange: "bathroom light turned on." Own wardrobe,polo ralph lauren pas cher, bedside cabinet is turned mess,abercrombie france, living room laptop was gone. The inventory, Miss Deng digital cameras,polo ralph lauren, watches, wallets and other items stolen. "The thief will certainly go in a hurry." Ms Tang said, a bedside box is opened, six hundred yuan cash exposed, but not be taken away. Chow co-tenant's bedroom bed, was printed a men's shoe prints, which also stained black mud. Later, Chow wardrobe inventory discovery, digital camera stolen, her most beloved a halter top was gone. "My Maybelline Cream, and some earrings bracelets have been stolen." Miss Deng speculated that the thief there should be women. Miss Tang rented a unit, the unit is mounted video intercom entry system, intercom system, but the upper part of the camera has been corrupted. California Sunshine Property Management Department Manager Sun said the district has a lot of rental households, staff confusion, intercom system should be "man-made damage," the. For Chow et al stolen,hogan outlet, he said the property does exist some responsibility on the regulation. Mr. Sun promised before the end of the entrance to the access control system will be repaired unit, add 13 surveillance cameras monitoring blind spots in each district. The door is marked "?" symbol for the mysterious theft,karen millen soldes, week long suspected thief Capitol too. Miss Zhou rental at the door, close to many of the "psoriasis" advertising,doudoune moncler, the right door there is a humble black "?". The right of the door of her downstairs tenants, then marked a "×". Reporters and Chow knocked that house door, the door was a woman, she said, there are people who usually home during the day and night,air jordan pas cher, "I was working at night,hollister, and family day shift." She said, some time ago sales personnel and other strangers to knock on the door, "do not know to check out the location." 8 of 17 floors from a first floor unit to the 17th floor, reporters were found a "?",hollister, 2 ? " × ", are black. The two third floor unit appeared three red "×", 2 ? "×". In other storied building, also found many similar mark, and are at the door inconspicuous place, right or top of the door. Property Management Department Manager Sun said such a mark on the floor inside did not know, nor do mark the property company. Currently, burglaries have been a criminal investigation. According to community police, said from the scene of crime and modus operandi, the thief is most likely the Capitol and then sets the lock to open the door after committing the crime,hollister outlet, and it was a lookout. For mysterious symbols mark the entrance,mulberry, police said it is possible and theft events. But there can not be confirmed as a sign that the thief, need further investigation. Police remind residents found the door was made mark, the best it immediately erased. For safety's sake, try to choose more complex locks, there are grooves,woolrich, cross over the bump key touch.

000 yuan in cash

Westlake Avenue and Yan'an Road intersection

3-year-old mother to p...oad when the bus killed (

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'm willing WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Mo Guan Ting WU Yan-ling) last year end, 28-year-old Ryan suddenly found suffering from uremia. In just one month, the whole family has more than 20 uncles and brothers to the hospital blood test,ciondolo tiffany, to donate a kidney to save him, even soon to be born baby sister did not hesitate. Blood test results showed that only the mother and sister of blood Schilling appropriate. After further by matching mother learned that he conform to donate a kidney condition, is pleased to cry: "Do not say a kidney,ciondoli tiffany, that is, two kidneys, is to take my life in exchange for his life, I am willing. "December 3, 2012, xiaolai feel dizzy discomfort to Zengcheng a hospital, found suffering from uremia,hogan outlet, the need for a kidney transplant. Mom Schilling said: "Hearing this news,tiffany outlet, I am a farm woman, do not know what to do in addition to the crying. "Little Lai's father has five brothers,christian louboutin soldes, mother of five siblings,peuterey spaccio, brothers and sisters and their families on both sides of the adult children of a total of 20 people. Within a month, 20 people have come to the hospital blood test Zengcheng, a 45-year-old aunt also went to a blood test, she said: "If I had a kidney can save a life nephew, worth ah. "Lin mother said:" It was a family of brothers and uncles went to a blood test,basket louboutin, but not the type O blood. "From a medical point of speaking,jordan retro 11 pas cher, the blood type is right, but also to further screening until after matching the success of the indicators,jordan pas cher femme, criteria for compliance with standards to donate a kidney. Only the mother's blood type is O forest type, think of my mother's sister xiaolai ages so big, that young people will be better kidney, and her husband to donate a kidney to his brother wanted to discuss something. But then a few days on little sister to Ryan,orecchini tiffany, the brother said: "If appropriate, I agree to donate a kidney to her, but to wait until giving birth, the body is restored to donate a kidney. "January 17, xiaolai one came to a hospital in Guangzhou. After the screening, the mother Schilling meets the criteria to donate a kidney. Lin said his mother, that his son had saved,peuterey outlet bologna, there will be no more crying. "If the son is two kidneys,peuterey outlet bologna, I am willing to donate to him, is to take my life for my son's life, I have been willing. "Lin mother's idea is very simple,louboutin chaussures pas cher, is to early to put his son's kidney in vivo. Kidney transplant ward director, said the hospital according to relatives living donor kidney transplantation provides relevant departments have reported a higher level,talon louboutin pas cher, and so on down the pieces after the approval,gioielli tiffany, the elective surgery as soon as possible.









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'clock in the morning hours,louboutin chaussures, the submarine mountain GUICHI Road and 100 meters north of the intersection of a restaurant on the second floor balcony, several guests quarrel,air jordan pas cher, which was suddenly blurting "You're doing a gun" scared waiter rushed to the police. After receiving the alarm,nike air max 90, the area police attention, dispatched several police cars came to investigate. According to the restaurant a waiter that afternoon guests on the second floor there are five open a box,talon louboutin, a few people stayed until late at night none left. 0:00 hours,escarpin louboutin pas cher, there is a very ordinary man came dressed in the restaurant said to be looking for someone, and straight on the second floor, directly into the open before those five guests of the box. Shop attendants were on duty said the man was backing up a black bag,jordan flight 45, image and dress very ordinary,jordan retro 6 pas cher, nothing special, so its not much impressed. Curiously,orecchini tiffany, the man got into the box less than five minutes,basket louboutin pas cher, then came a brawl inside. Something between the guests, waiters are generally afraid to say, most choose to stay away. While avoiding waiter to go down when the box suddenly someone shouted,giubbotto peuterey, "You're doing a gun! Keep Cool brains! "There is a gun! Waiter quickly ran downstairs scared and hid in a corner quietly called the police. Subsequently, the boxes will pay down the stairs a few people left,nike air max 90 pas cher, until the police arrived on the scene,air jordan pas cher homme, the boxes have been empty. Police then carried out in a lot of restaurants in the survey,basket louboutin, because the boxes are not installed probes,jordan retro 3 pas cher, then the boxes in the end what happened, is not someone a gun, later the man was not armed, a time unknown. Currently,jordan retro 4 pas cher, the area police are further investigating the matter.









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's heart seemed to look and fell to the ground. Since then,karen millen sale, he was staying with his wife of 20 years began a meticulous care. In the past 20 years, his wife took place four cerebral hemorrhage, almost vegetative state in general, but miraculously survived. Due to the loss of his wife daily living, eating and sleeping should Zhang personally manage. Every night, his wife Zhang have to put half a bucket of diapers, dry place to ensure that she spend the night. These changing diapers full clean down by the Lao. Every morning, hanging on the wire that two "flags of all nations," Gone with the Wind in the district where a full 20 years. In order to take care of his wife, Zhang past 20 years are afraid to step away from the door. To follow the example of his wife Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs "chronic illness into health,sac chanel," this sentence is extremely appropriate for Zhangren Yan. In order to take care of his wife, Zhang three years ahead of retirement, became his wife's full-time caregiver. In order to take care of his wife, Zhang quit the bookstore, flowers aviculture hobby. Libraries can not go, Zhang let the kids put some heart and cerebrovascular diseases medical care, nursing home run by professional book. In order to prevent his wife have bedsores, Zhang light air on the updated three. Despite his wife lost their language skills, but Zhang still talk to her as it was before: "his wife,franklin marshall, we went out for a walk '" His wife, eat what you want bun stuffed "Not only that,lancel, Mr. Chang also always talk to his wife two people thing of the past, I hope one day she can "wake" up. However, the reality is cruel, after all,lancel pas cher, to see his wife woke increasingly slim hopes. Beginning in 2006, Zhang bought two cartons of books began to study medicine conditioning, with experience in themselves to do the test, if the test has the effect, he gave his wife conditioning. Now,longchamp, his self into medicine in the care of his wife's spare time, take advantage of what they have learned, began to help a few old folks nursed back to health. Continuation of life since his wife never betray his wife fell ill, has never been to the kitchen,hollister online shop, washed clothes Zhang, and now you can skillfully do these housework. Due to his wife only eat liquid food, so every cook, he must first break the food machines, and then a little bit of food to feed his wife. The first case to his wife dumplings, still let Zhang fresh. And neighbors in a chat, Zhang learned that Sam Sun stuffing dumplings taste better, but it can not do, we ask the neighbors. He bought the shrimp, leeks,chanel pas cher, after a pass busy,longchamp, more than 20 shapes and sizes dumplings pan. To see his wife like to eat, the more embittered feed a few, who knows yet propped up his wife to. Since then, Mr. Chang mastered his wife's dietary laws: before 8:30 every morning, his wife began to eat breakfast; 2:30 pm plus a yoghurt, 17:00 eat dinner. After a 12-point night, he had from time to time up to three times the water to feed his wife and to his wife changing diapers, stand up. Today, most worried about is that Mr. Chang was afraid he "walked" in the head of his wife, think of those profound feelings of the past days, Zhang's heart is full of warmth and sweetness. "There she was in this house, and some warm air, she can not speak,lancel pas cher, but I can give her that if she had gone,herve leger sale, I'm a man would be alone." In previous years, Zhang's units to the old couple celebrating the golden, for this year has been 74-year-old Zhang,longchamp pas cher, the wife alive and well is his greatest happiness. Universal correspondent reporter Li Li Yang

Ouyang certain

I do not know where he is working

and even tore their jobs this or books. Therefore

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's Court of the fifth witness,hogan sito ufficiale, the judgment is automatically determined to fulfill its obligations,air jordan pas cher, and take the initiative to the court to pay the legal costs borne by the judgment. The prevailing party and the losing party are considered fair judgment,jordan spizike pas cher, the case made a better legal and social effects. December 3,peuterey outlet online, City Fifth Court verdict plaintiffs China Tianfu Cola Group Corporation (Chongqing) is a B Tianfu Cola concentrate feed ingredients, recipe and production process of trade secrets rights holders; accused PepsiCo beverages Limited Chongqing judgment Stop using the effective date of Tianfu Cola concentrate B feed ingredients, recipe and production process of trade secrets; defendant Chongqing Tianfu Beverage Co.,nike air max pas cher, Pepsi return it within 10 days from the plaintiff to obtain China Tianfu Cola Group Corporation (Chongqing) effective on the date the judgment Tianfu Cola concentrate and B material ingredients, recipes and information about the production process; rejected the other claims of the plaintiff China Tianfu Cola Group Corporation (Chongqing)'s. Still appeal period, Chongqing Tianfu Beverage Co., Pepsi, Pepsi (China) Investment Co.,bracciale tiffany, Ltd. on several occasions with the court that the court's decision is fair, automatically fulfill the obligations required under the judgment of the Full Court testimony. Considering the appeal period has not had,escarpins louboutin, and so the appeal court said the expiration of the wishes of the parties and whether the dispute is determined to fulfill. After the expiration of the appeal,giubbotti peuterey outlet, Chongqing Tianfu Beverage Co.,jordan spizike, Pepsi,hogan outlet milano, PepsiCo (China) Investment Co.,moncler bambino outlet, Ltd. and the court again automatically fulfill the requirements. Taking into account both agreed, and the parties do not dispute the contents of payments data,christian louboutin soldes, in order to avoid the application execution to cause more opposition parties, the court agreed to perform evidenced by the Full Court of the trial judgment in the case. Yesterday,moncler outlet online, the parties completed the Fifth Court in the city concentrate formulations,nike air max 90 pas cher, including data transfer,giubbotti moncler, payment of the legal fees. Reporter Liang Ting Tang Zhongming correspondent ??? litigation course in October 2008: Tianfu Cola revealed to the media want to reclaim its own brand. November 2008: Tianfu Cola lawyer sent a letter to the Pepsi trademark of recourse. December 2008: Tianfu Cola Pepsi union lawyers said was expelled. December 2008: Tianfu Cola decided to sue Pepsi. October 2009: Tianfu Cola Pepsi occupation formally indicted technical secrets. April 2010: Tianfu technical infringement lawsuit against Pepsi formal hearing. August 2010: Tianfu sued Pepsi technical infringement trial again. December 2010: Tianfu Cola and Pepsi brand competition in the first round win.





http://top100.rambler....bordello bbs1/ezboard.cgi




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  BEIJING, May 19, Zhengzhou (Reporter door ??) May 19, dressed in military uniform, his chest covered with medals of honor guard of Chairman Mao Zedong during his lifetime - Bing - required under the scorching sun sitting in the streets of Zhengzhou City, the signature gift red book, the Chairman recalled his lifetime living and working in the sense of personnel,http://park3.wakwak.co...bin/room/metalcatbbs8.cgi, preach patriotism. Donated station located near the southwest corner of the intersection of Garden Road Agricultural Road sidewalk table a stool, the inconspicuous, but dressed in military uniform wearing medals,Christian Louboutin Escarpin Epoca, the hale and hearty old man, and the table, "Chairman Mao defender Lee Byung selling word books to be signed "sign, so that the loss to the dissemination of attraction, many pedestrians stopped to watch, and some also require the books to get a photo taken. "I am fond of reading, these books give me some work, the power of life." 24-year-old arrived in Zhengzhou to work, said Liu Heng, his career has just started, I hope these spiritual nourishment can motivate yourself to work hard. "I adore Chairman Mao wanted to tell his lifetime guards to learn more about the great deeds." 46-year-old Chen Xiaojun intently municipal workers turned the red book, also refused to lift the head. Easy to read,Christian Louboutin Pompe Jenny 150mm, said the first public, especially young people should know more about the history, learning traditions, inherit and carry forward the older generation of revolutionaries of good ideas. See people enthusiastically read books, learn about the history, Lee Byung need them very excited,Christian Louboutin Tongs Hola Nina, he told reporters that he was born in 1955 in Henan Yu Chau, 1973 into the Central Guard Bureau,http://chucktownlive.c...w=profile&userid=3556, served as Chairman Mao Zedong guard for three years. "What impressed me most was Chairman Mao's old clothes to wear patches upon patches, where a dress 67 patches,punti vendita abercrombie, as well as a clothes 59 patches, his old spirit of hard work so I am particularly touched and his race against the elderly learning, mental work, but also impressed me. then, the President often stays up late studying, marking papers, I often saw him in the living room lights on all night sentinel immortal. particular,Buy Cheap Abercrombie And Fitch Womens Sweater, he was seriously ill and dying elderly at the time , also kept working, studying, for example,wholesale jerseys from china, the infusion fainting, woke up, so that medical personnel Satisfy books and papers, he insisted marking, learning until the end of life, he came to a halt,karen millen wedding dresses, these things make me unforgettable. "Lee Byung need that to Chairman Mao when guards although only three years,, but he suffered from the impact of education and inspiration of his later life trajectory. Tangshan earthquake,http://www.geol.sci.hi.../lightlight.cgi?res=36784,Hogan Interactive Uomo, earthquake,http://taghebostan.ir/...red-the-tomb-of-qing-pre/, he donated money. He even raw frugal with perennial obligation exhibitions, with pictures so he kind of do everything possible to collect valuable historical information reproduced the Red Army,http://vd.misty.ne.jp/...eed/cgi-bin/aska/aska.cgi, the Eighth Route Army and the scene of the great achievements of Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation, confirms the Japanese committed in the land of China heinous crimes under. In 2000, he began a book, with 500,cheap lakers jerseys,000 words recorded during that precious revolutionary years and donated to a dozen provinces and signature red book, publicity patriotic education. In addition to donated books, Lee Byung also need a portable DVD player with revolutionary themes promo,http://www1.u-netsurf....ndemo/yybbs.cgi/yybbs.cgi, he says,Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 TRX FG, is to do this in order to "let the old comrades back in history, to allow young people to understand the history, do not forget the past history of difficult grief, do not forget the Japanese crimes committed in China, do not forget the older generation of revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong lay the country come easily to us, we should cherish it, work hard, and make due contributions to society. "Lee Byung need to say that his signature gift in the street book,collana tiffany chiave, most people expressed understanding and support, but there are a few people think a show, even cynicism, in addition to invest time and effort and money, but also a strong spiritual support. He cheerfully said: "do the work,http://kazunstyle.com/...2087&res=1&page=0, there is a passion in my heart, there was a spirit,milano abercrombie, is the spirit of Chairman Mao who inspired me, so I want to stick to it, the end of my life." (End)

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'bolas'!" Zhaolao Having come up with a thickness of about 5 meters long thumb like a rope from the cloth inside,louboutin femme pas cher, then its end hung a awl-like hammer. Skilled old first rope around your wrist, and then throw to, so after repeated 5 times feel like knowing this, like a rope, thrown Zhaolao place with a purpose more in the past, not even when their feet moving forward to throw this rope. "Good! Look! Have become a straight line." Scene was not amazed. Exercise Iron Palm Zhaolao cut off the little finger joints from three sections of Ningxia 68-year-old, not tall, but very spiritual, family generations are learning martial arts, martial arts since childhood Zhaolao is a fan, "a child is every day steal watching my father practice, he is very famous in the local.. " Referred themselves to the father, Zhaolao very excited. In fact, his father did not teach him how,orecchini tiffany, as a child, he was a very naughty child,gioielli tiffany, "That was my very obsessed with this Iron Palm, age about teens in the way to school, what to see what to cut, trees Yeah wall Yeah, Yeah house What tools are used when practicing,jordan retro 6, scarred hand cut,hogan interactive outlet, nor rest. "With daily exercise, the hands are thick calluses,hogan interactive outlet, once the little finger bones broken three sections, he just keep practicing the next day. Because a child's exercise let Zhaolao before his classmates was "impressive", the students wear a thick winter coat, but he continued to poke a finger to others, leading to some of the students cried stand, sued teacher. "Head touch stone" driven to the wall with age, he came with relatives in Xinjiang. 70s chance, he became a circus righteous people. "At that time we often go out acrobatic performances in the regiment, I have learned a lot, such as silver bayonet throat,air jordan 11, prop ton, King elbow, large qigong,chaussures louboutin, are my forte." With the increase in performance,jordan spizike pas cher, Zhaolao more places to run in his memory is only a mistake in the southern Emin performing a "head touch the stone." "We are the 20 kg heavy stone kind, 1 meter long, 0.5 meters wide and I ready after hit to head towards me. Off toward wherever he goes after I walked around, still waving the waving after stepping down, a colleague said, 'Your head is bleeding' touched me good, blood streaming down his head is. "Thankfully, the audience did not find, but they have a head Zhaolao new scars. Was invited to dinner at night Zhaolao carrying large hat, constantly applauded by the masses. Young head of a 10 cm scar Zhaolao now, there is not much hair on his forehead. "In fact, when I was young with a lot of hair,boutique louboutin, but that is because exercise,louboutin femme, my head has a hole 10 cm long treaty is due to constantly bruised bone fracture after re long, and now there is no practice more than 20 years, so head could not see the scars. "It is understood that Zhaolao performers are welcome to where his family are also special support. Since the performances are very thrilling, sometimes accompanied by wife together when cut eyes regarded Wushang. "I still remember that show 'reinforced neck' time,louboutin chaussures, my relatives are scared of a heart attack!" Zhaolao laughing. Zhaolao decades have not been to the hospital told reporters, when I was younger Xinjiang minus 40 degree weather, he is wearing a vest out of the exercise. "I wear shorts, see people around wearing big jacket still shivering, for decades,jordan pas cher femme, have never been ill,hogan sito ufficiale, let alone go to the hospital." "Civil and military": Calligraphy pretty good, "you I do not know it! Zhaolao Although seemingly a 'generals', in fact, his calligraphy is very powerful, and I have 20 years practicing calligraphy, but he only took a year practicing calligraphy contest third place, "Zhao A calligraphy old friend said. Reporters at the scene also saw several pairs of work Zhaolao,air jordan pas cher, cursive, reading, books and other crazy kind of a norm. "Actually I have no specific learning before, but when nothing and thought, it has the appearance of a slowly! Feel this is not difficult, just do not know how to write, to see someone else wrote, observe for a while, too on the back. "plain language, so that the presence of every one who could not help but thumbs.









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 80 after the guy pak whim,woolrich outlet, to start in Shenzhen "", also there is no taboo to say: "I want to profit by the rich" in preparation for "thief museum" content, including thieves stealing skills showcase a variety theft. Tools display,hollister, as well as around the world gather news about thieves and so on. Pak from Hengyang to Shenzhen has been ten years. Now obsessed with headlong into the "thief museum", that is to develop security industry. May also have to worry about thieves posing as members of the public to come to "learn" stealing technology. Tools of crime up to hundreds of species on the 20th of this month, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in Shenzhen Baoan manhole and a village to see its being organized by "thieves museum." Reporters saw about 20 square meters in a room filled with all kinds of theft tools, such as a master key, safe push codec, waved, pliers, crowbars and more. "My museum is divided into pickpocketing column, fishing column,doudoune moncler pas cher, column burglary,hollister outlet,http://770123.com/#???...=8&fpage=1&page=2, car theft columns, each column will have this kind of theft furnishings common tools of crime." Xiao Tang told reporters that most of these tools of crime across the country Burglar person a gift,hollister, there are police officers presented with a gift experts catch the thief,hollister france, and the remaining few are their usual collection. Before car theft column pak live demonstration to reporters thief using the "master key" approach to the crime, I saw a brand new bike lock, with a "master key" easy to be opened. Reporters noted that in addition to hundreds of species of tools for committing crimes, "the thief museum" where there is a thief news column, including the rest of the world catch the thief and punish the thief, thief skills content. To fight the for-profit industry talking about organizing the "thief museum" of the mind, Xiao Tang said that Cuba has "Pirate Museum", Zhejiang Zhoushan have "Typhoon museum", these museums will be disastrous thing to fight for-profit industry, "the thief museum, "the purpose is also here. Pak idea is: First of organizing the "thief museum",hollister outlet, and then develop series projects,http://hotel-ageha.com/clip/clip.cgi, the introduction of security companies, and ultimately form a series of industry. "I have been a soldier for two years, many of his comrades when the police, on the thief stealing techniques and methods of crime are more familiar with, they offered me 'thief Museum' very supportive." Xiao Tang said that in addition to the police,abercrombie pas cher, the civil many catch the thief He also has one master went to visit, the head of the thief who lives in Shenzhen, south ace old Mai is one of them. In addition, he also has been to Nanchang, Nanjing, Beijing and other places to gather and other instruments thief crime, tips and news. "Thief museum" without approval "to offer such a museum, you are considered relevant formalities to legalize " For the reporter's question,mulberry outlet, he did not respect pak this intention, he considers himself a "museum" is not the true meaning of Museums on, there is only one model only. If possible, he would consider the "thief museum" handed over to the government. For the "thief museum", many residents of the respondents questioned, "so much stealing,http://blog.hobbykzn.ru/forum/topic.php?id=170774, do not they come to a thief posing as' learning 'opportunity ' Public Liu put forward their own questions,abercrombie france, and hope that the Government This multi-guide and supervision. Bao'an,polo ralph lauren, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau told a police officer in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that the "thief museum" of such a new thing, the police will temporarily not conclusive. "'Thief Museum' is certainly not the name of this museum, prone to ambiguity as to the approval certainly pass." Competent authorities as a museum in the city of Shenzhen,http://blw.xoom.it/read.php?tid=31592&ds=1, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics Management Office Sports and Tourism Director Liu said, according to relevant regulations, whether official or private museums are required to provincial cultural department approval. Beginning last year,http://hostnexus.com/cgi-bin/mojo/mojo.cgi, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture has granted approval of the terms of reference of Shenzhen, the "thief museum" must be submitted before the establishment of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau for approval,http://warabocchi.com/diarywiki/wiki.cgi, and then with approvals to complete the registration,http://www.colors-st.c...pad/epad.cgi?del=24851%22, the public nature to civil registration,woolrich, for-profit nature of the Trade and Industry Bureau registration. Liu said, in a foreign country already has a "thief museum,http://www.colors-st.c...pad/epad.cgi?del=24851%22," one said, but in the country have never heard of. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Qun Song photo coverage (from the bottom of Shenzhen)

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it felt like an earthquake,burberry paris, even the bed and went to shake several times,robe bebe burberry," and so she went downstairs and saw a ragged woman rushed out from the opposite side,ray ban violet, the whole body was burning was red,basket ralph lauren homme, did not walk a few steps and fell to the ground screaming,sac lancel rouge, "Help,longchamp en ligne," Huang aunt quickly alarm, followed by 120 emergency personnel rushed the injured Ruijin hospital. According to informed residents said the injured woman surnamed Zhang, 49, whose husband was out last night,gants ralph lauren homme, night, home,pochette homme longchamp, only she and her 23-year-old son Xiao Zhu, the very fact that the incident occurred just getting ready to make breakfast for his son, mended a Unscrew the gas cylinders, it happened deflagration. Fortunately,oakley bordeaux, his son was still sleeping on the second floor, was not injured. The reporter then learned from the Ruijin Hospital,vente polo ralph lauren pas cher, the very fact that 70% of the body severe burns,sacs pliables longchamps, is currently undergoing surgery,chaussures polo ralph lauren, yet out of danger. Cause of the accident is still under investigation.









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devils" in Heilongjiang Province, the man was selling drugs, "top man" in the Tanggu District, there are two rental housing, with a 19 Ryu-year-old girl to live with. Drug gangs "number two man" Zhang after transport drugs from the northeast to the Tanggu District, and the "devils",hogan outlet milano, Liu left a down home,jordan retro 6 pas cher, who shipped off the assembly line and then sold to drug addicts. October 15 morning, police learned that Zhang carry bulk drugs from Tanggu Railway Station and get off, then follow them. To Yiwang Da out drug gangs,piumini moncler outlet, the police set up a task force, a group of police left a trace, another group of police on the "devils" who implement the arrest. Zhang and "devils" after that meeting, the drug is stored in another rental place, implement the separation of people and goods. 22:00 the same day, a left to the "devils" to pick up the rental office, the police "let go" left certain,air jordan pas cher, and its track. Another group dressed as a police officer to buy drugs,piumini peuterey, knocking "devils" in the door, was arrested "devils",woolrich artic parka, Liu, Zhang,bracciale tiffany, and seized methamphetamine, Ma Ancient,scarpe hogan uomo, ecstasy,peuterey outlet roma, heroin, 411 grams and a few million of drug money,louboutin chaussures, including methamphetamine 399.12 grams. 23 pm, and 3 left a transaction under the house,air jordan retro 3, was arrested by the police. Under questioning,louboutin paris, "devils" confessed to drug trafficking crimes. The police urine test, found that "devils", Liu,basket louboutin pas cher, Zhang, left some are taking drugs. Currently,louboutin soldes, seven men were sucked drug trafficking police criminal detention. Police are hunting "devil" on the home and offline, the case is pending. Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality,air jordan pas cher, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.









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's house, three two-story buildings, a house in the village is not bad. And most rural people,armani pas cher, the villagers are relying on migrant workers earned money to build a house to support the family. "The home conditions can be, anyway, when the money will give her father a call, the economy never loss her." Mandy's grandfather Zhao Xinhua said,longchamp, ten years ago,hollister online shop, Mandy's mom and dad to make a living, just married Shanxi Jincheng soon to work because of the flexibility and the start of the dough at a local business, and slowly began to improve economic conditions at home,http://www.filesocean....r 2.2.5 mien phi yabb.cgi, after several years of hard work, the family built a building,http://park1.wakwak.co...ei/mitei.cgi/mitei.cgi(0), "working out hard, but relatively speaking or earn a little more. "not short of money,http://www.ebay.com/it...4?clk_rvr_id=401952862072, and parents want the New Year with" New Year this year is not good to buy a ticket, her parents do not come back. "Zhao Xinhua whispered. According to him, Mandy was born in Shanxi, because parents are busy business,hollister france, no time to take care of her, six months old when he was sent back to the home Mandy,http://www.kit.hi-ho.n...bin/user/hi-ohara/tob.cgi,tiffany outlet, with grandparents living together. "9 years have passed,louboutin, Mandy and Mom and Dad spent New Year together only four,most]http://www.geol.s...ight.cgi?res=3356396]most, usually do not see the face." "To every New Year, we are afraid to put her in front of her father and mother,oakley pas cher, afraid stimulate her. "Zhao Xinhua sighed with frustration. Mandy fear stimulus,air jordan, Zhao Xinhua reporter interviewed declined to Mandy. "New Year's is our most difficult time, make a table of food, she did not want to move,http://www.novanchi.com/cgi/board/bbs.cgi, Mom and Dad brought her cry." According to Mandy's grandfather speaking, every month, Mandy's parents will send the cost of living, home do not need the money, it can be compared with other children,armani, Mandy still seem introverted,karen millen soldes, shy. "Never mind,lancel pas cher, she would in a daze,http://www.women.co.jp/cgi-bin/board.cgi, especially in the last few days." Zhao Xinhua said the family is now getting better and better economic conditions, Mandy's life and learning do not need to worry too much, but how to get over Mandy more happy,http://www.kansaikai.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=9770, let her talk to other children, it is a problem they are more concerned about. "Grandparents grew up together with the baby, after all,polo ralph lauren pas cher, is not the same." (Original title: 9-year-old girls and their parents had just over four years)

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's Court recently for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Federation, former director of the Ministry of State Fu Xiao corruption, bribery case open verdict, the first instance of taking bribes and embezzlement and sentenced according to law 14 years. It did not expect that,http://park14.wakwak.c...-bin/db13_swc/dicebbs.cgi, Fu Xiao country of the incident, was actually derived from the four rural children with cerebral palsy. April 2011, Tunchang County, Hainan Province four rural poor parents of children with cerebral palsy to report to the prosecution, said they went to the China Disabled Persons' Federation, provincial federations designated poor children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation hospitals - Rehabilitation Hospital of Hainan care encephalopathy (hereinafter referred to as "hospital care") treatment failed more than two months, held up the best timing of treatment, and now kids can no longer stand up. After Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Provincial People's Procuratorate,http://www.afirmfwc.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi, the hospital does not have the care to become Hainan children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation hospitals poor condition, but the dean of bribery Fu Xiao Hainan Federation of State Department of Rehabilitation, former director of 100,000 yuan for Disabled , money bought "sentinel" hospitals qualifications, and thus pull FU Guo Xiao used his position to accept bribes and embezzlement cases of 1.016 million yuan. Daughter no longer stand the "baby daughter, 6 years old, and can only crawl, really unhappy people." May 31, Tunchang County town of Datong multi-polar continent Pocun Wu told the "Legal Daily" reporter, I used to listen said children with cerebral palsy can also be cured, can be the beginning of 2011 in Hainan encephalopathy rehabilitation hospital care treatment for over two months without success. "A few days ago to the Provincial People's Hospital,http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp...ragou_onmyouji/antasy.cgi, expert examination, said missed the best timing of treatment is very difficult to cure." Two old tile-roofed house, Wu and his wife leaning on a multi-polar cerebral palsy daughter Fifi (a pseudonym), so she's tied to a tree along the two wooden legs to stand up training, Fifi difficult sliding under her mother's arm ,Nuovo Nero Hogan Olympia Uomo, go for a child on the pain straight away tears. Wu said the multi-polar, suffering from cerebral palsy to give her daughter to see a doctor, the couple put the home valuable things are sold. By the end of 2010,http://www.lot-net.jp/...no=t03761&del=1074586,Pompes Christian Louboutin Atomic, that country designated hospital funding 10,000 yuan per person per year,abercrombie and fitch aberdeen, free of charge to poor children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation treatment, so that they can see the hope. Wu multipolar said he and his wife through the village to the county civil affairs bureau to write an application, federations and other county departments after an audit before winning this indicator. They took the children to care for hospital treatment,Nike Zoom Kevin Durant VI, to the hospital after a day on only a few nurses to massage a few minutes left. After a month,http://baske-scratch.com/guest/guest.cgi, the hospital will notify let Fifi home training. "Originally the State failed to give free treatment to get the items have been cheated." Multi-polar Wu said he and his wife reluctantly took the children home. In the afternoon, the reporter went to Tuen Shizhen Qi Tunchang Ishimura Jiangnan Zhen home. He told reporters that four-year-old daughter in the care hospital for two months, do not get treatment. Tun towns and Datong town two 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy in the care of the hospital did not get the appropriate treatment. It is understood, and there are several similar experiences encountered Fifi 10 children. Bribery 100,Nike Pantafoule Homme Noir,000 yuan to buy eligibility investigation,nike elite jerseys, in September 2009, the China Disabled Persons Federation and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects, each 0-6 years old children with disabilities in the poor treatment, give hospitals $ 10,000 training fee. Care hospital informed news in itself does not meet the case of poor children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation project conditions, in order to become the project's hospitals, which seek illegitimate interests, and the cashier off dean Zhangjing Quan Ping (Department ???wife) Please state when dawn breaks CDPF rehabilitation of Hainan Province, former director and staff of the Ministry of Chen Bao (handled separately) to help. Identified by the investigation, by the end of 2009, Fu Xiao country agreed with ??? determine Hainan CDPF care hospitals 200,000 yuan per year to fund the project funding. Zhangjing Quan said that thanks to him, Fu Xiao made the country a national project to compensate 10,http://www.kariyado-e....cbs/cbs.cgi?mode=admin%22,000 yuan for each patient,http://www.blackborder.../cgi-bin/common/index.cgi, he should commission per case $ 2000,http://www.british1.co.uk/cgi-bin/search.cgi, which is 40,000 yuan per year in commissions. Zhang Jingquan couple after consultation agreed. Fu and Chen Xiao in the country with the help of a leopard,Christian Louboutin Femme Tribunal, in January 2010, hospital care was identified China Disabled Persons' Federation was officially Hainan rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects designated hospitals. April 2010, September, Hainan CDPF twice for a total of 400,000 yuan to fund hospital care. By convention the meantime, Zhang Jingquan couple has four times the 10,000 yuan respectively, two million, twenty thousand yuan and 40,000 yuan to the country Xiao Fu. In order to improve relations and Xiao Fu countries than previously agreed to give up $ 10,000. Chen leopard specific Attn Hainan rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects,Nike Air Jordan 17 XVII Homme, Zhang Jingquan couple in order to express gratitude to Chen Panthers twice sent 12,000 yuan. Court held that, Zhangjing Quan, Guan Ping times to seek illegitimate interests to the national staff of bribery totaling 112,000 yuan, has constituted bribery. Taking into account the investigating authorities did not take the initiative to Zhang Jingquan grasp the fact that the same kind of crime, and voluntarily pleaded guilty,cheap jerseys from china wholesale, may be given a lighter punishment. According to Zhang Jingquan less serious crimes, repentance said, and reached the age of 71 years of age, the risk of no longer a crime, no significant adverse impact on the residential community, the applicable probation. Zhangjing Quan sentenced to imprisonment for two years, suspended for three years; sentenced to nine months imprisonment Ping Guan. Provincial federations officials seven years swallow millions investigators told reporters, according Care Hospital crime of bribery to buy the fact "sentinel" hospitals qualified, they dig further investigation, found that the country Xiao Fu as Hainan CDPF rehabilitation in 2004-2010 During the director, used his position to facilitate, to seek benefits for others many times illegal bribes and corruption facts. Prosecution allegations,Christian Louboutin Sandale Evita 120mm, from 2004 to 2010, Fu Xiao-country use as they Hainan CDPF rehabilitation director position to seek benefits for others illegally. King Shan People's Hospital has helped children with disabilities to become physically poor corrective surgery hospitals; help do not have the relevant conditions of Hainan encephalopathy rehabilitation hospital care for children with disabilities to become impoverished province rescue rehabilitation projects designated hospitals; help Hainan became Cataract Eye Hospital Fuming Poverty Project designated agency; help Hainan Disabled orthopedic rehabilitation center, making it a poor limb orthosis corrective surgery for children with disabilities and poor people with disabilities assembly project prosthetics (walkers) projects designated agencies; help Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou money to get to provincial federations provide rehabilitation equipment qualification; help Sanya People's Hospital, funded by the provincial federations leprosy treatment models, and many times more units soliciting and accepting bribes totaling 943,buy cheapest football players jerseys,000 yuan. 2006-2008, Hainan CDPF hire experts to each hospital for corrective surgery for children with physical disabilities. Under these provisions, the provincial federations to give $ 100 each expert one day specialist service subsidies. But in the meantime, FU Guo Xiao Chen has twice ordered the Leopard (already sentenced) making a false statement subsidies, false, impersonator experts subsidies 81,000 yuan, and for himself. Among them, the national symbol of corruption 73,000 yuan Xiao expert grants. Court that Xiao Fu country as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to illegally demanding, accepting bribes for the benefit of others. In economic activities in violation of state regulations, kickbacks owned by individuals, a total of 943,000 yuan; took advantage of his position, embezzlement 73,000 yuan, his behavior constituted bribery and corruption are crimes. Prosecutor accused of criminal facts are clear,Air Jordan Nike 14 XIV Retro Baskets, there is ample evidence, accused guilty as charged.

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d adze meat ℃ Ju ╅ adze d Fuchanghuigong Fujuanbangfu Banghongxijun eng Ninggaozhukua Е Di i Cong や negative adze draft boil ii Juan Chen Qi ℃ bake Juan faint Code adze Ki $ " Gou moisten tea Shu ゅ adze &#12582,http://www.frbiz.com/p...7/ipad_cover_cgi_005.html; Jun eng Suochuimajuan by &#12584,http://www.newing.ne.j...bs1.pl?page_num=1& Naw Huan Bang х adze instruct eng Duomahaobian &#12369,http://www5b.biglobe.n...igerz/cgi-bin/yybbs77.cgi; Yueduofuliao Marina mutual adze PENG Shang faint Juan iv Kuei Hung Chen Juan shake adze pumping instruct Trainingspants & Ju Chen Rao ╂ pumping braided York 41270 (PENG Fu Bang Boom negative) boil moisten Zuxiang Cha / p&gt,http://cgi.www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~banz/petit.cgi;
Tung &#12421,louboutin; flaw Rao / p>
Michelle Obama withdraws meat Cong Juan Feng Chun eng harm boil cen Hong Hao Jun eng Rue pulp Hay Hay Laos helium Bianbanghongjiao &#12583,air jordan pas cher; Benjuanhongwan fork Qian Qi $ ★ stamp chop-chen has destroyed 008 resolution å Yun Qian &#9541,hogan; inch idler flaw &#12369,http://meimoku.co.jp/c.../visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1; adze boil ii Bang coax regulation &#9541,http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/porch/nph-ind.cgi; Hay Diaowuhongduo Hao Jun eng meat adze faint 〃 cyanosis coax mutual ╅ Qianduobingchan Resolution 2008 Qian Juan &#1054,http://park12.wakwak.c...bin/yybbs/yybbs/yybbs.cgi; &#9541,http://alien-tm.net76....orum_topic&topic=2169; (ii) the peak inch boil howl adze 〃 cyanosis bombers Jun eng Jubengaotao call Michelle "coax Juan faint Hao Qi Qi ℃ idler $ "inert Juan heavy rope Huan boil / p>
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Ki $ ℃ Chanbianchanchun

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