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Name: Torsten Loyau
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Alter: 06.08.1978 (42 Jahre)
Ort: Fiji Haarlem
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Talk about vagina photo galleries free. It's very hard to do,
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Margrethe Vestager, to take the helm. At home, Remain MPs will
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fleshlight Then, just a few hours later, he
was back in the dugout with his team, hiding his face from
the fans behind a blue team hoodie.'First off, as I just did with
my teammates and all the coaches, I apologized for
my actions and I do apologize for my actions,' said the laconic pitcher.'Obviously I'm extremely embarrassed by my actions.'He then said:
'Yes, I was out on Friday night, past curfew. I did play golf Saturday
morning and I put myself in a bad place to be ready to show up for a ballgame.'It is my responsibility and I take full
blame for that.'Harvey closed out by saying people make mistakes before adding:
'I should be doing is putting myself in a better place to perform
physically.'The incident happened just a few days after Harvey's rumored girlfriend, Adrianna Lima, was reportedly seen cozying up to her
ex, new England patriots star Julian Edelman.Laconic superstar: Matt
Harvey (above) apologized on Tuesday for a day of drinking and golfingAll is forgiven?
Harvey (right) walks to the dugout before the start of the game with fellow Mets
starting pitchers Noah Syndergaard (left) and Jacob deGrom (center)The Super Bowl champion and Victoria's
Secret model were spotted at a club after the Met
Ball last Monday.Page Sixreported early Tuesday that the pitcher partied
at 1OAK in NYC until 4am on May 6 after going out with some friends for Cinco
de Mayo, with witnesses claiming he was seen sipping on champagne,
tequila and vodka.He was suspended by the Mets after failing to show up to their game later that evening,
despite the fact that he was not scheduled to play.Harvey, 28, was
also ordered to pay a fine of $82,219, which is just a fraction of the $5.1million he is set
to receive this year.The pitcher reportedly has no problem with the fine, but was initially angry
about the suspension, claiming he notified Mets officials
he would not be at the game when he woke up Saturday afternoon with a migraine.Scene;Witnesses saw him drinking champagne, vodka and tequila until 4am at the club (above)Blurred lines:A few days
prior, Harvey allegedly put a dildo in the locker of teammate (TJ Rivera above,
with the blurred sex toy to the right)Harvey gave his version of events
to FanRag, claiming that he woke up Saturday feeling fine and
went out golfing with some friends in the morning.He then returned
home and had lunch, he said, before laying down and waking up with a migraine.Harvey claims he
then texted officials and went back to bed, only to be awoken at
10pm by Mets security at his door.The team claims
the men were sent to check on Harvey's well being, while the former All Star player says the men grilled him after he
opened the door in his pajamas.This incident also came in the
wake of Harvey allegedly placing a large black dildo in teammate Kevin Plawecki's locker as a joke,
an image of which went viral after being tweeted
out by the team unknowingly and then reposted
online by a number of outlets.RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1
2 NextPICTURED: The 18 Penn State students charged
after. One of the 18 Penn State frat boys is facing
drugs charges fleshlight.
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