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Frohe Weihnachten!
geschrieben von Dennis - 23.12.2013 - 01:02
Liebe Freunde, es weihnachtet sehr im Lande.

Die Weihnachtszeit leutet, und der Weihnachtsmann macht sich zu uns allen auf den Weg. Und da ich nicht weiß, wie viel Zeit ich heute habe, oder selbst am Weihnachtstag selber, schreibe ich nun am 23. Dezember im Namen von uns allen einen Weihnachtsgruß.

Nutz alle diese Zeit um euren Liebsten eine Freude zu bereiten, und macht euch ein schönes Fest. Genug zu Essen, sowie Alkohol wird vorhanden sein. Eine ideale Grundvorraussetzung um die "Familie" ertragen zu können smiling Vielleicht trifft man so manch einen noch an um persönlich eine frohe Weihnacht zu wünschen, oder man wird opfer einer "Massen-SMS" und man denkt, man es würde an einen gedacht werden, obwohl jemand nur das anklickte "an alle senden", aber hey, der Gedanke zählt!

Und jetzt ohne Schmarrn, viele von uns können sich wohl sehr gut leiden, und deshalb von mir: Eine frohe Weihnachten, und lasst euch reich beschenken.

Liebe Grüße euer Weihnachtsmann!


(Ein bisschen Comedy, wo verdammt lustig ist: Adventsbeleuchtung in Stenkelfeld)
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  BEIJING, May 19, Zhengzhou (Reporter door ??) May 19, dressed in military uniform, his chest covered with medals of honor guard of Chairman Mao Zedong during his lifetime - Bing - required under the scorching sun sitting in the streets of Zhengzhou City, the signature gift red book, the Chairman recalled his lifetime living and working in the sense of personnel,http://park3.wakwak.co...bin/room/metalcatbbs8.cgi, preach patriotism. Donated station located near the southwest corner of the intersection of Garden Road Agricultural Road sidewalk table a stool, the inconspicuous, but dressed in military uniform wearing medals,Christian Louboutin Escarpin Epoca, the hale and hearty old man, and the table, "Chairman Mao defender Lee Byung selling word books to be signed "sign, so that the loss to the dissemination of attraction, many pedestrians stopped to watch, and some also require the books to get a photo taken. "I am fond of reading, these books give me some work, the power of life." 24-year-old arrived in Zhengzhou to work, said Liu Heng, his career has just started, I hope these spiritual nourishment can motivate yourself to work hard. "I adore Chairman Mao wanted to tell his lifetime guards to learn more about the great deeds." 46-year-old Chen Xiaojun intently municipal workers turned the red book, also refused to lift the head. Easy to read,Christian Louboutin Pompe Jenny 150mm, said the first public, especially young people should know more about the history, learning traditions, inherit and carry forward the older generation of revolutionaries of good ideas. See people enthusiastically read books, learn about the history, Lee Byung need them very excited,Christian Louboutin Tongs Hola Nina, he told reporters that he was born in 1955 in Henan Yu Chau, 1973 into the Central Guard Bureau,http://chucktownlive.c...w=profile&userid=3556, served as Chairman Mao Zedong guard for three years. "What impressed me most was Chairman Mao's old clothes to wear patches upon patches, where a dress 67 patches,punti vendita abercrombie, as well as a clothes 59 patches, his old spirit of hard work so I am particularly touched and his race against the elderly learning, mental work, but also impressed me. then, the President often stays up late studying, marking papers, I often saw him in the living room lights on all night sentinel immortal. particular,Buy Cheap Abercrombie And Fitch Womens Sweater, he was seriously ill and dying elderly at the time , also kept working, studying, for example,wholesale jerseys from china, the infusion fainting, woke up, so that medical personnel Satisfy books and papers, he insisted marking, learning until the end of life, he came to a halt,karen millen wedding dresses, these things make me unforgettable. "Lee Byung need that to Chairman Mao when guards although only three years,, but he suffered from the impact of education and inspiration of his later life trajectory. Tangshan earthquake,http://www.geol.sci.hi.../lightlight.cgi?res=36784,Hogan Interactive Uomo, earthquake,http://taghebostan.ir/...red-the-tomb-of-qing-pre/, he donated money. He even raw frugal with perennial obligation exhibitions, with pictures so he kind of do everything possible to collect valuable historical information reproduced the Red Army,http://vd.misty.ne.jp/...eed/cgi-bin/aska/aska.cgi, the Eighth Route Army and the scene of the great achievements of Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation, confirms the Japanese committed in the land of China heinous crimes under. In 2000, he began a book, with 500,cheap lakers jerseys,000 words recorded during that precious revolutionary years and donated to a dozen provinces and signature red book, publicity patriotic education. In addition to donated books, Lee Byung also need a portable DVD player with revolutionary themes promo,http://www1.u-netsurf....ndemo/yybbs.cgi/yybbs.cgi, he says,Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 TRX FG, is to do this in order to "let the old comrades back in history, to allow young people to understand the history, do not forget the past history of difficult grief, do not forget the Japanese crimes committed in China, do not forget the older generation of revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong lay the country come easily to us, we should cherish it, work hard, and make due contributions to society. "Lee Byung need to say that his signature gift in the street book,collana tiffany chiave, most people expressed understanding and support, but there are a few people think a show, even cynicism, in addition to invest time and effort and money, but also a strong spiritual support. He cheerfully said: "do the work,http://kazunstyle.com/...2087&res=1&page=0, there is a passion in my heart, there was a spirit,milano abercrombie, is the spirit of Chairman Mao who inspired me, so I want to stick to it, the end of my life." (End)

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'bolas'!" Zhaolao Having come up with a thickness of about 5 meters long thumb like a rope from the cloth inside,louboutin femme pas cher, then its end hung a awl-like hammer. Skilled old first rope around your wrist, and then throw to, so after repeated 5 times feel like knowing this, like a rope, thrown Zhaolao place with a purpose more in the past, not even when their feet moving forward to throw this rope. "Good! Look! Have become a straight line." Scene was not amazed. Exercise Iron Palm Zhaolao cut off the little finger joints from three sections of Ningxia 68-year-old, not tall, but very spiritual, family generations are learning martial arts, martial arts since childhood Zhaolao is a fan, "a child is every day steal watching my father practice, he is very famous in the local.. " Referred themselves to the father, Zhaolao very excited. In fact, his father did not teach him how,orecchini tiffany, as a child, he was a very naughty child,gioielli tiffany, "That was my very obsessed with this Iron Palm, age about teens in the way to school, what to see what to cut, trees Yeah wall Yeah, Yeah house What tools are used when practicing,jordan retro 6, scarred hand cut,hogan interactive outlet, nor rest. "With daily exercise, the hands are thick calluses,hogan interactive outlet, once the little finger bones broken three sections, he just keep practicing the next day. Because a child's exercise let Zhaolao before his classmates was "impressive", the students wear a thick winter coat, but he continued to poke a finger to others, leading to some of the students cried stand, sued teacher. "Head touch stone" driven to the wall with age, he came with relatives in Xinjiang. 70s chance, he became a circus righteous people. "At that time we often go out acrobatic performances in the regiment, I have learned a lot, such as silver bayonet throat,air jordan 11, prop ton, King elbow, large qigong,chaussures louboutin, are my forte." With the increase in performance,jordan spizike pas cher, Zhaolao more places to run in his memory is only a mistake in the southern Emin performing a "head touch the stone." "We are the 20 kg heavy stone kind, 1 meter long, 0.5 meters wide and I ready after hit to head towards me. Off toward wherever he goes after I walked around, still waving the waving after stepping down, a colleague said, 'Your head is bleeding' touched me good, blood streaming down his head is. "Thankfully, the audience did not find, but they have a head Zhaolao new scars. Was invited to dinner at night Zhaolao carrying large hat, constantly applauded by the masses. Young head of a 10 cm scar Zhaolao now, there is not much hair on his forehead. "In fact, when I was young with a lot of hair,boutique louboutin, but that is because exercise,louboutin femme, my head has a hole 10 cm long treaty is due to constantly bruised bone fracture after re long, and now there is no practice more than 20 years, so head could not see the scars. "It is understood that Zhaolao performers are welcome to where his family are also special support. Since the performances are very thrilling, sometimes accompanied by wife together when cut eyes regarded Wushang. "I still remember that show 'reinforced neck' time,louboutin chaussures, my relatives are scared of a heart attack!" Zhaolao laughing. Zhaolao decades have not been to the hospital told reporters, when I was younger Xinjiang minus 40 degree weather, he is wearing a vest out of the exercise. "I wear shorts, see people around wearing big jacket still shivering, for decades,jordan pas cher femme, have never been ill,hogan sito ufficiale, let alone go to the hospital." "Civil and military": Calligraphy pretty good, "you I do not know it! Zhaolao Although seemingly a 'generals', in fact, his calligraphy is very powerful, and I have 20 years practicing calligraphy, but he only took a year practicing calligraphy contest third place, "Zhao A calligraphy old friend said. Reporters at the scene also saw several pairs of work Zhaolao,air jordan pas cher, cursive, reading, books and other crazy kind of a norm. "Actually I have no specific learning before, but when nothing and thought, it has the appearance of a slowly! Feel this is not difficult, just do not know how to write, to see someone else wrote, observe for a while, too on the back. "plain language, so that the presence of every one who could not help but thumbs.









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 80 after the guy pak whim,woolrich outlet, to start in Shenzhen "", also there is no taboo to say: "I want to profit by the rich" in preparation for "thief museum" content, including thieves stealing skills showcase a variety theft. Tools display,hollister, as well as around the world gather news about thieves and so on. Pak from Hengyang to Shenzhen has been ten years. Now obsessed with headlong into the "thief museum", that is to develop security industry. May also have to worry about thieves posing as members of the public to come to "learn" stealing technology. Tools of crime up to hundreds of species on the 20th of this month, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in Shenzhen Baoan manhole and a village to see its being organized by "thieves museum." Reporters saw about 20 square meters in a room filled with all kinds of theft tools, such as a master key, safe push codec, waved, pliers, crowbars and more. "My museum is divided into pickpocketing column, fishing column,doudoune moncler pas cher, column burglary,hollister outlet,http://770123.com/#???...=8&fpage=1&page=2, car theft columns, each column will have this kind of theft furnishings common tools of crime." Xiao Tang told reporters that most of these tools of crime across the country Burglar person a gift,hollister, there are police officers presented with a gift experts catch the thief,hollister france, and the remaining few are their usual collection. Before car theft column pak live demonstration to reporters thief using the "master key" approach to the crime, I saw a brand new bike lock, with a "master key" easy to be opened. Reporters noted that in addition to hundreds of species of tools for committing crimes, "the thief museum" where there is a thief news column, including the rest of the world catch the thief and punish the thief, thief skills content. To fight the for-profit industry talking about organizing the "thief museum" of the mind, Xiao Tang said that Cuba has "Pirate Museum", Zhejiang Zhoushan have "Typhoon museum", these museums will be disastrous thing to fight for-profit industry, "the thief museum, "the purpose is also here. Pak idea is: First of organizing the "thief museum",hollister outlet, and then develop series projects,http://hotel-ageha.com/clip/clip.cgi, the introduction of security companies, and ultimately form a series of industry. "I have been a soldier for two years, many of his comrades when the police, on the thief stealing techniques and methods of crime are more familiar with, they offered me 'thief Museum' very supportive." Xiao Tang said that in addition to the police,abercrombie pas cher, the civil many catch the thief He also has one master went to visit, the head of the thief who lives in Shenzhen, south ace old Mai is one of them. In addition, he also has been to Nanchang, Nanjing, Beijing and other places to gather and other instruments thief crime, tips and news. "Thief museum" without approval "to offer such a museum, you are considered relevant formalities to legalize " For the reporter's question,mulberry outlet, he did not respect pak this intention, he considers himself a "museum" is not the true meaning of Museums on, there is only one model only. If possible, he would consider the "thief museum" handed over to the government. For the "thief museum", many residents of the respondents questioned, "so much stealing,http://blog.hobbykzn.ru/forum/topic.php?id=170774, do not they come to a thief posing as' learning 'opportunity ' Public Liu put forward their own questions,abercrombie france, and hope that the Government This multi-guide and supervision. Bao'an,polo ralph lauren, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau told a police officer in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that the "thief museum" of such a new thing, the police will temporarily not conclusive. "'Thief Museum' is certainly not the name of this museum, prone to ambiguity as to the approval certainly pass." Competent authorities as a museum in the city of Shenzhen,http://blw.xoom.it/read.php?tid=31592&ds=1, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics Management Office Sports and Tourism Director Liu said, according to relevant regulations, whether official or private museums are required to provincial cultural department approval. Beginning last year,http://hostnexus.com/cgi-bin/mojo/mojo.cgi, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture has granted approval of the terms of reference of Shenzhen, the "thief museum" must be submitted before the establishment of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau for approval,http://warabocchi.com/diarywiki/wiki.cgi, and then with approvals to complete the registration,http://www.colors-st.c...pad/epad.cgi?del=24851%22, the public nature to civil registration,woolrich, for-profit nature of the Trade and Industry Bureau registration. Liu said, in a foreign country already has a "thief museum,http://www.colors-st.c...pad/epad.cgi?del=24851%22," one said, but in the country have never heard of. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Qun Song photo coverage (from the bottom of Shenzhen)

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it felt like an earthquake,burberry paris, even the bed and went to shake several times,robe bebe burberry," and so she went downstairs and saw a ragged woman rushed out from the opposite side,ray ban violet, the whole body was burning was red,basket ralph lauren homme, did not walk a few steps and fell to the ground screaming,sac lancel rouge, "Help,longchamp en ligne," Huang aunt quickly alarm, followed by 120 emergency personnel rushed the injured Ruijin hospital. According to informed residents said the injured woman surnamed Zhang, 49, whose husband was out last night,gants ralph lauren homme, night, home,pochette homme longchamp, only she and her 23-year-old son Xiao Zhu, the very fact that the incident occurred just getting ready to make breakfast for his son, mended a Unscrew the gas cylinders, it happened deflagration. Fortunately,oakley bordeaux, his son was still sleeping on the second floor, was not injured. The reporter then learned from the Ruijin Hospital,vente polo ralph lauren pas cher, the very fact that 70% of the body severe burns,sacs pliables longchamps, is currently undergoing surgery,chaussures polo ralph lauren, yet out of danger. Cause of the accident is still under investigation.









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devils" in Heilongjiang Province, the man was selling drugs, "top man" in the Tanggu District, there are two rental housing, with a 19 Ryu-year-old girl to live with. Drug gangs "number two man" Zhang after transport drugs from the northeast to the Tanggu District, and the "devils",hogan outlet milano, Liu left a down home,jordan retro 6 pas cher, who shipped off the assembly line and then sold to drug addicts. October 15 morning, police learned that Zhang carry bulk drugs from Tanggu Railway Station and get off, then follow them. To Yiwang Da out drug gangs,piumini moncler outlet, the police set up a task force, a group of police left a trace, another group of police on the "devils" who implement the arrest. Zhang and "devils" after that meeting, the drug is stored in another rental place, implement the separation of people and goods. 22:00 the same day, a left to the "devils" to pick up the rental office, the police "let go" left certain,air jordan pas cher, and its track. Another group dressed as a police officer to buy drugs,piumini peuterey, knocking "devils" in the door, was arrested "devils",woolrich artic parka, Liu, Zhang,bracciale tiffany, and seized methamphetamine, Ma Ancient,scarpe hogan uomo, ecstasy,peuterey outlet roma, heroin, 411 grams and a few million of drug money,louboutin chaussures, including methamphetamine 399.12 grams. 23 pm, and 3 left a transaction under the house,air jordan retro 3, was arrested by the police. Under questioning,louboutin paris, "devils" confessed to drug trafficking crimes. The police urine test, found that "devils", Liu,basket louboutin pas cher, Zhang, left some are taking drugs. Currently,louboutin soldes, seven men were sucked drug trafficking police criminal detention. Police are hunting "devil" on the home and offline, the case is pending. Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views of the author, has nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality,air jordan pas cher, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.









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's house, three two-story buildings, a house in the village is not bad. And most rural people,armani pas cher, the villagers are relying on migrant workers earned money to build a house to support the family. "The home conditions can be, anyway, when the money will give her father a call, the economy never loss her." Mandy's grandfather Zhao Xinhua said,longchamp, ten years ago,hollister online shop, Mandy's mom and dad to make a living, just married Shanxi Jincheng soon to work because of the flexibility and the start of the dough at a local business, and slowly began to improve economic conditions at home,http://www.filesocean....r 2.2.5 mien phi yabb.cgi, after several years of hard work, the family built a building,http://park1.wakwak.co...ei/mitei.cgi/mitei.cgi(0), "working out hard, but relatively speaking or earn a little more. "not short of money,http://www.ebay.com/it...4?clk_rvr_id=401952862072, and parents want the New Year with" New Year this year is not good to buy a ticket, her parents do not come back. "Zhao Xinhua whispered. According to him, Mandy was born in Shanxi, because parents are busy business,hollister france, no time to take care of her, six months old when he was sent back to the home Mandy,http://www.kit.hi-ho.n...bin/user/hi-ohara/tob.cgi,tiffany outlet, with grandparents living together. "9 years have passed,louboutin, Mandy and Mom and Dad spent New Year together only four,most]http://www.geol.s...ight.cgi?res=3356396]most, usually do not see the face." "To every New Year, we are afraid to put her in front of her father and mother,oakley pas cher, afraid stimulate her. "Zhao Xinhua sighed with frustration. Mandy fear stimulus,air jordan, Zhao Xinhua reporter interviewed declined to Mandy. "New Year's is our most difficult time, make a table of food, she did not want to move,http://www.novanchi.com/cgi/board/bbs.cgi, Mom and Dad brought her cry." According to Mandy's grandfather speaking, every month, Mandy's parents will send the cost of living, home do not need the money, it can be compared with other children,armani, Mandy still seem introverted,karen millen soldes, shy. "Never mind,lancel pas cher, she would in a daze,http://www.women.co.jp/cgi-bin/board.cgi, especially in the last few days." Zhao Xinhua said the family is now getting better and better economic conditions, Mandy's life and learning do not need to worry too much, but how to get over Mandy more happy,http://www.kansaikai.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=9770, let her talk to other children, it is a problem they are more concerned about. "Grandparents grew up together with the baby, after all,polo ralph lauren pas cher, is not the same." (Original title: 9-year-old girls and their parents had just over four years)

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If you have an existing Daily News account and you registered with only a screen name, Nike Free Run 3.0 that name will still be valid. If you are an existing user and you registered using Nike Free Run 3 Dame both a screen name and your full name, Nike Sko your full name will appear on comments posted after October 21, 2013 Nike Free Run Norge

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's Court recently for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Federation, former director of the Ministry of State Fu Xiao corruption, bribery case open verdict, the first instance of taking bribes and embezzlement and sentenced according to law 14 years. It did not expect that,http://park14.wakwak.c...-bin/db13_swc/dicebbs.cgi, Fu Xiao country of the incident, was actually derived from the four rural children with cerebral palsy. April 2011, Tunchang County, Hainan Province four rural poor parents of children with cerebral palsy to report to the prosecution, said they went to the China Disabled Persons' Federation, provincial federations designated poor children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation hospitals - Rehabilitation Hospital of Hainan care encephalopathy (hereinafter referred to as "hospital care") treatment failed more than two months, held up the best timing of treatment, and now kids can no longer stand up. After Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Provincial People's Procuratorate,http://www.afirmfwc.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi, the hospital does not have the care to become Hainan children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation hospitals poor condition, but the dean of bribery Fu Xiao Hainan Federation of State Department of Rehabilitation, former director of 100,000 yuan for Disabled , money bought "sentinel" hospitals qualifications, and thus pull FU Guo Xiao used his position to accept bribes and embezzlement cases of 1.016 million yuan. Daughter no longer stand the "baby daughter, 6 years old, and can only crawl, really unhappy people." May 31, Tunchang County town of Datong multi-polar continent Pocun Wu told the "Legal Daily" reporter, I used to listen said children with cerebral palsy can also be cured, can be the beginning of 2011 in Hainan encephalopathy rehabilitation hospital care treatment for over two months without success. "A few days ago to the Provincial People's Hospital,http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp...ragou_onmyouji/antasy.cgi, expert examination, said missed the best timing of treatment is very difficult to cure." Two old tile-roofed house, Wu and his wife leaning on a multi-polar cerebral palsy daughter Fifi (a pseudonym), so she's tied to a tree along the two wooden legs to stand up training, Fifi difficult sliding under her mother's arm ,Nuovo Nero Hogan Olympia Uomo, go for a child on the pain straight away tears. Wu said the multi-polar, suffering from cerebral palsy to give her daughter to see a doctor, the couple put the home valuable things are sold. By the end of 2010,http://www.lot-net.jp/...no=t03761&del=1074586,Pompes Christian Louboutin Atomic, that country designated hospital funding 10,000 yuan per person per year,abercrombie and fitch aberdeen, free of charge to poor children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation treatment, so that they can see the hope. Wu multipolar said he and his wife through the village to the county civil affairs bureau to write an application, federations and other county departments after an audit before winning this indicator. They took the children to care for hospital treatment,Nike Zoom Kevin Durant VI, to the hospital after a day on only a few nurses to massage a few minutes left. After a month,http://baske-scratch.com/guest/guest.cgi, the hospital will notify let Fifi home training. "Originally the State failed to give free treatment to get the items have been cheated." Multi-polar Wu said he and his wife reluctantly took the children home. In the afternoon, the reporter went to Tuen Shizhen Qi Tunchang Ishimura Jiangnan Zhen home. He told reporters that four-year-old daughter in the care hospital for two months, do not get treatment. Tun towns and Datong town two 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy in the care of the hospital did not get the appropriate treatment. It is understood, and there are several similar experiences encountered Fifi 10 children. Bribery 100,Nike Pantafoule Homme Noir,000 yuan to buy eligibility investigation,nike elite jerseys, in September 2009, the China Disabled Persons Federation and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects, each 0-6 years old children with disabilities in the poor treatment, give hospitals $ 10,000 training fee. Care hospital informed news in itself does not meet the case of poor children with disabilities rescue rehabilitation project conditions, in order to become the project's hospitals, which seek illegitimate interests, and the cashier off dean Zhangjing Quan Ping (Department ???wife) Please state when dawn breaks CDPF rehabilitation of Hainan Province, former director and staff of the Ministry of Chen Bao (handled separately) to help. Identified by the investigation, by the end of 2009, Fu Xiao country agreed with ??? determine Hainan CDPF care hospitals 200,000 yuan per year to fund the project funding. Zhangjing Quan said that thanks to him, Fu Xiao made the country a national project to compensate 10,http://www.kariyado-e....cbs/cbs.cgi?mode=admin%22,000 yuan for each patient,http://www.blackborder.../cgi-bin/common/index.cgi, he should commission per case $ 2000,http://www.british1.co.uk/cgi-bin/search.cgi, which is 40,000 yuan per year in commissions. Zhang Jingquan couple after consultation agreed. Fu and Chen Xiao in the country with the help of a leopard,Christian Louboutin Femme Tribunal, in January 2010, hospital care was identified China Disabled Persons' Federation was officially Hainan rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects designated hospitals. April 2010, September, Hainan CDPF twice for a total of 400,000 yuan to fund hospital care. By convention the meantime, Zhang Jingquan couple has four times the 10,000 yuan respectively, two million, twenty thousand yuan and 40,000 yuan to the country Xiao Fu. In order to improve relations and Xiao Fu countries than previously agreed to give up $ 10,000. Chen leopard specific Attn Hainan rescue poor children with disabilities rehabilitation projects,Nike Air Jordan 17 XVII Homme, Zhang Jingquan couple in order to express gratitude to Chen Panthers twice sent 12,000 yuan. Court held that, Zhangjing Quan, Guan Ping times to seek illegitimate interests to the national staff of bribery totaling 112,000 yuan, has constituted bribery. Taking into account the investigating authorities did not take the initiative to Zhang Jingquan grasp the fact that the same kind of crime, and voluntarily pleaded guilty,cheap jerseys from china wholesale, may be given a lighter punishment. According to Zhang Jingquan less serious crimes, repentance said, and reached the age of 71 years of age, the risk of no longer a crime, no significant adverse impact on the residential community, the applicable probation. Zhangjing Quan sentenced to imprisonment for two years, suspended for three years; sentenced to nine months imprisonment Ping Guan. Provincial federations officials seven years swallow millions investigators told reporters, according Care Hospital crime of bribery to buy the fact "sentinel" hospitals qualified, they dig further investigation, found that the country Xiao Fu as Hainan CDPF rehabilitation in 2004-2010 During the director, used his position to facilitate, to seek benefits for others many times illegal bribes and corruption facts. Prosecution allegations,Christian Louboutin Sandale Evita 120mm, from 2004 to 2010, Fu Xiao-country use as they Hainan CDPF rehabilitation director position to seek benefits for others illegally. King Shan People's Hospital has helped children with disabilities to become physically poor corrective surgery hospitals; help do not have the relevant conditions of Hainan encephalopathy rehabilitation hospital care for children with disabilities to become impoverished province rescue rehabilitation projects designated hospitals; help Hainan became Cataract Eye Hospital Fuming Poverty Project designated agency; help Hainan Disabled orthopedic rehabilitation center, making it a poor limb orthosis corrective surgery for children with disabilities and poor people with disabilities assembly project prosthetics (walkers) projects designated agencies; help Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou money to get to provincial federations provide rehabilitation equipment qualification; help Sanya People's Hospital, funded by the provincial federations leprosy treatment models, and many times more units soliciting and accepting bribes totaling 943,buy cheapest football players jerseys,000 yuan. 2006-2008, Hainan CDPF hire experts to each hospital for corrective surgery for children with physical disabilities. Under these provisions, the provincial federations to give $ 100 each expert one day specialist service subsidies. But in the meantime, FU Guo Xiao Chen has twice ordered the Leopard (already sentenced) making a false statement subsidies, false, impersonator experts subsidies 81,000 yuan, and for himself. Among them, the national symbol of corruption 73,000 yuan Xiao expert grants. Court that Xiao Fu country as a national staff, taking advantage of his position to illegally demanding, accepting bribes for the benefit of others. In economic activities in violation of state regulations, kickbacks owned by individuals, a total of 943,000 yuan; took advantage of his position, embezzlement 73,000 yuan, his behavior constituted bribery and corruption are crimes. Prosecutor accused of criminal facts are clear,Air Jordan Nike 14 XIV Retro Baskets, there is ample evidence, accused guilty as charged.

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