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I'm probably biased because when NZ wins this upcoming series vs Oz, I don't want to hear
the excuses come out relating to the first use of
a pink ball. But seriously, shouldn't the players get the chance to play
with the pink ball at night, in domestic cricket for a season before they encounter it in test
cricket How many of the NZ and Oz players that line up in November
will have got the chance to play a game with it None in the NZ side, a few in the Oz team If I was a player, I'd
want to have had a long exposure to a pink ball before
playing a test match with one. Cricket australia im sure would love nothing more than having nz over
for boxing day this year instead of the hapless west indies, however its
understandable nz wish to maximise its own crowds over the festive season! as for day night tests, bring it on!!!

love the idea and as someone who lives in adelaide, cant wait to go to the first one in november!!!.

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