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Name: Ada Salerno
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Alter: 09.11.1989 (30 Jahre)
Ort: USA Berghem
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said Saturday.At a court hearing Saturday, a judge denied bail for Pedro
Bravo, 18, charged with first degree murder in Aguilar's apparent death.Blood found in several locations in Bravo's vehicle will undergo an expedited analysis and be
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Saturday.University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, 18, went missing after an altercation in Gainesville.Bravo had told investigators
he got into "an altercation with Aguilar" the night the college
student went missing, police said.The suspect
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warn that Aguilar may be disoriented and/or seriously injured.Aguilar's
father told CNN affiliate WCJB that his son disappeared
after a fight over a girl.After talking with police a day after
his disappearance, Bravo was held for mental examination after threatening to
harm or kill himself. He was later charged with depriving a victim of medical care, a third degree felony, and was
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