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Back to the roots
geschrieben von DerArztausBerlin - 18.12.2013 - 13:48
Hey party people.

Da ich am Sonntag Heim fahre und dann erstmal ne Weile weg bin, dachte ich man könnte mal ein wenig in der Vergangenheit kramen und zusammen :


Also was haltet ihr davon wenn wir uns Samstag gegen Abend mal hinhocken (so ab ~17Uhr) und kräftig die Sau raus lassen...
Es sind immer noch einige Server on und für die jenigen die dieses Kultspiel noch nicht besitzten... 9.99€ für die komplette Collection bei Origin wink

Gibt mal Feedback ob ihr dabei seid. Wäre sehr Cool

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#4 von 31.12.2013 - 04:29
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's head, kick him alive died. Immediately, the Herald reporter rushed to the scene to understand the situation. Herald reporter on the scene saw a middle-aged man lying on the side of the road, head wound was still bleeding on the side of the road and sidewalk, all stained with blood. Police rushed to the scene, pulled the blockade, are on-site investigation. According to the scene witnessed the mass introduction of the incident,mulberry look alike bags, the two men riding a motorcycle when the car driving to the Fang Kosei way, the two had an argument, and then to wrestle with the suspect after the man down, Mengchuai man's head and feet, do not know how much kick,mulberry mitzy hobo black, the other party can not move until he stopped down, then push the motorcycle left the scene. Taxi drivers Shen stream just drove through here, and witnessed the man attack the process. "Do not fight!" Shen Cheonggyecheon Parking restrained, the assailant seemed unmoved. At this point, "the man" Cui pay Germany also came to see this situation, out of cell phone said, "I want to call the police!" Assailant turned and said: "Do not worry, or I kill you!" An Look at this posture, Cui pay Germany quickly dialed 110. After the 120 ambulance personnel arrived, identified dead man lying on the ground. Containment: keeping people enthusiastic murderer. "Did not know him there with a knife, I can not get too close, only to follow" pay Tak Choi said he feared the man ran away, so the alarm after closely followed murderer behind. Shen also followed the stream,discount mulberry handbags, with one side, one side of the lake patrol connection with alarm, "update" the man dynamic. Pull live near "the man" to Zhou Jun, Leung Man Kit, ??? few people, some seen, some heard, also spontaneously followed the man. One pair was about to go home after the couple saw this scene, also joined the ranks of Weizhui. 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Wu said that in the middle how to play, hit a few times, he has all do not remember. Herald reporter learned that Wu drink grumpy, who had previously played with the drink holder. Stringing people: Mr. Wang clues fee: $ 150 Herald reporter intern Lu Weilin correspondent room Shuwu Peng Bo Liu Haiyan / Wen Chen Qiaosi / map

so that everyone feels surpri

First Affiliated Hospital of

'Lao Zheng

#3 von SLIPY050491 Clanmitglied 20.12.2013 - 19:43
Avatar   Germany offline zitieren


Hab nicht so viel Zeit gegen 17:00 weil ich abends Besuch bekomme danach hätte ich mehr Zeit. Mal sehen.

#2 von DerArztausBerlin Clanmitglied 18.12.2013 - 19:51
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ja fett!
ich habs mir auch einfach nochmal geholt weil ich meinen key auch verloren hab!
aber für 10€ alle games geht schon klar.
ich vergreife mich traditionell an meinem Lieblingsnick "DerArztausBerlin"

#1 von Dennis Clanmitglied 18.12.2013 - 18:21
Avatar   Trinidad and Tobago Homepage offline zitieren

Das ist ja mal eine ganz schicke Idee! .. wenn ich meinen Key noch finde, sofort, weil auf keinem Origin Account angemeldet, oder nur auf einem längst verschollenen Account. Und wenn ich's nicht finde, kauf ich's mir nochmal! Also ich wäre dabei. Gute alte Zeiten, aber welchen Account soll ich denn dann von den 1000nden spielen? Heiliger_Krieg? neo.Heiliger_Krieg? neo.SadbutTrue? BeiSs_MiCh<3? Etc..... Also ich bin dabei!

Sind die meisten Server aber nicht inzwischen mit Bots vollgepumpt?

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